Facebook introduces reactions and mentions in Messenger app


Facebook introduces reactions and mentions in Messenger

Facebook introduced “Reactions” on the Facebook app and website late 2015 and now this awesome feature which am sure you enjoy using is now set to be available on Messenger App.

So when someone sends you a really cool message and you want to show that you like it you don’t need to search for a smiley again just long press the message bubble and select the preferred reation.

Well thats not all, Facebook have come up with another amazing feature for the Messenger app and it is the “mentions” function from Facebook itself. So how does this feature work.

To mention someone, type the “@” symbol or start typing the first few letters of the name or nickname of the person you want to notify and select them from the list. He or she then will receive a notification that lets them know they were called out.

Facebook have already began to roll out this features and it is going to be available globally in the coming days.