See 7 reasons why Ladies should let a Man pay on a first date


Here are 11 reasons why Ladies should let a Man pay on a first date. I hope you going to agree with our reasons.

1. Making him pay is sexy: Like it or not, we’re still attracted to potential partners based on similar principles as our caveman ancestors, and being a ‘provider’ is one of them, especially when making instinctive, primal decisions.

2. Your date is not your friend: Whilst it would be ridiculous to expect a friend to pay for you on a night out, the dynamics of a date are different, and, so too, are the rules.

3. Let him be the provider forget sexism: The boundaries are confusing enough these days, but allowing your date to pay means you are letting him flex a bit of the ol’ man muscles, look after you and take romantic control.

4. It’s not all about the money: A man shouting you the first date is not about buying you – it’s about the value of your company, and paying on a first date is the easiest most direct way of demonstrating this.

5. It shows you’re gracious: And just because you are capable of paying, it doesn’t mean you should.

6. You don’t owe him anything:
If you think that your date will expect sex at the end of the night for buying you an American hot, it’s not your values you need to look at it’s your choice of men.

7. Don’t confuse manners with gender stereotypes: Allowing a man to hold a door open for you or pick up a bill won’t mean that you’ll lose the right to vote, it simply means that sometimes it’s Ok to enjoy old school manners.

There you have it on this post, what do you think?