My Regretful Journey To Europe: How It All Started


Just like every other 21 year old boy thinking the grass is more greener at the other side, well it really was not how i thought it was.

Hello am jerry and am here to tell some of my life story as a son of the soil born proud Nigerian that is also proud of his race and people but hate his government.

My story is no defferent just like so many other who came out from a poor background but i was lucky enough to attend school before i dropt out due to no money to go further i tried all my best to stay away from trouble and to do that i started learning handwork as a mechanic, which i did for three years and got freed but had trouble starting my because i had no money for i had to look for other alternative for i started picking irons to rase some funds to buy the things i needed i did this for six mouths and earned some good amount doing it on still i meant a guy.

He told me he has a very big seller that wanted to sell some large amount of coppers to him that he had no money to pay this copper and that he needed me to loan him money that in return after he has sell this copper he would pay me back the money with interest due to the fact that i have gave him money this way before i said okey and gave him 25k after 6hr time he came back to me where i was buy irons from other iron bordders and started crying about how he has finish buying the coppers and started to burn them some guys from the area who saw the smoke came up to him that he had no rights to burn anything in there areal and that he has to claim the copper from them since it now belongs to them due to the fact that my money was at stake i ask him how much this guys demanded from him.

He told me it was another 15k this was the last money i had that i was thinking of adding to the money i first gave him and the interest that i was also expecting i did not know i was being scammed by this guy.

For my money not to lost i gave him the money and he left, after some few hours i did not here from him so i decided to call his phone.

Unfortunately his phone was not reachable.

I was at this point confused for i had no how to reach or his real name including where he leaves, maybe that would have help me to go to the police station to report the case, and the one room apartment i rented was duel and the land i rented and also where i was buying scrabes irons was all in the point to expire.

I was wicked to see all my effort was for nothing, i could not tell anyone about it for i was too ashamed to do so.

After three days of all this misfortune a old friend of my came to pay me a visit and saw how terrible i was and i could not hide it at this point, so i told him everything so he told me he cant help me, but he was planning to travel to europe and that me being a mechanic that i could make money with my skills over there i did not think twice of his offer and said yes that he can count me in.

Mean while after he left i was still trying to fined the guy who has scammed me but he was nowhere to be found, after one week latter this friend of mine called me that i should prepare that we will be leaving the next day morning.

So when he came i only had time to get some few clothes which i took with me for the journey, so that morning we went to bus park that was going to north Nigerian it was really a long drive, but we gut there at night were the bus finally stopped us and we had to look for another ride. CLICK ON PAGE 2 BELOW TO CONTINUE READING

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