My Regretful Journey To Europe: How It All Started


We stayed there for one week without going outside, this was where all the kidnappings happen mostly to those that did not used a trusted connection, although there was nothing like trust as far as libyer was concerned everybody bear he papa name cus them no day tell man na man day decide, this were the words used over there.

We where then transferred again to another ghetto still inside sahba and it was our last bus stop of the money my friend payed.

Getting there it was a fenced compound that was owned by a white arabic man who use it for goat rearing and rent it out also to a 9ja man who built a house that was roofed with tarpoly. as we entered inside we meant another set of people that came also from different countries and again another ghetto boss welcomed us in.

My friend left me there after two weeks time because he did kept to his promise by bringing me to libeyer and now it was just my and god and the rest others that was till in the ghetto because they also had no money to further the journey.

The sun there was D. I. E it was very hot that when ever we baff it only take one minute for to dry off our body by it self,

And everyday we do house work inside the compound when ever we did not go out to look for job if we where to eat.

We where always careful when ever we go out to look for any kind of work for any amount because our life depended on it. i change my mind in staying in libyer after seeing all the horrible thing that was going on there to cross to europe

This continued for two months till i was able to raise 100 dinars and the connection man pitied me and accepted the money from me and i awaited my next journey to tripoli.

Then the day of the journey to tripoli came and some other people who has also payed for the journey came the day before the journey started we bought some things like bread biscuit and plastic bottle minerals with us before starting the journey with a hilux.

We drove out of sahba city and spent the hole day driving and stopped latter at night at a place that looks like some kind of a real estates but only had a place for security and was fenced with gates in all the compound, we entered the compound and saw other people also we all spent the night there sleeping on the ground.

And the same hilux came the next day and the driverman called our names, i head my name and then entered the hilux.

As soon as all names where called the journey continued and stop again at night in a small town but i cant remember the name.

The next day after much waiting for the hilux to come and pick us up so we can continue the journey, but it came at around 11 am and called our names again this was to ensure there was no stranded people around that area that came to join us.

Then continued the journey with everyones name that was called, and latter that day in the evening i think around 1am, we came to a place where we all were asked to come down from the hilux and started walking with the driver partner who came with him on the journey while the driver drove off. we walked as fast and quiet as we could and climbed tall mountains till we arrived at the other side of the mountain where will meant our driver and two other men with ak-47 waiting for us.

We continued walking along side with the men with guns, while the driver drove far away from us to observe any signs of rebels,

We continued this for almost about 1 hour till we arrived to the hilux again and the men search us and take with them any phones they could find on us, and we then entered the hilux, but this time we where not allowed to seat as we want but were arrange with by the driver with us seating inside the hilux back with our legs fold together and the next person seat so closed to you with folded legs and then we were covered with a blanket like it was a hilux that carried farm goods.

The arrangement was unbearable that we all were crying while on the drive and could not see out side or to known where we are at the moment.

Then the hilux stopped all of a sudden and the driver asked us to come down, which became a problem cause we could not feel our legs anymore, it was morning already as soon as we came down from the hilux we all fell to the ground cause we could not walk.

Mean while the next ride was already waiting for us, they allowed us to rest before we all entered the next vehicle that was like a dyna truck and we all entered with the same formation because it was two hilux that brought us to this point.

We drove for about 3 hour and then stopped in an area closed to tripoli were we awaited the next ride that was going to take us into the city of tripoli. CONTINUE READING BELOW.

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