My Regretful Journey To Europe: How It All Started


And so came the day of the risky journey to this small town closed to the sea, it only takes the grace of what ever people believe in to get them safely to the next camp which was in the small town closed to the sea, many have tried but did not made it there and was sent to prison.

It was around 5pm in the evening when a fish coldroom truck vehicle, that is used to carry fish came to pick those that have payed for the journey, and as usual we bought the things we needed before hand, this was biscuit, bread, water, and plastic bottle minerals.

We all entered inside the truck with all the things we bought and the door was closed and the vehicle started driving, we drove for almost 3 hours but we could not see outside for we were looked inside the truck still the vehicle suddenly stopped and our quest was check point and by now we all knows the rules while on the journey which was never to make noise or you will get everybody busted and sent to prison.

After some few minute of stopping at the check point the vehicle engine started and the driving continued for about another one hour still the vehicle stopped again and the doors opened and we all came down and everywhere was totally dark and there was a fence in front of us and was told to jump inside the compound as fast as we could and with all our bags thrown across also.

Jumping across to the compound we saw more than 100 people inside the compound and some small housing buildings as well, if only we had new we would have been as selfish as we could but we did not know, how things was in this camp and the camp was filled with desert warriors the king of sucking blood bug that suck people all over there body and no where in this camp was safe to sleep for this bugs were everywhere.

We were shown place that we were to sleep but with the information i was told that nowhere was safe from the bugs i could not sleep so i joined the people that was doing watchnight to guild that night till the next morning.

And at daybreak we were giving out our food to the people we meant there without knowing how long we will be spending in this camp before going to crossing the sea, the weather was mostly read by the connection men and the arabic men who works hand to hand with each other and most times weather cant be predicted, and that cause the capsizing of boat on top the mediterranean sea.

After three weeks of waiting to cross the mediterranean sea there was still no signs of the connection man or the arab people who were to take us to the crossing point, mean while we where hungry to death no food no water and sometime the arabic men comes very rear to bring us water, bread, bag of rice tin tomatoes and groundnut oil, but the rest things to prepare it was history.

And those that we shared our food to when we newly arrived had other ways we did not no about to get themselfs things they needed and became selfish to the rest of our with it, it was a serious choas in this camp and we were in the middle of nowhere with land without trees surrounding us. every day was fight in the camp there was no superman in this camp anybody that was found going against the rule of the camp get beaten by everyone.

This continue going on we were all tired of the place as hunger became worst then before, some people started falling ill while the girls were all smelling because they could not baff and the bugs have eating into all parts of our body, it was hell in this camp.

Every morning when we wake up we always take of our shirt and underwear to kill off bugs and there eggs that was on it.

Many people run away from the camp thinking that the connection man has abandoned us cause that two was also normal in libyer.

We were all prayerfull for gods mercy on us.

After two weeks time they brought a new set of people to join us and they told us we would to be going for crossing to italy and we were all happy and prepare ourself for the big day.

On that same day the new comers that came to joined us making all of us about 230 people that was going for cross, the zip and button that was on they shirts were ripped off so as not to injure the balloon boat we were to enter this was done to everyone including our nails were also cut off.

And finally it was the big day night at around 11pm the arab man and the connection man came with the same vehicle that brought us, to pick us to go near the sea.

The truck carried people and when it was filled up it drives off and after about 30 minute it came back, and i was among the next people he came to carry, while inside the truck it was hard to breath cause we were loaded like sardine and there was no air coming inside the truck.

And finally the car stopped and we came down and behold it was the big deadly mediterranean sea in front of me and there where people coupling and pumping the boat we were about to enter, and the truck drove off to bring the last set of people in the camp. CONTINUE READING BELOW.

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