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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Romance Story: Beyond All Reasonable Doubts Episode 6 (18++)

Here is yet another s•x story (romance story) for you to enjoy. This story was written by Dan Chucks. Read All Episodes Here

Too good for a boy! But wait a minute….are you done already Danny? You were almost driving me to orgasm, why would you stop now baby! And….what is that hard thing I feel on my vulva? Danny? What are you trying to do Danny? I think I feel Danny’s big 5inch Joystick on my little tight dripping VG! But good boys don’t put their d•cks in p•ssies Danny? Or maybe you are only going to play around the tip. Yes! Danny was only going to play around the tip of my soaking VG! There was nothing wrong with rubbing your Joystick on my VG Danny. In fact, there was nothing wrong with inserting just a very very very very very litttttttttttttttllllllllleeeeeeeeeeee tip of your bubbly Joystick knob into my hole! There was nothing wrong with that Danny. You have proven to be a good boy beyond all reasonable doubts and I don’t mind you doing that!

Oh Danny! Danny’s Joystick is penetrating my gooey VG! Danny your Joystick is sooo big! And my VG is soo stretched! But Danny, you shouldn’t go in too much, as that will make you a dirty ugly boy! You should just allow a little bit of it to get into my VG! Oh…that feels sooo good! Okay Danny…you can just add a little more! Don’t allow it to go beyond half your Joystick Danny! This feels so sweet! I thought you hadn’t had s•x before Danny unlike myself? But how come you know all these? You are so good with this and I think you are an expert! Oh…I love how you are now gently Bleeping me! Or should I say, I love how you are gently playing with me. You are not Bleeping me yet Danny and you won’t. Bleeping me will make you a dirty boy and myself, a spoilt girl! We are only playing Danny! Oh…continue doing so Danny! I can feel my fluid running down unto you shaft as it goes in and out of my Kittycat! But I am happy we are not Bleeping Danny! I want you to remain a good boy! And…please can you bring your Joystick a bit more inside of me? I think it will make you a lot more comfortable! I also think my Kittycat will love it if it swallows your entire tool each time you fuc…k…oh…I mean played with me! We are not Bleeping Danny. Always remember that!

Episode 7 Soon

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