I Married My Lover Despite Her Health Issues, Today She Is The Strongest Woman On Earth


I wish to write about my relationship start up with my wife someday.

I saw her, I love what I saw and I went for her.

After things started getting serious and beautiful. I planned a move to surprise her and had told her to meet me at a quite place. I was going to propose to her. Before then I had the conviction that she is the one. It was in the night.

Not long she showed up, there were so much of ‘beautiful exchanges’ while we continue to get along, she decided to head up first, I was so interested to hear her talk about things. The love was new!

My heart discontinued when she broke it to me that she was an asthmatic person and not only that, she was always having this frequent chronic stomach pain that had lasted for 7 years. I remained numbed while she tried telling all, my eyes went blur. Those unwanted water busted to made it so. I could not hide my feelings, she told me she was sorry. “Don’t be” I replied. Apparently, she must have seen my love for her burning right inside my eyes. Our meeting had to be discontinued, it was an unpleasant news to deal with. Something inside me said it won’t work. She is going to be a liability. She left first without saying goodbye. That walk home was the longest ever. I cried like a scrawny. That was March 12, 2012.

I prayed about it. I’m not that kind of spiritual holy brother. I only told God why he had allowed me to love someone this much just to make me feel hurt. It was more of ‘charge-prayer’ than a plea. As it is written: God is love, love is God! If it be so, then let love lead

In the morning around 6am, I’d walked about 300m to her place. she woke up to my marriage proposal. One of this days, I will share everything I said to her. It was a “YES” I took it upon myself to come over fear, it was my toughest, greatest and forever the best decision I had taken ever.

She lived with it ( we both lived with it) and i saw it as part of my new life. Not a few who also will read this that rally round for us know what I’m talking about. It was always an unpleasant experience. We got married 2015 Jan 7th after a long wait. Late that year I went to serve in Abia state when I suddenly remember my wife’s health situation having seen someone losing her breath during a March-past. I made a call right away to check on her, and also having failed to ask for while concerning her health and when last she had experience the asthmatic attack. Her reply was beyond belief, she told me the last time she had both the chronic stomach pain and the asthmatic attack was days before our wedding. As at then when I asked, it was 10 months. That is, she didn’t experience any of the pains for 10months.
As I write, it’s 3years and its all gone. Gone forever!
There were somethings she was restricted not to do, not to eat.. That is not the same any longer. Things have changed. And I love it now when she fry me plantain, she couldn’t do that before! It was our first miracle after wedding. Love healed us. God who is also love changed her story.

You see, Those things which are yours, do not lose. People may not look so good, who knows you may be the missing puzzle needed to make their life complete.

Thank you for reading!

Oluwanishola Akeju