My Regretful Journey To Europe: How It All Started


We all waited at the place where the vehicle dropped us off for some minute and then two cars showed up and four arab men came out of them and opened the car doors and we entered three to a car by we seating on the back, and that was how we where all carried away.

As we drove into the city of tripoli there was a check point with soldiers, we were stopped and they spoke with the driver and then freed us to drive trough.

As the car was driving we were looking out side from the car window seeing all the bullet hole on the houses, the car drove for about 1 hour still we a arrived at a house that was fenced and then we came down and nock at the small gate and the ghetto boss open the gate for us and we entered and also meant people there that told us immediately to go and baff for we where smelling and thay throwed away all the cloths we were putting on so not to bring desert warrior which was like a bug that suck blood into the ghetto.

In this new ghetto i meant some people who have tried to cross to the small town closed to the sea after tripoli but where cut and send to underground prison.

Tripoli nowhere is safe for a black person even in the ghetto as well, many ghetto have been invaded by the libyer mafias who took people to work for them without payment, while the solders send people to underground prison where the girls a mostly raped by them and the men work for them free.

We always stayed inside the ghetto and go out as early as possible to felch water when the citizens a still asleep or when somebody is looking for black people to work for them, this work connection only come through the man that owned the house who was a retired army but rented the house to a connection man who used it for his business.

It was really hard to work in tripoli sometimes when we finish working for them we dont get payed and when ever we are going back to the ghetto we get chased with stone by the arab children sometimes day point gun at us and rob us of the money we earned.

Every night we sleept with one eyes open just in case if the ghetto was being busted cause that was normal in tripoli.

With all this chaos i was not able to raise enough money to further the journey, god so kind i still had my phone sim card on me, which had my peoples number on it, so i asked the ghetto boss to please allow me with the one phone which had libyer sim card on it and was available to everyone in every ghetto.

So i called a sister of mine and told her the problem i was in, cause once you are in libyer you would never want to use the root you used to get to libyer to go back to nigeria if not i would have, so for that reason we were stuck there was no going back so it was only forward.

So after a flew week i have called this sister of mine she called back through the ghetto phone and the ghetto boss then pass the phone to me and she told me she was able to raise 50k which i then added to the one i raised while going to the mini work i could which was around 120 dinars but all together was not enough to cross the mediterranean sea.

But the fact that half bread is better than non and i was better than a lot of others in the ghetto so the connection man accepted the money and the 50k was payed into his nigerian account and he wrote my name on the list of those going for crossing so i waited for the big day of the next journey. CONTINUE READING BELOW.

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