Super Mario Run Review: Is it worth the price tag?


Super Mario Run Review: Is it worth the price tag

Super Mario Run for Android was officially released late yesterday and after months of wait and hype we finally had the opportunity to have a feel of this latest game from Nintendo studios. But the big question now on our mind is, is it worth it after all?

We have had to deal with the situation of a viral game not living up to expectation in the past but that is not the case with Super Mario Run.

This game was based on the official Nintendo Super Mario package for PC and it seemsto be a perfect though with some bad sides. The number one problem most fans are having with this game is it being an online game. Everyone loves a game we can grab anywhere and anytime regardless of network situation. Nintendo have argued that by keeping Super Mario Run online they have helped ward off pirates.

In all this is a true Mario game, it is addictive and interesting but honestly it is expensive. To get the full version of Super Mario Run you are going to be required to pay a whooping £9.99. That seems expensive when you consider what you are paying for and even having paying that amount of cash you still cant get to play the game in offlone mode. Not fair at all.

To get the full version of Super Mario Run you are going to be required to pay a whooping £9.99

Lets go into the game full review of Super Mario Run…

Super Mario Run Gameplay Review

This game is in auto run and all you have to do is tap the screen (short and long taps). Sounds familiar? Don’t get twisted this is no Temple Run or Subway, Mario is no endless runner and he doesn’t always run.

super mario portrait mode

Unlike you might have expected this game is in portrait mode. I personally had expected the game to be in Landscape mode but trust me the game seem even better in portrait.

Not only Mario is here we quickly found we could afford a new character, Toad, to play with instead of Mario himself. Awesome

Remember Bubbles? Well we have them here in Super Mario Run. Bubbles are life savers. When you make that life costing mistake on this game, you can reverse a bit with the help of bubbles.

Super Mario Run Price and No-offline mode Review

I believe I have touched this earlier. This game coming in a No-offline mode is no good for game freaks. Even after oaying £9.99. Not fair in any way. Miyamoto and Nintendo decided that, to combat piracy and bake the social aspects of the game into every mode, Super Mario Run will only work when your device is connected to the internet, either via Wi-Fi or mobile broadband. Though the network doesnt need to be super fast.

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A game of Super Mario Run on mobile needs to be played on trains, tube, planes, and other outdoor funtions. But now we are going to miss that aspect of the fun and have to play it on our beds alone. Once again, that’s not fair and needs to be worked on.

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