Must Read Story: Every Disappointment Is A Blessing Episode 1


​Smuggling with the bed just very early in the morning as other children do, the next thing i heard was a slap on my back, then a shout followed Zeus do you want to be late for school, then i realised its mum waking me up because i just changed to a new school and it was a new neighbourhood we just relocated there, i hurriedly jumped up went to fetch water and had my bath dried my self up, then i just entered ss1 class, wore my white and black uniform with black belt and black sandal. its my first day at school so i ought give in first impression, i hurriedly ate the flakes prepared for me by mum and got set for school then mum followed me to school being my first day at school*********************

************am zeus as you know a little boy of 14 just entered a new school so this my story of how my experience was i am the son of mr and mrs Joshua, my dad is a retired soldier while my mum has her own business in which she sells goodies but she never allows me to come to church am the last born of the family, so probably baby of the house thats me for you**********

As we got into the school all the student are on the assembly ground then a teacher was addressing them then we went straight to the vice principals office i sat at the reception alongside two other student which i learnt are also in d same class as i am, after much talk with the v.p mum came out and handed me over to the v.p, then the v.p tookme to my class i was in ss1c, a commercial class alongside one of the student i met earlier which was a girl which i latter learnt her name was Ifeoluwa.

After little while no one came to the class to teach us except a woman mrs akinbusuyi the councillor who can to brief us a bit about our school afterwards bell ranged for break mi didn’t go out i remained in the class with other student which seemed to be busy discussing amongst their self after a while i heard ssome said come share with me i loked back saw ifeoluwa she was angelic and her eye balls was as clear as crystal, then she had a nice shaped eyebrow and she was ever smiling as she handed me a bottle of coke and eggroll i was shy have never had such encounter before i shrugged amd said thank you then i collectd we ate and then started talking that was my first friend then i was practically her first friend too…………………latter on i met ayo and efe my two friends whom i learnt we stayed in the same neighbour hood together

It was 2pm and the bell rang for closing i took my bag and went to the bustop lots of student were on the road lafffing and playing then i saw a tap on my shoulder it was ifeoluwa, then she said she was going towards games road but no bus and i am also going towards that road. So i suggested we go together then we trecked together and started talking abot things we see on the road and laffing that was how the first day looked like, when i got home met mum i told her what happened first day at school she made me eba and okra soup i ate and went outside to meet my friends then thaught about how school went and prepared for the nex day.

Next day at school went normal there we met some of our teachers including some new coppers who are there as assistant teachers, then around 8:40 am a tall hefty man walked in and told us he would be taking us commerce being a commercial class, then he wrote his name on the board, his name was mr mark, he thought us about different things but its just under introduction to commerce, ifeoluwa on the other hand was enjoying the the lectures but it was a bit boring for me so i was feeling sleepy at the long run i dosed off and the teacher wokedm me up and ask me to go to the back and start jumping everybody was making jest of me i felt a bit embarrassed but i did it….

During break i sat under a tree ifeoluwa came with a girl named Cynthia it was her friend a new friend then she called a name mr jonah i never knew she was calling me until i looked back and saw she was calling me then i asked her why the name she said because i was sleeping during class we all laughed then my other two friends joined and we walked back to class.

The bell rang for closing then i waited for ifeoluwa which we trekked home together and we gisted alot, then after a while she held my hands then we looked at each other that was the first time i would ever have such encounter i felt some how far from my self and then i realised i wasn’t my self any more then she smiled and what brought me back to life was the splash of water a car splashed on my sandals then i was like wtf!!!! I got home did the normal procedures then sat to eat my food but the recollection of the moment i just had couple of minutes ago with ifeoluwa just made me lost my appetite then i ate my food and i was full, went into my bed room layed on my bed mere staring at the ceiling the i realised what just happened mehn i think a already having crush on her, the fantasies and everything made me slept off. Then woke up in the night checked the time it was 10 pm then i took my book glanced through what we did the previous day, and read the next topic because we were giving scheme of work after wards i went back to bed…..

The next morning i went to school early enough we did the assembly then to the class, the first subject we had was mr mark commerce, he has few questions about last class which others did answer, then he jumped into a new topic before i new i started dosing but was cotrolling my self then he npointed at me and asked question about what he was presently teaching and it was exactly what i read, all the class were laffin and calling jonah the fish then from no where i just had this inspiration and i explained both what he taught and what he was about to teach that hasn’t mentioned then the whole clas went into silence as every body was like awww even the teacher couldn’t believe his ears and told the class to gimme a very resoundful round of applause which they did, i was feeling like a king since theni was lord of the class and even popular amogst my peers…

After the close of school i was on the way to the gate when two girls greeted me one was aishat the other was mary, then i replied they asked if we could go home together i said no problem as soon as we were on our way then i tactically waited for ifeoluwa but she wasn’t a vailable i was curious she disappeared after school hours well i stared going with the girls when i sighted someone waving at me from a afar then i went towards the person it was her the girls greeted her then the way she answered them was kinda weird and she was looking some how then she said mr professor have fun with your new friends we see tomorrow nd she started walking as fast s she could i couldn’t comprehend what was happening i just composed my self as a gentle man and wlked home with the other girls but something was bothering my mind about this girl called ifeoluwa…..what could that be that is wrong with her??????

To Be Continued…

Written by lord zeus 58E8C1AC/whatsapp 08098062492.