Relationship: 7 Things Your Partner Does Not Need To Know About You


It is true that every relationship should be built on trust; but there are some things your partner does not really need to know.

This is because some people really just can’t handle the truth. As things might not remain the same in the face of certain revelations.

So instead of risking something beautiful, as your relationship, over an inconsequential detail that’ll very likely not hurt anyone if forever locked in a vault.

Here are 7 times when it’s OK to leave some things unsaid, here we go…

Your sexual history: We all have a history, dry or eventful, it might be better kept private. For real, not many boyfriends/girlfriends want to hear the step by step narration and graphic details of how you had sex in a bathroom stall at the mall with your ex or some random babe.

Your body count: This is simply the number of people you have had sex with, and I think only your doctor deserves this information.

That someone at work [or anywhere] has a crush on you: Really, this is literally opening the door for problems no one wants. Here’s the thing about revealing this information – you put your partner in a position to have his imagination roam and become paranoid.

That you have a crush on someone else: Truth is being genuinely in love with a man or woman does not magically take away the inclination to be attracted or to fall in love with other people, but telling them about this won’t make them comfortable at all.

That you don’t like their parents: I’m not sure anyone wants to hear their partner say they don’t like their parent. I don’t want to hear that. The only time this may be OK is when you no longer value the relationship and you’re willing to let go of it.

That you snooped through their stuff: This is too much information, and can be irritating. There really is no way to justify snooping through his stuff in the first instance. You’re going to come off as distrustful and things may just go downhill from there.

That you still stalk their ex: You’ll come off as an insecure b***h/m***h and you don’t need that. Your partner does not need to know that you have been stalking their ex on social media.

There you have it on this post.

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