My Regretful Journey To Europe: How It All Started


And at 1 pm the vehicle stopped in a little village in a house that was fenced we where all scared because the moment we droved in, the gate was closed and some men came and told us to come inside the house and we all did as they told us to, we all sat at the floor after the driver that brought us drove off, we where there for over one hour then the man in charge came up to us and starded calling our names.

As soon as me and my friend name was called they took us out side and does whose name was not called remained inside the room, due to the fact that they money was not enough to continue the journey, as we where a red bus came and all of us outside where asked to get on.

And the vehicle started driving and at 8 pm in the evening the driver turned off his head light to avoid being sported by the agadez police, and he drove as slow as he could still we arrived at another building that was fenced again where we all came down and stretch our legs before the next ride, we meant alot of people in this compound after some few minute four buses came and every one of our gut in and drove to the main city of agadez

After an hour we arrived at the main city of agadez and the driver dropped us off in a house built completely on clay sand and fenced also with it.

Entering the compound we meat another set of new people from other african counties, but the sun in agadez on the other hand was unbelievably hot.

Do it did not distract some girls that was also on the journey not to do there business, mean while my throat was already sore because of the hot and salty water that was available.

The day before the next journey which was on sunday we were ask to buy all that we needed which was blanket, sox cap, eyeclass, hand glove, 25 gallon and another 5 litres of water, the only 2000naira that was with me i gave it to my friend and he completed it and we bought all that we needed.

Staying in a place you dont know any body, you have to be friends with everybody.

Finally it was on monday evening at 9 pm came three hilux vehicle and all the waters and bags where first arrange at the back of the hilux aftre the bags were all in the girls where asked to seat on top and the guys seat at the edges surrounding the hilux with our legs rapped around a wooden stike that we can hold not to fall off.

And the jouney to sabah city in libyer began,the hilux droved crazy fast all the time with we at the back holding tight to the stick not to fall off.

This continued till the next day evening which was tuesday at around 10 pm, all do the hilux driver stop once for just 5 minute so we could all drink some water.

But in this stop we spent the night sleeping on the desert sand, the drive contenued very early the next morning with another 5 minute stop so we could drink water, in the evening of it the hilux stopped and we sent the night there and continued with another brand new set of hilux came to pick us up while the other hilux that brought us to this point drove off and wished us good luck. CLICK ON PAGE 4 TO CONTINUE READING

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