Must Read Story: Every Disappointment Is A Blessing Episode 12


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​On seeing this zeus couldn’t still could not still believe his eyes he thought he was dreaming right in front of him was one of his friends way back from secondary school Ayo, when he tapped seun then seun couldn’t believe his eys on what zeus was showing him then with a little annoyance he shouted at zeus that what was she showing him he wasn’t seeing anything then zeus told him that was his friend from secondary school Ayo with excitement and joy he ran to hug him ayo on the other hand was very glad to see him.

As guys they exchange their pleasantries, shook hands hugs and were glad to see each other again. After the whole the three went in and ordered for meal which they ate while eating they talked about several things, including life about school, the pas, the present, it was such a joy for the both, seun was just looking at them in excitement.

Zeus asked ayo what he came to lagos to do he said he came to visit his aunty, so he followed the child here to come and inquire about the registration process but soon be going back.

After the meal they both exchanged numbers and they saw ayo off to the bus stop. Paul and jenny has been having a good od time being together its now getting to month now and jenny has been getting used to paul same has paul also has been getting fond of jenny.

Just one Saturday when paul was in his which he decided to invite jenny over. She came and as they were doing their normal discussion out of nowhere paul asked a very stunning and surprised question which left jenny in an awww manner that she was too shocked to answer because she never believe she could get that kinda question from paul all this while.

Zeus and seun after the long trek to seeing ayo off got home and settled for a garri and smoked fish from a woman selling fish nearby with a very chilled water from zeus fridge, and they demerited the whole, after they both had a guilibe content of rice and chicken, well who wont come home to settle for that after being in an hot sun and just concluding a tough examination, immediately they were through they discussed little and seun asked zeus about Ayo which zeus answered and told him how they usualy play in school among others like Efe(if you guys can remember in episode 1), it was in this mood of discussion zeus remembered to call jenny, he then picked his phone and decided to call jenny.

Paul still beating around the bush when he finaly came to conclusion to ask jenny the question he wanted to ask jenny, then jenny phone rang looking at the screen of her phone, her mood and countenance changed…..then she just sluggishly picked up the call, paul wondering who it might be, then he asked who was it, then jenny said……

Zeus tried the line but it was busy, he tried again the same he was on a shocking mood, but he just dropped after several failed attempt to reach her.

Then he join seun to transport to wonderland whom has slept off since. Paul asked jenny what happened after receiving the call, then jenny said it was her dad, that he ought to be travelling that night and she is not happy and she will be missing him, that he just call to wish her good bye but he will be back before the next Thursday that he was going for a business trip in the states.

Then paul her not to worry that all will surely be well and he will soon be back. Jenny asked him what the question was then paul asked if it was true back then if she truly had something for him, jenny smiled and said yes, but that was then.

Then paul told her he was also having the same thing for her, even now that they have met again, and he would love them to come back to the way they were before in high school, but this time it should be more of intimate, then jenny said she has been having the same feelings too but she is in a relationship too but its kind of complicated, but she would think over it.

After the whole sleep the both had slept seun decided to return home, as usual zeus saw him off to the junction of his hostel. On his way back he picked up his phone to call Ayo they talked a bit and asked Ayo when he will be returning back, which he said on Monday, he also asked about sarah which Ayo said its been long he has saw her but heard she is now in a university in osun, after the long talk zeus remembered to cal jenny again so he bade Ayo farewell and told him he wil be calling him.

As soon as he got home he dailled jenny’s line and she picked, then they talked but zeus wasn’t okay with the way jenny was sounding then jenny told him that they need to see each other, so they fixed the date to the next day.

Zeus wasn’t happy with the kind of response he got, but like his friend said he shouldn’t get bothered because of his exams, so he left the taught picked up his book and got set for his final papper of the semester.

After a week of the scenario was the last papper of the semester trust all student all hands were on deck, every student were really preparing hard for it, zeus wasn’t left behind.

He went in as usual and wrote his papper confidently though it was a bit tougher than he thought, but being the sake that he has studied so hard and worked so hard on it he could still write what could bring him a smile.

At the end end of the paper jenny met with zeus then she told him that, she is no more comfortable with the relationship and she cant continue, zeus couldn’t believe his ears it was as if he was poured a cold water before he could asked jenny why she had left in her car, he was left alone and his feet was as if it was glued to the ground he picked up his phone and called seun, what could have been a joy of the last paper of the semester and session of 300lvl became one of his saddest day in campus, hmmmm…….another disappointment……

To Be Continued…