My Regretful Journey To Europe: How It All Started


That was going to take us across the border between north Nigeria and niger at this point it was one oclok midnight we also meant other people like us who where all waiting for a car to cross them also so me joined them and after some few minutes of waiting a bus that was carrying some northerners showed up and we entered.

After some few minutes the bus stopped and told us to come down which we did, we had no idea of what was going on or who was directing all the drivers all i know was that i was going to libya.

Standing on the side of the road where the bus dropped us off a car showed up and told us that when we get to the border that we should not talk which we did not.

So the car started driving when we gut to the border checkpoint the car stopped and three solders came up to the car and started inspecting in side the car use a flash light pointing to everyones paces.

After much talking with the driver with fulani language, the driver man turn to us and ask us to all donate money which he gave to the solder men then we were asked to drive across the border.

After one hour latter the car dropped us in a city called zinden in niger where a small bus again with another set of travellers that was waiting for us to arrive.

And we were all loaded in this small bus like sardine, we inhaled each other hand pit due to insufficient air.

After some minute of driving the bus stop and we all came down and some and some niger guys with bikes came and we entered three to one bike including all the girl that was travelling as well, the bikers drove as fast as they could to avoid getting caught by the securities in zinden. finally where arrive at a small village house build up with clay sand, at this time it was five am in the morning were we all rested for some hours.

Due to the fact that the bikers did not allowed us to take our bags with us we lost some of our food, they insisted that they will be the ones to bring our bags were all our food staffs where in, with this method they took time to select all of our best goodies we bought for the journey to themselfs.

And at nine am some bus came to pick us, this time we were on the drive to agadez but at this point i was scared and curious so i asked my friend how all of the pick and drop off where possible he told me he already payed to a connection man 150k with abeg due to the fact that he want me along with him.

It was a long and dried drive in the mini desert, i call it mini desert because the real one was yet to come.

After much driving in the hot sun the only air that was coming into the vehicle was as hot like blowing dryer, at this time i started regretting coming along with my friend. CLICK ON PAGE 3 TO CONTINUE READING

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