Must Read Story: Every Disappointment Is A Blessing Episode 11


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​Paul drove her to the eatery along yaba road they sat and they both ordered for what to eat, jenny asked paul about his family, paul told her he was single at that moment thought he wasn’t seeing anybody because he just want to finish his masters before he could think of anything like that, then he also asked jenny about hers, jenny told him she was seeing someone in school the same dept but the relationship was kinda of complicated because he doesn’t have her time.

From there paul checked his time and guess it was time for him to return to office he then drove jenny to her home because she wouldn’t be sleeping over in school because she needs to see her dad on some money issue.

When zeus got home he called jenny to ask her where about because he didn’t see her and her phone was switched off, she said immediately she finish she has to go home to do some things.

They spoke about the test and did their lovely things but zeus was shocked because he noticed the way jenny was speaking with him she wasn’t like the jenny he used to know things has become to change and its coming complicated even zeus was really worried but he took patience maybe she had a bad day or she did not do well in her test.

The next thing jenny said was she wanted to rest that she was tired and need little space that she would called zeus once she is through.

Zeus told seun what has been happening as a friend, he just told him to exercise patience and give her time maybe she is going through some difficulty and needed little time to get her self, but he wasn’t okay with the answer so he decided to ask her what was going on when next they meet.

Evening was approaching and the semester about coming to a close guys need to jack so the pair went to there usual reading spot but zeus wasn’t concentrating because his mind was really divided.

He was just asking himself “hope its not what am thinking, but I have no offence”…….would it be???

it was a week to exam as usual the school was hot, all library were full, even the tutorial centres too weren’t left behind, reading! Reading! Aand studying.

Jenny and paul are beginning to come closer and their friendship become tighter being od friends things has been going smooth, as the big girl in which she was she cared a bit less about her exams due to the level and the sorting out with lecturers.

So she is always on the spot with paul. The exam week came and zeus and seun went to the exam centre to do the deal there they met with jenny, she greeted them both, and talked about little discussion, then zeus told her that he would loved to have talks with her after the exam which she agreed.

They went the exam was ok and normal, zeus wrote well hoping to get the best. Paul as usual after the normal day waited for her to finish up her exam under a tree as soon as she was through she went out side to her surprise she saw paul.

She was about to leave when she heard her name turning around it was zeus, he came closer greeted paul in a warm hand shake then ask jenny about the meeting then she said she wouldn’t be able to see him for that day theat she call him and maybe the next day after papper they would hook up and talk.

Befor he could say a word jenny has entered paul car and zoom they bloted away. This brought zeus into serious confusion about the whole scenario of whats happening if he wasn’t dreaming or whats is happening, then he waited for seun in an enclosure near his department so they could go to their normal eating spot and eat out then he can update seun on the latest happenings.

He sat pondering about what he has been going through, thinking of what he might have done to jenny to get this kind of treatment because he wasn’t sure if he has done anything that bad to her to get maltreated that way, he got a tap at his back this tap arosed his senses from the thinking world in which he was.

Seun was shocked at the mood he met zeus, he asked him then zeus tod him everything all seun could utter was he should just calm down face his exam then after the exam he would sort it out with dinner.

Feeling relief the two went a fast food restaurant to eat on getting their, he sighted something shocking which made him almost lost his balance.

The he tapped seun to look towards the direction, which he did with a face of surprised he couldn’t believe his eyes as he wanted to shout.

To Be Continued…