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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

What To Do When The One You Love Doesn’t Love You Back

There is nothing that can be more painful than when you are deeply in love with someone and that person doesn't love you back. It hurts and sure leave you sore. An Un-reciprocated love leaves you Lovelorn, sad, angry, bitter, seeking revenge, emotional distress and lots more. But you have not much to worry about again as we bring to you the things you can do when you happen to find yourself in this unwanted situation.

The first thing you need to do is come to terms with this rejection. You not accepting the fact that your proposed partner is not in love with you can lead to continued pain and distress so the No. 1 thing to do is accept rejection and move on. Its not a thing about looks or finances, love is an emotional thing and humans are not robots so such things happen. Even good looking and rich men and women experience this sort of rejection from time to time. So it is normal.

Secondly, how do you react to rejection, do you sulk for days on it or move on. Well the No. 2 thing to do is have the best reaction. Don't look down on life cause your love was unreciprocated. Move on, smile and be yourself. That's the next best thing to do.

Next is for you to love yourself. Am not saying you become a Narcist. No, but honestly you should love no one more than yourself. The number three thing to do after your love is not returned (as Shakespeare said) is Focus more on yourself. See what makes you awesome, accept who you are, do what you are good at and surely another love is going to come knocking soon.

Life is for the living so keep living your life no matter the rejection you are facing currently.

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