Must Read Story: Every Disappointment Is A Blessing Episode 14


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Following the previous episode zeus wasn’t in such category unlike others he was outstanding in his dept, he made the top and made several dinstictions and credit, no passes nor carry overs what a wonderful result he said to him self. Same as seun he too was the best in his dept in fact both of them were like the 1st class in the making.

The both started working extra being that they are in the final year of there study in the university and they will be so busy both in the academics and all.

The academic session started as sad they both started extra works and have no time for anybody they were both sited in any tutorial centre in or outside campus and has never missed any lectures or night classes. Jenny as well too became serious she snubs clubs like other girls and this time it was extra work.

She loked for every way to track down zeus to help him out in some school works but zeus always snubs all her request the only thing he could do is just to engage her in tutorial but there was mutual communication between them.

Though she do tacticaly beg zeus to accept her back but zeus stood to his ground that he wasn’t interested in any relationship all he his after his his grades and he should leave the school once and for all.

Every now and then she comes with gifts, and all but that doesn’t stop him in his decisions. He was steadfast he his words and stood by it, seun too was so buried in his studies it was more of like competition between both friends and other colleagues they were all aiming for one top grades just to make up and badge a first class in there fields.

The first semester went and they did well in their exams and test and they made several dinstiction. Same as second semester which was the final stage and lap in the school and their project was at hand. Being one of the brightest amongst peers zeus was made the head of his group in their project and they all did well.

The final exams came and which much anticipation they did excellently well beyond expectations. Jenny also was picking on. Zeus who had a carry over back then in his 200 lvl due to the love his dean and head of department had for him as a very obedient and God fearing student also humble like and being excellent in his study he was told to re-write the exam which he passed but 10 marks was deducted as a punishment.

They successfully finish their 400lvl and also their degree program and defended their project well. Mr zeus Joshua is now a graduate in financial account from the prestigious university of lagos Akoka, making a 1st class lower, while seun was the most out standing he made a 1st class upper.

Some times in life our disappointment in races of life may be be our strength that will make us to excel in our endeavors, if not for the break up that zeus had I wonder if he would graduate or make up that grade he had.

After their convocation they all went back home to return after few weeks to collect their nysc posting letter. So zeus went back to his home town to see his dad and see his principal and tell them of his success everyone was proud of him.

He addressed the student in his former secondary school telling them about his experience. After 2 weeks of home visitation he and seun retired back to school to get their posting letter, seun was posted to katsina, while zeus was taking to some where, a place he never believe something he never imagine would happen again. Where was it????????

Seun got posted to katsina to serve, while zeus was posted to port Harcourt. Seun was serving as a teacher in a community school, but zeus was serving in a bank. It was during his service year he got to meet someone.

The person whom he has never thought of meeting again right from childhood. If you have been following this story from the first session and you were good at guessing you would have known the person.

But I know you weren’t following, and if you were I would urge you to get the pdf of the first season then you would know what transpired between zeus and the person and how they separated.

On this fateful day while at the bank he was attending to some special customers when this lady walked in also in a corps like uniform. Zeus could not accertain what drew his attention up but was really shocked when he saw this lady but something was really strange about how he felt. He had to stop the foreign transaction he was doing and went after her.

“ifeoluwa!!!!” he exclaimed with a shock she turned around unbelieving her eyes still in amazement she was so surprised and hugged him and called his name “Zeus Joshua!!!!”, they both laughed smiled discussed a bit but a fcall from the supervisor quickly remind him he was busy he had to exchange number with her and they settled to meet latter.

After much callas and text they met at a eatery and talked about how life was their experiences at school. Ifeoluwa too was a coper in the same state but she is serving in the government house as a p.a to her dads friend.

Life was sweet for both of them zeus called seun to ask how far about his service year and how he was coping. He said he was absolutely fine just left to the weather condition and the rules of sharia in the state. So zeus told him about what he saw and who she was to him.

As time rolled by they were getting to the end of their service year zeus aasked ife out and which the answer he got was an automatic yes and they began a new relationship like and the pair were so loved up and things went ok with them.

One day zeus was checking his old books when he was looking for something and stumble upon a paper which he quickly showed ife, lo and behold it was the paper ife drop the very day she left the school.

She was surprised zeus still kept it with. So wonderful of him she thaught. After the whole service year zeus was retained in the bank as the new financial auditor because the former auditor was transferred to the headquarters and also was promoted as the auditor general, Ifeoluwa saw a job in an insurance company due to the influence of her father, while seun traveled aboard because the work in which he was being give had to take him there to manage their new branch aboard.

As I am typing zeus is married to Ifeoluwa and they are being blessed with 3 wonderful kids, seun on the other hand is married to a white lady(half-cast though), and they are also blessed with two kids.

“It pays to stand on your words don’t  allow your flaws or falls or every disappointment you may have encountered weigh you down rather let it be your point of strength to take you to abigger place). This story was officially wrriten by Abiodun Joshua (lord zeus).

A very big thank you to almighty God th giver of the inspiration and wisdom in which I used writing this story. Special thanks to oga tosin of tosin silverdam for his encouragement, and back up.

And also not forgetting my lovely readers you are the reason am always putting things up. God bless you all. Watch out for my other stories coming soon and those that have written. THE END.