Must Read Story: My Life As A Yahoo Boy Episode 10


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We got to the Alfa’s house around 6pm. Krissh insisted I stayed outside while he goes in before me, to prepare the Alfa about my parol.
He came out back to call me in.
We met the Alfa on his mat with him counting beads and saying somethings that weren’t audible to my hearing.

Me : Good evening sir

Alfa : Welcome boy, your friend had told me about your situation, I know the normal thing to do, but firstly I have to confirm, if it’s compartible with your destiny

Me : [must be o] it would be sir, my destiny is flexible sir

Alfa : take this [he hands over the set of beads he was counting to me], with your left hand and say your wish into it.

I did that sharply

Me : have done so sir [handling it back to him]

He receives it and said so words in arabic.

Alfa : your destiny supports it

I and krissh exchanged handshake

Alfa : Now this is what you have to do, you will bring your laptop here for me to do some prayers on it, and you would be spraying guniea corn and sokoto beans outside your compound every morning for the birds to feed on. After three days you can come back and pick your laptop but remember you have to engage yourself in lots of charities.

Me : No problem sir, I would do exactly as you have said, infact I would go and bring my laptop here immediately.

Alfa : Young boy, don’t be in too much haste to be wealthy

Krissh : he isn’t sir, his just being to anxious ni

I headed out of there straight leaving krissh behind, so has to Pick Up my laptop and return asap . In my haste I decided not to go home for my own system because I felt it was too far, so I went to G.R.A to pick up the system of bro ola that I left there. Took it and went back to the Alfa’s place.

Me : sir the is it [hands it over to him]

Krissh : see how you are sweating like a goat

Me : mind your business mister

Krissh : it has gotten to that level hun, now I should mind my business after showing you the way

Me : oh boy leave trash for lawma

Alfa : OK boy, you can leave and come back in the next three days, remember to do the needful

Me : sure sir

I and krissh left there, I was feeling fufilled already, mehn this Alfa sure die!

Day after day I waited anxiously, the three days were like three years to me. I just can’t wait to be rich!
I wished I could have a time remote, so I could fast forward the present day to the next three days.

While waiting I was mapping out plans, things I would do when the money has arrived. Firstly i knew my parents would be inquisitive of my wealth, so I planned on packing out but what would be my excuse, I mapped out a lie that have found a job with 7up and they gave me an apartment in the company. My parents bought the idea anyways, but am OK with that, I can’t eventually tell them am a YY guy.

Next on my plan, I decided I would move in with bosun and krissh pending the time I would have gathered enough money to be living alone. Am sure they would glady allow me to live with them.

I also planned on asking “my crush” out. I knew from experience as an e-dater that when a guy has money the rest is little, the girl would give an instant yes.
I also planned on getting a rangey, but could manage an evil spirit pending the moment I would have enough doe to purchase a rangey.

The long awaited day arrived, I woked up 5 a.m on dot. It was like my body was programmed to wake at that moment.
I remembered the last time I woke up around five were during my secondary school days.

I checked my mails sharply, and there was nothing new. I had a quick bath and dressed to head out.
I called krissh countlessly but he wasn’t picking up so I decided to go alone to the Alfa’s place.

Got to Alfa’s compound saw a woman by the well but ignored her and aimed for the door.

Woman : bros come back here, where are u going to?

Me : good morning, am here to see Alfa

Woman : [clapping her hands] like you didn’t see me here before you headed for the door, anyways Alfa isn’t around.

Me : where has he gone to MA?

Woman : what’s your relationship with him

Me : business oriented ma

Woman : have you called him?

Me : I don’t have his number MA.

Woman : Okay, am his Wife, Alfa has gone to the Mosque for early morning prayers. He would be back soon.

Me : OK ma, can I go in to wait for him?

Woman : No mister, I don’t allow strangers with your type of story to come, who knows if you are telling a lie.
If you want to wait, you are free to wait outside the gate

Mehn this woman is too mean. I just retraced my steps out of the premises and headed for G.R.A.
Called krissh again along the line, he was yet to pick up, i guessed he his yet to wake, so I decided to call bosun thereafter and the call pulled through.

Me : Hello bosun, good morning

B.B : oh boy, you dreamt of me?, how come you calling me this early

Me : forget that jur, am almost at your house, have been Calling krissh since, he wasn’t picking up.

B.B : ooops he must have over slept due to the match he had overnight, the moaning of the girl involved was also disturbing to me hearing,since the girl’s ringtone was that high, I guess krissh must have done it with all his strength.

Me : shio cassanova oshi. I pray girls won’t kill him.

Got to there place in no time, lo and behold I still met krissh sleeping beside his olosho.

At last the bastard woke up around 10 a.m, we then went to the Alfa’s house together. We met Alfa on the matter when we got there.

Me : Good day sir, I did check On you earlier but you weren’t back from Mosque yet

Alfa : oh Yeah my wife told me, well now is the right time [we had our sit and he hands over my system to me] take it, all the process have ended.

Me : OK sir, is that all

Alfa : that’s all, you can start making your money, don’t forget to ffo the needful, mind you what I just did for you can only be done for a person once in his lifetime, so don’t misuse it.

I settled the Alfa with 7k,
With joy I ran out and headed to G. R. A. Couldn’t wait to start my hustle.

Immediately I got there, sat down, swtiched on the Pc, connected my modem, logged into my various accounts.

The first I checked was my legit facebook account, legit as in not for scamming but i have white ladies I dated there, it waa my normal facebook account.

Saw one message, clicked it.
It was Mrs wellingthon message I saw.
Mrs wellingthon was a Single mother I met on one of those sites I can’t remember, she posted on her status then that she’s interested in black dudes, that’s how I added her on my fb, one thing led to another and we started e-dating, I do bill her ocassionally but she never oblige.

The message I saw was about her asking where have been that I didn’t login for a while, pointing out she missed me.

I was about replying when I noticed the green color in front of her name, so she’s even online, I replied her and we started chatting, it got to a point our Chats took a new dimension, the chats goes thus :

Miss wellingthon [I call her miss well for typing sake] Miss well : can you make it to U.K this summer?

Me : If that’s a joke you had better stop it

Miss well : am serious, can you?

Me : I wish i could but am financially broke

Miss well : No problem dear, I would bear the expenses

Me : are you for real?

Miss well : Yeah that’s not to much to do for you

Me : Okay and hope your kids won’t mind?

Miss well : I raised them well, they ain’t raiscist, send me your details I would transfer to your account before the end of the day.

Me : how much are you transfering?

Miss well : not telling! I want it to be shock to you when you get the alert

Shio mugu like I would ever go and meet her, lo and behold she sent the money, it was really above my expectation, that was my first huge payment.

Through it that week mehn my maye’s really responded in terms of money. I was like “where were they all this while.?

To be continued soon…