My Regretful Journey To Europe: How It All Started


The journey continued with the normal formation, all bags with food wish was mostly garri, bread, biscuits, powder peak milk, powder tea, cup and spoon,and then the girls on top of the loads and the guys at the edges with our legs around the wooden sticks, but this time the sticks where fix by us, so we had to fix it as solid as we could not to fall off due to the fast speed drive or we will have our selfs to blame.

We normally eat at night before going to sleep and as fast as we could within the 5 minutes giving to us to drink water.

We drived another full day on the desert and when ever the hilux sink or when the road tracks are no more visible the hilux stop and every body comes down and eat or drink water while the driver reduces the air in the tires so it could climb the desert sand and when ever the road track where visible again the same thing happens with every body down and driver pumb more air inside the four tires and then we continued.

Each hilux was carring 22 to 25 people, seating so tight and closed to each other for so many hours we where not able to feel our legs or even turn to change possition.

So when ever the hilux stop we where all friends and when it start driving we turn enemies to each other by dragging for space not to fall off while the hilux drive crazy, the more we go further the more the journey became harder and the sun hotter, everyone was crying and scared after seeing graveyards in different places in the desert we where also drinking and wasting our water thinking we were close to sahba, but we never new the worst was to come.

On day 4 which was thursday with the hot desert sun blasting us, we arrived at the first check point in the desert, no matter which part of africa country any one of us were coming from this check point was a most.

With solders everywhere and we saw people being flogged with they heads down torching the hot desert ground and they ass facing upward to the sky, when i saw that i got goosebumps instantly,other peoples where seating down on the ground and we where asked to join them while our driver left us and went inside with one of the soldiers.

While we on the other hand where seating down scared and watching what was going on, some girls where taken to a room where they came out dressing up, while we where still seating down waiting for our turn, after about two hours our driver showed up and told us to get on the hilux, our guest was the connection men has called and spoke with them, but for me i was more interested on leaving that place, we drove off leaving others still seating on the ground.

We continued on the journed to the next day which was on friday afternoon where the desert sand now was completely dust then our hilux stopped moving due to the fact that the engine was working on full power to be able to climb the dust sand.

Luckily we where close to an old deep water well that has been there for so many years, it was built for camel to drink water but now was a resting point to all travelling on the desert.

Our driver then told all the guys to walk there wish was almost 10 km away while him and the girl where still trying to get the vehicle to start.

While we were walking our shoes started melting because of the hot sand and we had to run as fast as we could to get there. the girls got there first because the hilux latter start. CONTINUE READING BELOW

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