My Regretful Journey To Europe: How It All Started


Getting there we saw other vehicles that also brocken down, and we waited there for some time so our vehicle engine could cool off before continuing.

We drove off after some hour but forgot to check the amount of water galloons we have let, water became more valuable than gold to us, the more we drink the more we want because the water was salty.

Again it was sunset and the hilux stopped we campt another night on the desert.

And for does that asked when was this journey, it was may 2015 before muhammadu buhari came in to power, and no i was not among those that was sold for 400dallars i guest i was lucky.

We continued the journey the next day which was saturday and there was signs of human life which told us that we were close to sahba, we came across two more check point where we trade our phones to the solders there for small amount to libyer money which was dinars and those who had extra money on them change theys also to dinars and we where aloud to fetch water from they well before continuing.

We arrived first at a town in libyer called Qatrun, we spent the night there in a fenced house built with bricks and that was where we all took turns in taking our bath since the journey started.

We continued the journey the next morning which was sunday heading to sahba, this was the only time the roads were free due to the fact that most of the libyer people will in the mosque praying and to avoid getting caught.

After much ride on the journey to sahba we arrived at about 1 pm in the afternoon in a near by areal close to the town and the driver stopped and we came down and change to another hilux which carried us to a house near by the main city of sahba.

We were there for about 2 hours before another hilux showed up again, but this time we were shared and pick up according to the connection men hands we pass through, and entered the vehicle few in number so not to drown attention to us and make it look as if we were coming back from work as we were going to drive true the city main roads.

Hmm as soon as we entered the city O MY GOD it was like a war zoon in sahba what we were seeing was not was not what we expected, there was bullet holes all over the wall of the buildings then i asked myself who send me.

While still on the street of sahba we had some eyes that did not go to the mosque starring at us like we stole something.

Finally we arrived at our first ghetto the vehicle and we all that came with it entered the up stair building.

In side the building we meant other as well who came before us, some of which have been there for one to two year welcomed us and lecture us of all the rules.

Which was no going out of the building and does that have been there for long all way put on overalls as if they were going or coming to work in the eyes of the white arabs.

(Number two) no starring at they women, we where told if we do that they are arabs that are watching us and even pointing a gun to us:

(Number three) no fighting cause it will drown attention to the house and that was a big problem.

(Number four) no fighting and obey the old people you meant there and most importantly the guy in charge which was the ghetto boss that in controls of everything and nobody is allowed to go out without his permission, he was also the one that collected our remaining leftovers food that came with of from the desert, and those that brought other foodstuffs with them contribubes theys as well so that we all could eat from it.

The girls where hot cake in libya and for that they separated from the guys just so, those of them that have business to do can continue. CONTINUE READING BELOW

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