Story: Mistakes Could Happen by Teriba Nimota (18+)


Won’t this rain st0p? If I had known it was going to rain all day I w0uldn’t have left my house, I’ve really suffered. This is what happens when all you think about is the big fruit between the groin of a man. It w0uld have been better for me to masturbate and forget my sorrows instead of me not getting the d•ck and still get beaten by rain. I’ve really suffered. These were my thoughts before a Range rover sport came splashing water on my body.

“What’s all these now? Can’t y0u See?” I yelled. I was so angry that I could possibly hit whoever the driver was.

The car didn’t seem to stop or so I thought, s0 I ran after the car not knowing the driver actually wanted to park his car correctly.

I hit the car with my hands still looking annoyed waiting f0r the wh0ever driver to c0me out of it.

“I’m so sorry, it was a mistake, I’m sorry” the v0ice said.

“Shut your useless m0uth” I said, not looking up at all, as I was l00king at my already ruined dress. ”Because you’re driving a fancy car doesn’t mean you should hurt p00r souls like us”, I said still in anger, n0t looking up either as I was trying t0 see if there would be a remedy for the ruined dress.

“Look sister, I said I’m s0rry, I could get you cleaned up or even get you a new dress if you want” the voice said calmly.

Such arrogance, I thought to myself, “who’s this guy?? Who does he think he his?” I thought.

“Are y0u always this proud?” I said raising my head up as I would want t0 see the pers0n thinking getting a new dress is a way to apologise but my eyes failed my lips as I couldn’t get the right words out of my mouth. Ha! see fine boy, I thought to myself while I touched my head trying to hit it like those kids do when they forget things.

“Ermmm you stained my dress when you splashed water on me” I said softly. Who would have thought I was the same person talking some minutes ag0.

“I’m s0 sorry, I was in a rush and I didn’t know I would drive that bad, I’m so sorry”, he said trying to come closer.

Hmmmm! complete gentle man, just l00k at him, fine boy with good facial structure, body nk0? Check, looking like those guys in movies, with his not too broad chest but enough to sleep for the night, see his lips, So tender looking, I bet he’s a good kisser. Hmmm this guy is a c0mplete package his dress sense is over 1000. How nice would it have been if he was my boyfriend? Unlike that silly Nosa Who promised me good s€x today but bailed on me later.. he absolutely ruined my day coupled with the fact that the weather is cosy. Now see, I f0und myself a perfection, I thought to myself.

“Look I’m sorry 0kay, is there anything I can do to rectify this?” He said pointing at my s0 wet and dirty dress, making a sorry face.

Let me grab my copy, the engine must be greased tonight, I thought to myself.
“Where I stay is still far away, I can’t go home looking this way”, I said acting like I was going to ch0ke on my words.

“It’s okay, d0 you mind coming with Me?, I could get a dress for you and send you home in a cab or dr0p you off myself”

What a guy! Lord where has he been all these while N0sa was greasing my engine for nothing.. seybi I would have given it to him on a platter of gold. I’ve always known N0sa wasn’t the guy for Me, this is my man, I thought to myself
“I can’t go with you, I’ll manage” I said acting like I didn’t want to actually go with him (a girl must put in some kind of attitude so you won’t l00k desperate) or what do you think?

“C’mon, I’m not going to eat you, I just want to rectify my mistakes, I’d act as I’ve said, trust Me”, he said.

I gave him a can I really trust you kind of look? But deep inside me I know I want to go with him at least we could exchange numbers and kick off from there .
I finally gave in as he gave me a convincing l00k and he seemed like a gentle man afterall.

I got int0 the car and wow, this is a car and not a motor. Na here I go die (I thought to myself).

As he was driving, he kept on nodding his head to a slow music which I found sexy and I fell for him more as he was doing that.. hmm this guy has swag, my kind of man, my spec. We shall get married s00n, I thought to myself and smiled. I didn’t realize he was checking me out until he asked why I was smiling

“Did I do something?”
“No, I remembered something”, I said touching my face as if I was shy
We soon got to a boutique, the sales woman welcomed us. I immediately sighted a nice dress.

“I want that one” I said
The woman soon brought it to me, “you have good eyes”, she said.
I went into the changing room, I changed into my s€xy black dress which is also good for the cold as it’s a body con neck dress. I was out in no time, and we were set to leave.

“Ermmm should I get you to a cab park or drive you home?”

I wanted to say take me home but to your home not mine, but I couldn’t say a word.

“Ermmm I guess you’d prefer me taking you to the cab park, I think I’ve embarrassed you enough”

What’s this one saying? Can’t he see the green light? I hate all these guys with so much gentility.

“You can …..” that was all I managed to say when thunder struck and the rain started to fall heavily than it was before.

“It’s really late, What do we do sister? , this rain doesn’t seem like its gonna stop soon”, he said trying to raise his voice as the rain won’t make me hear him
“Can I just take you home?” He asked
God no… take me to your house I thought to myself….

“Ermmm it’s actually late, my mum would even get mad that I didn’t stay where I was, seems it is raining”, I said.

“Okay, come with Me, lets go to my house, I’ll drop you off first thing tomorrow morning”, he said trying to sound convincing.

I was so happy and I couldn’t wait to hop into the car so we could go to his house.

The drive to his house was quiet but we enjoyed cool music. We got to his house in no time. Ha father lord! the building was a gigantic one.. I’ve always known this is the guy for Me, some mistakes are miracles.. I just have to bear him a child (na to join baby mama association).

He showed me basic places like kitchen, parlour, and he took me to a room to sleep. He made me dinner and he brought it up to the room. This guy is a complete package. Hmm my husband is so romantic (look at me calling him husband already, I love to dream)
He said goodnight and he promised to check up on me later if he doesn’t sleep off.

I immediately devoured the plate of rice and corned beef sauce. The food was delicious and I swear I couldn’t stop thinking of this mystery man .. come to Think of it, I don’t even know his name, I’ll find out later.

I’ll have to get to the kitchen as the water here isn’t going to satisfy Me, I’m so thirsty, I thought to myself.
I went to the kitchen, it was a bit dark so I turned on the switch. I was about turning to where the dispenser was positioned when I saw a naked man standing right in front of me with his d••k erected.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry”, was all I managed to say In shock, as I immediately ran to my room and locked the doór.

Ha! I’ve never seen a d••k that big in my life, even Nosa that is Mr endowed is still a learner where this man is. What is wrong with him, he didn’t even move, he kept on staring at me like it was normal for me to see his d••k. Gosh he’s probably laughing at me, I should have acted tough, instead of running off like that. I’ve to go back and make it seem normal or probably apologise for my reaction … no I’m confuse, … I was still wandering about in the room trying to come to a conclusion on If i should go to him or just stay back when I heard a knock on the door. I knew it was him as we were the only two people in the apartment. I readjusted myself and I went opening the door,

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’d be coming to the kitchen and I totally forgot you were here, as I’m used to walking about my apartment naked, since I live alone”, he said in some kind of tone.

“It’s fine, I’m sorry I invaded your privacy like that”, I said with my eyes fixed on his still erected d••k.

I moved closer to him as he was about leaving, holding the door knob in attempt to lock the door, I stepped on him mistakenly as the sight of his d•ck won’t make me think well.

“Ouch that hurts”, he said.

“Oh I’m sorry”, I said in an attempt to bend, so I could feel the feet I stepped on. He pulled me back up and I felt his soft palms on my soft body too.
“Ermmm.. ..”
“It’s Okay, you don’t have to rub it”, he said.
“Oh Okay”,

I was about turning back but my eyes won’t stop looking at him.

I immediately moved forward and locked my lips into his, I kissed him like there was no tomorrow, he didn’t hesitate as he kissed me back hungrily (as if he wasn’t hard before now, good timing) he moved me to where the bed was and laid me there. He immediately pulled his pyjamas as I helped myself coming out of his t-shirt.

“Look, I don’t like it slow, I mean I don’t like the whole romantic thing, just f•ck Me”, I said as I’ve been wanting to f•ck all day.

“Oh Okay, I like it rough too” he said .
He turned me over, making me lay in a way that my butt was facing him. I positioned my butt in the doggy style way, making it ready for easy penetration, man I was f•cking wet.

He thrust into me in no time, I hope he knows how to use this big thing he has
As if he knew what I was thinking, he pounded me from behind and fondled my br••st at the same time.. uhhhhhh ahhh uhhh ahhh uhhh ahhh uhhh, I kept moaning as he kept on rocking me faster, he was pounding me so hard that I could feel my soul leaving my body. Uhhhhhh baby, go harder, harder, uhhh, harder, he obeyed and he went harder, I reached climax but he wasn’t ready to leave me as he has not climaxed. He flipped me over, making my p•ssy face him as he thrust into my still so wet pussy, he went slowly at first but I didn’t like it.

“I want more”, I said . He went so fast, fast enough to make Choke, uhhh ahhh uhhh yeah go, woohoo, ahhhhhhhh, baby, he climaxed as he immediately pulled out to avoid cumming inside Me.

Such a great s•x, I thought to myself. We were both sweating under the air conditioner.

“You should clean up”, I said.
“Oh!”, he took his belongings and rushed out of the room.
I’ve been dulling myself with Nosa all these while, na here I go die.

I’ve to gist my bestie.