How to verify that your Tecno Smartphone is genuine


How to verify that your Tecno Smartphone is genuine

One of the worst thing that can happen to anyone of us today is buying a fake smartphone at the price of a genuine one (some people purposely buy fakes). Here is a post that is going to give you the step by step guide on how to verify if that Tecno Mobile is genuine or not.

There are so many ways we buy phones nowadays and we are now more vulnerable to meet fraudulent phone sellers. Fake phones might be hard to tell as they come in the same shape and look as the original.

Here is a spoiler alert for those who are used to selling fake Tecno phones as we are going to reveal the easiest way to tell if the phone is original or not.

Step by Step Guide on How To Check If That Tecno Phone is Genuine Or Not

1. Access the [http://gc.tecno-mobile.com/ Genuine Phone Check website by Tecno Mobile].

2. Get your phone’s IMEI number and VC number.
Submit to get the results.

3. Open the Genuine Check Tool

4. Enter the SN number for your battery

5. Submit and wait for out comes.

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