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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Romance Story: Beyond All Reasonable Doubts Episode 7 (18++)

This story was written by Dan Chucks. Read All Episodes Here. This is the Final Episode.

Make it harder baby! Take your strokes faster as I feel my climax building up! Play that VG real good! I love as you have pulled my head behind through my hair while you take your strokes! You are really very good in what you do Danny! Oh…and it seems you are about to Pour! As your Joystick pulsates repeatedly now! Please Danny, I want you to Pour on my face! Pull out that big fat Joystick of yours from my VG and Pour on my face! Thinking it, is making me Pour! OH!!!….I AM CUMMMMING DANNY!! Can you feel my juices pouring in loads onto your Joystick!! Oh Danny!! You made me Pour!! And it seems like you are going to Pour soon too! You have really pleased me Danny! Just like the good boy you are!

Awww Danny! You have now poured your sticky spunk on my face after bringing out your Joystick from my VG! i love how it feels on my skin as it travels down into my mouth! It was a really long play experience! And I cannot wait for the day you will eventually F••K me Danny!

That should be on our wedding night! I hope you will love to marry me Danny? Because mum would love to see you! I know she would! As you have proven you are not a dirty ugly boy who f••ks girls, after all. And you have proven so, beyond all reasonable doubts!

The End

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