Relationship Goals!! 15 Most Beautiful Pre-wedding Photos


Pre-wedding photos are known to capture the amazing chemistry between engaged couples!

In recent times, pre-wedding photos have become a normal tradition for every Nigerian couple before their official wedding.

Couples lookout for locations and themes for their shoot, some go out of their way to make the shoot as beautiful as the wedding day itself.

2016/2017 has witnessed some of the finest photos one will see in a lifetime and we hope to see more before the end of the year.

Below are the top 15 we can’t get over:

1. Checking out his investment.


2. Breakfast in bed.


3. She is his chef.


5. Carrying her with pride.


6. Kitchen love.


7. This is simply breathtaking.


8. She is his good thing.


9. She is not scared in his arms.


10. Village love toh bad!


11. Very lovely!


12. She dances to only his beats.


13. When swag meets swag!


14. Fulani love.

15. Together we can fly.