My Regretful Journey To Europe: How It All Started


Before the truck came back to get the others that was still remaining in the camp the first boat that was being assembled was done and was ready for take off, biscuit, water, galloons of fuel where arrange at the middle of the balloon boat after they all carried the boat into the sea, and the 120 set of people entered and the drivers of the boat where mostly Gambians who has no experience of driving this types of boat than the ones they drive in they place, and with the help of an assistance who reads the compass and hold the phone that was given to them by the arab men in case they get lost or cant find they way on the mediterranean sea to call them.

Just like that they drove off and it was then our turn, after the truck brought the rest that was remaining in the camp we all assisted in any way we could to get the next boat ready.

And at 3 am in the morning we finish assembly of the boat and put all that was needed inside the boat just like they did with the first boat that left.

Then we all lifted and carried the boat into the water which was very heavy, the moment my body comes in contact with the water

The areals where i was eaten by those blood sucking bugs started inching paining due to the high level of salt that the sea water contained.

We all jumped into the boat with the help of the people that was inside already, it was difficult to get on it for it was a balloon boat so it was slippery.

We all gut on board and there was still one arabic man who was showing the Gambia guy that was to drive our boat, he drove the boat to a setting point and then shouted in arabic language saying ( allahu akbar ) meaning god is great and then he jumped into the sea and swim back and the Gambia guy continued the driving of the boat.

As we drive on top the mediterranean sea we were all praying, and also not to get cut by the navys or rebels, we were on the mediterranean sea till done.

We continued driving forward by following the direction where the compass was pointing at, we the man where standing cause there was no space to seat due to the over load, we were 110 in the boat and the sun was very hot as we go, and we were also told before we left libyer that the weather will get bad in the evening, this caused a lot of chaos inside the boat with everybody panicking and started shouting for the driver to drive faster, then the gambia guy stopped driving and started shouting and telling everyone if we do dont keep quiet he will bust the boat and then leave everybody to sink.

Then everybody started begging him but he refused to continue driving, while the boat was in non driving mode something inside the sea started hitting the boat from under and we were all scared to death then some people started crying before the gambia guy continued the driving.

We drove till in the evening at around 5pm and the cloud was getting bad, but the top of the sea was as flat like a carpet and the view at that moment was beautiful and finally we saw italian rescue teams on a flying boat coming towards us, before they got to were we are the driver and the assistant throw away the phone and the compass into the sea and then blend into our mist to avoid arrest.

As the rescue got to where we are, one of them jumped into our boat and was looking for the driver, the assistant and the phone and compass which already was thrown away by the driver, we were giving clean water to drink and they told us to calm down that the big ship was coming.

Our boat was still very much in good shape, there was no leaking of air from anywhere for we were very careful and not allowed to rest body on the balloon, this control was done by everybody.

After some few minute of waiting the big ship arrived and the rescue teams flying boat push our boat closed to the big ship and we all entered the big ship one after the other.

As we all came on board in the big ship,the rescue teams inside the ship searched each and everyone of us if we were with drugs or weapons and we were all giving a hand band which signify the conditions of our state before they found us, and the band had numbers on it and we seated in groups the way we where rescued.

We were giving some kind of plastic nylon, the type that is used to wrap valentine gift to cover because it became cold and windy latter at night, we also saw the first set of group that left us, and there boat was almost in the point of sinking before rescue found them

We meant people also from other part of african country inside, the ship was filled with all of us who were illegal migrants.

Some people where being take inside a room in the ship for questioning so to identify the driver of the boats and the assistant, mean while before we saw rescue an helicopter came to snap pictures of us, so they already new the people they were looking for.

After the investigation the driver and the assistant where separated from the rest of us, then they shared bread, fruit juice, and apples to all of us.

And at 1am in the night the meditarranean sea showed his real colour to us, and i saw for myself how it feels like to be in a ship when the sea was bad, it was just unbelievable how the sea waves was waving the big ship not to talk of the boat we were in, then i told to myself thank God rescue found us.

We spent three days on the big ship before we finally arrived in palermo the capital of italian island in sicily on sunday afternoon.

The italian immigration police, cameras and journalist were waiting for us to come down,but before we came down from the ship, doctors came into the ship and check our body for any infections and one dead body that was recovered by the rescue team was taken away.

As we came down from the ship we were given robber sanders to wear and our names and ages taken by the immigration officers before we entered a bus that took everyone to different camps.

Well to end this story i would like to add what i think about all of this journey i did

1) Coming into europe as an illegal migrants is a bad move

2) Europe was not what my life that i put on the line, all do everyone has his or her own opinion about it.

3) Everything is hard as a migrant, we a left to do cheap works for them or beg for money, for the girls i wont say anything cause you already know.

And some people would ask why did you not change to another europian county if you did not get you document in italy, well even if you did go and succeed to enter the next country be sure of you asylum application coming out negative cause the rules consigning migration has changed.

I wish to go back to my mothers land nigeria where i dont feel or see racism or trying to blend in all the time.

I just hope this changes somebodys life in any way, and if you ever want to travel out of nigeria make sure you take a flight to any of the country you wish to go, that way things will be easier for you there.

Thanks for reading to the end and may god protect us from the hand of the wicked ones…………………….THE END

 Culled from Nairaland

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