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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Nigerian Navy Ranks And Salary Structure

Here is a post that gives you the complete and accurate details on the Ranks and Salary Structure of the Nigerian Navy. A lot of people ponder on how much Nigerian Naval officers earn per month. This is an article that is going to give you just that and also the full Ranks in the Nigerian Navy at present.

The full information on the salary structure of the Nigerian Navy is really scarce online but we have made it easy for you by compiling the earnings of Naval officers in the country.

This post is targeted to inform those who are hopeful to be recruited by the Nigerian Navy any time soon and would like to know more about their potential earnings. Though people who simply want to have information about the earnings of Naval officers in Nigeria are also going to find this post helpful.

Ranks In The Nigerian Navy

Before we head into the detailed salary structure of the Nigerian Navy we would first look into the Ranks in the Navy. We are going to begin with the lowest ranked office before moving up to the Highest ranked Naval officer in Nigeria.

• Trainee
• Ordinary Seaman
• Seaman
• Able Seaman
• Leading Seaman
• Petty Officer
• Warrant Officer
• Master Warrant Officer
• Cadet (Trainee)
• Navy warrant Officer
• Midshipman
• Sub Lieutenant
• Lieutenant
• Lt Commander
• Commander
• Captain
• Commodore
• Rear Admiral
• Vice-Admiral
• Admiral

Salary Structure Of The Nigerian Navy

So now that we have gotten full details on the Ranks of Naval officers in Nigeria, its time to move on to the second part of this post. The salary structure of the Nigerian Navy is based on the Consolidate Armed Forces Salary Structure CONAFSS for Nigerian Military. Let me explain what that means. The CONAFSS is a laid out salary structure for the Nigerian Military, this means that the same structure for the Navy, Army and Air Force. The salary structure is based on the rank of an officer and officers with equivalent ranks across the Nigerian Military earn the same amount at the end of the month. Though you might not be able to easily track that as the ranks are given unique names in each force. For example the top Ranked Army in Nigeria is called GENERAL, while the top Ranked Naval officer is called ADMIRAL. You don't have to worry about all that though as we have setup the salary structure of the Nigerian Navy below;

• Trainee gets N10,237 monthly salary

• Ordinary Seaman gets N53,892 monthly salary

• Seaman gets N55,832 monthly salary

• Able Seaman gets N58,634 monthly salary

• Leading Seaman gets N69,261 monthly salary

• Petty Officer gets N87,119 monthly salary

• Warrant Officer gets N101,974 monthly salary

• Master Warrant Officer gets N165,697 monthly salary

• Cadet (Trainee) gets N44,564 monthly salary

• Navy Warrant Officer gets N171,793 monthly salary

• Midshipman gets N187,159 monthly salary

• Sub Lieutenant gets N218,400 monthly salary

• Lieutenant gets N232,484 monthly salary

• Lt Commander gets N248,004 monthly salary

• Commander gets N342,586 monthly salary

• Captain gets N352,631 monthly salary

• Commodore gets N677,895 monthly salary

• Rear Admiral gets N1,376,343 monthly salary

• Vice Admiral gets N1,486,451 monthly salary

• Admiral gets N1,724,283 monthly salary

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That would be all for now as we have given you all you need to know about the Nigerian Navy Ranks And Salary Structure. Check back for more informative post on KikioTolu.

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