Beware!!! Top 7 Ways To Identify A Yahoo Plus Guy This Festive Season


Here are top 7 ways you can identify a Yahoo Plus guy this Christmas and festive season. This tips are to keep you safe from this guys, especially the ladies.

We at Fabinfos love all our readers and won’t want to see any of our readers or visitor run into trouble this season. So we have compiled this list for all to stay safe. Check them out below.

Top 7 ways to identify a Yahoo Plus Guy (Ritual Killer) this Christmas and Festive season

Yahoo Plus Guys are very wasteful: This guys drive the most expensive cars, make the loudest noise in the club, pop bottles like their lives depend on it. They compete with other guys in the club as well. The squander money on drinks, girls, expensive gadgets all in a bid to create a ‘rep for the street’ as they say.

Yahoo Plus Guys find it hard to give cash out: A typical yahoo boy can take you out spend money at clubs, parties, with his cliche of friends, but will never directly hand over cash to you. While you feel that your friend is rich and will of course ‘settle’ you from his ‘money’ since he is the big spender at this period, you will be surprised to notice that he will not want to dole out the cash and hand it over to YOU! The moment you realize this when you are out with your friends, then you warning signals should be up and about. You are hanging out with yahoo boys!

Yahoo Plus Guys always move around with ladies: When they move around town, they move with girls of all kinds and stature. A right thinking, hard working legit hustler will not pack girls around as if their lives depend on it, but when you see a lot of girls around guys this way, then you should be aware of who and what you are dealing with.

Run when they mention Baba, cause Yahoo Plus Guys always do so: The moment you have your rich friend always calling Baba, you better run for your life. They always do the Ha Baba, E kasan Sir, Maa wa yirin after Christmas. Calling in and out, asking questions, seeking clarifications. Developing a serious outlook when on call when the Baba is not the father or family. Be warned, you might just be gliding towards being used this Christmas period.

Most Yahoo Plus Guys live large yet their parents suffer: The moment you compare the extravagant lifestyle of your friend to that of his parents and you see a wide gap, my dear, run for your life. Yahoo Plus guys drives the latest Range Rover in town, yet the father jumps taxis and buses everywhere. Lives in a tastefully furnished duplex while the parents manages a 2-two room in a ‘Face me I slap you’ apartment.

They always flaunt on Social Media: Yahoo boys generally love to show off on social media. You will hardly see an hardworking individual flash carats of gold, show you the different cars he has bought or the expensive wine he poured on some girl at a club in town on social media. This is another red light you need to take note of.

They have the I’d rather die than go broke mentality:Yahoo Plus Guys live the fast life. Fast money, fast cars, fast food, fast drinks, fast everything. They usually have this word hanging around their mouths, ‘get rich or die trying’ ‘I will rather go meet papa God before I go broke’. This is the deal breaker for you. As soon as you hear your friends mentioning these quotes or living their lives the fast way, then you need to turn your warning signals up. You are wining and dining with the devil!

There you have it on this post “Beware!!! Top 7 Ways To Identify A Yahoo Plus Guy This Festive Season.” I hope you found this helpful.