Top 10 Signs Your Life Is Centered Around Your Partner And It Is Sickening


Here are top 10 signs your life is centered around your partner and it is becoming sickening.

It is good to be in love and make ones partner a priority, but remember, Too Much Of A Good Thing won’t Be Good Any More.

Check them out below;

1. You have to text and call your partner all the time even when they don’t respond.

2. Every activity you do you must give an example of how your partner does it.

3. You can’t confirm meeting your family or friends because you need to know when you two will meet first.

4. Your social media is just of your partner and you yet they never even posts you.

5. You cannot make future goals or plans without thinking about them yet you’re not even married.

6. You don’t have any friends anymore because you think he/she is enough as a friend.

7. You obsessively think about them every second and analyze their every move.

8. Your partner has at least once or twice asked you if you have other hobbies apart from them.

9. If your partner is not around you’re sad and won’t have any plans.

10. You do everything to impress your partner at all times even when you don’t like it.

There you have it on this post “Top 10 Signs Your Life Is Centered Around Your Partner And It Is Sickening.” I hope you found this helpful.