Must Read Story: Every Disappointment Is A Blessing Episode 13


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​It strucked zeus when he heard this shocking news he couldn’t believe it firstly he thought it was a joke, before he could realize jenny was gone, he tried calling her line severaly but no one was picking.

He called seun and told him what just happened, seun first laffed then he told zeus that he shouldn’t worry, what will be will surely be. What ought to be a sweet end of session for the poor boy, was a bad end or will I say a sad end for him nevertheless, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Life is not as smooth as one thinks there is always a sweet part and a sour part. But the best way in dealing with this kind of times is, accepting the bitter time and romancing it with joy because you know the sweet time is coming, and when the sweet time arrives never also forget the bitter time so you must always be prepared to face both, that’s why we have the winter and the summer, when we face cold during winter, the summer comes and warm us up, after much warming it begins to turn to heat then the winter comes again and cool it off that’s the circle of the seasons the general I dea is for us to acknowledge both seasons. Back to the story…

Zeus kept calling and calling with several text and calls none could not bring back the lost jenny, so he took his fate and decided to carry on the cross of heart break. The holidays was just one of hell.

Afterwards he moved over it after what seems like eternity. Then he made a promise not to allow any lady toy with his feelings no matter how the situation maybe.

The holidays went as usual in his house with his uncle though the disappointment he had was one of a kind and it was so pain ful but he has nothing to do though he still checks on his phone incase of any text of any kind or calls of jenny if she decided to have a change of mind, but it was to no avail.

He thought about going back to his town to visit his parent and siblings, but due to the fact that he will soon be rounding off his school and he his going in for his final year so he decided to stay and remain in lagos, on several occasions he do check in on seun once a while in his place because now their relationship is more of a brother hood nomore a friend because they have really been so close and they do things alike so that bond of friend ship has been there.

Been anticipated for the end of the holidays is drawing the curtains and its getting to a close, jenny also have been having fun with paul over the holidays, its been a word and opposite for both of them.

Zeus was having a bad holiday, jenny was havinf the other round of it. Such is life, news has been streaking in about the result, but the pair weren’t shaking because they were confident about the result.

That of jenny I cant say, but all I knew was a board was setup to investigate the corruption surrounding the settlement of lecturers over the manipulation of result either in money or in kind and several student and lectures even some h.o.d were involve and this made many of the student caught in such act to have an extra year. Did this had any effect on jenny, I cant predict…

The new semester arrives here comes the final race of zeus in the said prestigious university of Lagos, Akoka. Student been worrisome about the latest news on air and the much waited releasing of result which determines the fate of many, for those who knows if they will be graduating that year or not, or if they would be having an extra year or carring over failed courses.

Zeus wasn’t really bothered about school, because of what strucked him at the end of the previous semester and the holidays, and what he has promised himself, so he took his time to get set for the final saga.

Seun to wasn’t sidelined he was also ready to be a graduate after excellently performing in the previous sessions he knows for sure in his mind he is coming out great.

Waking up to a text from a friend, his eyes was still blured, after opening his eyes well to check the number and who it was it was seun his best friend telling him he has already resumed and his also waiting for him at school.

Zeus lazily jumped up from his bed and after refreshing himself with a good bath and settled down with a good meal made his uncles wife, zeus joined them in the living room and told his aunt and uncle about his depature the following weekend, his uncle had talks with him as per man to man letting him know this his where he determines where to cut his tree to either to the left or te the right he should know this is final year and he should try and avoid the avoidable because this is were temptations would set in, but he should be strong as a man.

After the whole advice and prayers from his uncle and aunty, the day arrives he left there house and headed for school to join the other student especially his best buddy whom has been anticipating to see him after what felt like ages.

Paul on the other hand was through from his masters, his worked transferred him from lagos to manage one of their foreign branches in paris, so the bond between he and jenny was kind of reduced due to lack of communication. This started causing a break down in their relationship.

And this was having an effect on jenny, and also the school saga she would be facing because her name was listed among the student in such act so she was really down and did not have anything to do, I would say she was having the worse time of her life, even when her dad heard being a renowned man and has a political ambition which he does not want to tarnish he had to let the school decide because he knows how brilliant her daughter was but was thrown aback by such news when the V.C of the school informed him, which means jenny maybe spending an extra year in school and may not be graduating.

The school was on full swing and the result was rumored to be released soon. But not until the issue was tendered to the school senate after it has been looked upon the names were publish and the punishment were procured upon the wanting student and about the lecturers they were suspended. Which means jenny will be having an extra year.

The result was released as been said and this time surprises was in the air same ad suspense, heart breaks and amongst others. Now where does zeus fate lies on or which category did he fall on, did had a carry over onlike the previous year?…

To Be Continued…