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Top 6 Major Reasons Why An Average Nigerian Wouldn’t Survive Without The Internet

What if we all woke up tomorrow morning only to find out there’s no internet?

How do you think Nigerians would survive and for how long? Prior to the internet regime, we did pretty well, but would that be so?

Here are 6 reasons why Nigerians wouldn’t survive long without it:

1. Banking
What will we do without internet and mobile banking? From GTB to UBA, nearly every bank in Naija has banking apps, ATMs, USSD codes and more that would stop working if there is no internet. I guess we’d go back to the days of keeping money in pots buried underneath our houses because someone cannot queue forever inside a bank to withdraw and deposit money.

2. Shopping
How will all the end of year sales from Jumia and co happen? Will we go to their warehouse? How will we even know they’re having a sale?

3. Communication
We live in an era where physical communication has been replaced with mobile communication. How will we share stuff happening in our lives with friends and family without the internet? It’s back to the NIPOST era!

4. Transportation
We were just getting used to Uber and co. No more cab service. Abi, which internet will you use to order Uber? You have to go to your junction and go price taxi (kabu kabu) like a caveman.

5. Gifts
With no internet, no more iPhone and Samsung phones as gifts. Guys are now free to buy clothes for those stingy Naija girls that will give you boxers and singlet while they wait for phones that can be used to buy land.

6. Recreational Activities
When was the last time you went to play football on the street? Usually, everyone is on their phones playing games like Pokemon Go, Candy Crush, Minion Rush etc. How will you download new games without the internet?

Fully convinced now?

2017 Future Global Leaders Undergraduate Scholarship At Coventry University.

Here is a scholarship opportunity for international students.

Coventry University, UK invites application for the Future Global Leaders Undergraduate Scholarships from International students who intends to pursue an undergraduate degree in the institution.

This scholarship is worth £10,000, £3,000 is paid annually and £1,000 will be awarded to students who go on to achieve a first class degree.


- Applicants must be International Students.

- Applicants must be self-funded students

- Applicants must have been offered a place to study at one of Coventry University’s full-time undergraduate courses.

- Applicants must hold at least two of three A-levels at grade A (or hold equivalent qualifications).

Application Process

Interested applicants should download and complete the scholarship application form

Completed forms should be sent alongside necessary documents to or
International Scholarships Team
International Office
Coventry University
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Application Deadline

The application deadline for this scholarship is on 30th November 2016 for January 2017 intake.

For more information visit the official page

My Sexcapades after NYSC where i ate, drank and smoked women like Garri 15

“what? Marriage?” i asked with a shiver. Jboy nodded saying nothing. “alright, cool i don’t mind nor care. Just do whatever necessary to get me out of here” i murmured with resignation.

“Are you sure about it?” he asked curiously, standing up. “just get me out of here” i answered with a frown. “very well then. I have to go bring Mary.

Just stay put, i’ll beg the officers to let you stay here and wait for me” he said, tapped my left shoulder and hurried out. I sighed as i watched him leave. “how on earth will i marry that old witch.

Hmmm well let me get out of here first” i reasoned with an evil smile. It really was a long wait as i eagerly waited for jboy to return. Thanks to the food he brought for me. My energy returned, giving me a chance to reason very well. It took him two hours to show up, two long hours it was. My eyes lightened up with relief as i saw him walk into the room with the lady i saw with Mary the previous day.

“where is Mary?” i anxiously asked Jboy who quickly shrugged, saying nothing. “i’m Mary’s elder sister. I’m here on her behalf against my wish” The pretty old lady said coldly. I breathed deeply, giving her full attention. “How could you?. Why do you guys with money think you can manipulate and defile every girl you see?. We might be poor but my sister is precious to me. Can you imagine the misery and agony you put her through with your murderous act?. She couldn’t believe her fears until she took three different tests which produced awful results. Everything is documented, we have given the police a copy, i guess you need yours” she poured out, fetching an envelope from her handbag. “madam please calm down. I know i erred but she shouldn’t have involved the police. We are lovers, planning to get married” i pleaded solemnly, but my plea infuriated her more. “shut up. Don’t just go there. If you guys are about getting married, why drug and kill the baby she’s carrying. A gift from God. A terrible sin in the eyes of God and Man, oh you will burn in hell” she shouted angrily, while Jboy cleverly held her hand, begging her to calm down. “remember what we discussed with Mary earlier?.

My friend is willing to proceed with the marriage formalities as soon as possible. Mary also agreed to drop the case because of it. Please let’s forget the past and do the right thing” Jboy pleaded.

“i don’t just know what came over Mary to give her consent to this rubbish marriage thing. Well let’s go meet the officer incharge of the case” she hissed, eyed me and left with Jboy who happily winked at me as they left.

I murmured quick prayers. “at last. Thank you God” i breathed. I couldn’t wait to get out of my nig…

…. Stay tuned to Episode 16

Sad: 28yrs Old Man Turns Teenage Girl To S*x Slave In Lagos

The police in Lagos have arrested a tricycle rider, Dada Azeez, for allegedly abducting a 15-year-old girl, Jumoke (other names withheld), and turning her into a s*x slave in Agege area of the state.

The suspect abducted the victim on October 5, while she was running an errand for her sister. He was said to have taken her to a single-room apartment where he s*xually assaulted her till October 21, when operatives of the Rapid Response Squad rescued the girl.

Her sister, one Mrs. Gbemisola, reported the case to the RRS, informing the police that the victim was abducted with a sum of N58,000 meant for her thrift contribution.

The suspect, after lodging in several locations to evade arrest, was reportedly nabbed on Oseni Street, in Danjuma Cinema area, Agege, with Jumoke in the apartment.

28yrs old Azeez confessed to the crime, saying he had been dating her since she was 14 years old.

He said, “We started having an affair about a year ago. But her sister frowned at the relationship. I was able to perpetrate the crime when her sister sent her on an errand on that Sunday. However, I didn’t know she was with any money. I just wanted to take her far away from her sister for not supporting our relationship.”

On his part, the teenage girl said the suspect deflowered and turned her to a s*x slave. She said, “He forced himself on me the very first day I visited him at his residence. Since then, he had been r*ping me without using a condom.

“He r*ped me everywhere and even at his friends’ place where he hid me for weeks. I succumbed to him because I couldn’t go back home.”

The state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, confirmed the incident, urging parents and guardians to monitor their children and the company they keep.

Nigerian Poetry: She Called Me Stupid by Jerry Joel

She smiled and called me “stupid”

But in the language of cupid,

I knew it meant “i love you”.

I knew, she knew

She was my sinew

Keeping me together like glue.

But stupid was a cue,

That she longed for a long kiss.

Stupid meant she was stupefied,

By a love that defied

Any known human logic

In the way science was defied by magic.

She called me “stupid” ,

my id stooped,

And there i stood

Admiring the quintessence of perfection,

Unable to move,

Like i just saw Medusa,

But what i saw,

Flawed the goddess Aphrodite.

She was indeed the deity of beauty.

She called me “stupid”

In a voice that irked Lucifer from envy,

So luciferous it was,

It stole the darkness from hell.

She called me “stupid”

And i knew i was going to be

Her only “stupid” forever.

Funny Story: My Disastrous Experience At An HIV-Test Center

Here is a funny story with image and video illustrations. All to keep you happy.
Enjoy. Cheers

1. I went to check my peng face in the mirror one morning and this was what I saw.

2. Hay God! There was one big koko on my left eye o!

3. Ah, this thing was painful and it wasn’t a boil o!

4. That’s how my mummy dragged me to the hospital.

5. The doctor was just shining one rubbish torch on my face anyhow!

6. After all the wahala, he said I had to do a minor eye surgery. But first, I had to do some blood tests

7. When I got to the center, the people that came for testing were just scabbashing o! Nobody wants to have HIV sha.

8. The nurse was just shaking her head when she saw me.

9. This was me when she was taking my blood.

10. When it was time to collect my result, the nurse was still shaking her head o!

11. She said, “small girl like you, you’ve started doing bad things”.

12. She now said “God saved you sha, next time don’t be opening ya legs anyhow”.

13. This was me after seeing ‘HIV Negative’ on the test result.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

My Sexcapades after NYSC where i ate, drank and smoked women like Garri 14

As chioma ran out of the station, i threw a look at the officer who was leading me to the cell and pleaded to him. “please i need just few minutes to talk to my friend” i begged. He hesitated a bit before shrugging in acceptance. Jboy quickly drew close, greeted the young policeman and faced me. His face coloured with emotion as he stared all over me. “dear me!. Chioma told me of your detention early this morning. C’mon just look at you?” he cried with deep feelings.

“please try and calm Chioma down for me. Tell her anything, fabricate any story. Just do your magic for me” i begged nervously. “Chioma isn’t a problem. Of course i’ll talk to her. But my major concern is getting you out of here. What do we do?” he asked seriously.

“You also have to talk to Mary. I can’t believe she went this far just to punish me. We could have settled things without involving the police. I just don’t know. But please find her.” i begged.

All my hopes were now on Jboy. He was the only person capable of helping me out. “Chioma brought food for you. Let me get it” he murmured with concern. “damn! you are wasting time. I don’t need food. Just go find Mary, i don’t want to spend another night here” i shouted, surprising him with my outburst. He shrugged and drew back. “very well then. I better be on my way” he said with a quick smile.

“Chioma is with my phone. Get it from her. I stored Mary’s number with “MARY CHURCH” i added as he quickly left to perform the duty i sent him to do.

I sat in my cell, anxious and prayerful. I couldn’t wait to leave the God forsaken place. All my hopes were on Jboy’s capabilities. I trusted him with all my heart. Each time an officer came forward to open the cell, I would stand hopefully, thinking he came for me. But Slowly night crept in, shattering my hopes. I was left with no doubt that i would spend another night in the miserable cell. The revelation left me scared, alarmed and fearful. I thought over many things, I was very hungry.

Mosquitoes were everywhere attacking my poor weak body. The smelling cell and weak noises from my cellmates couldn’t allow me think properly. Tears fell from my eyes as I remembered my job. I feared i could lose it if Mary’s issue wasn’t resolved fast. I thought over the senior officer’s demand.

One fucking million Naira. “were do i get such money?” i wondered. I truly had a lot at stake. Early the next morning, I was given the same special treatment as of the previous day. I was offered a cold bath and a new underwear.

Minutes later, i was taken to an empty room, close to the reception {office}. Jboy was there waiting for me. I heaved a high of relief and quickly sat next to him. “it was hard negotiating with Mary. The witch was bent on making you hang because she felt she lost you when she lost the baby. I tried my best, even offered her big money but she refused” he said quietly, dashing my hopes.

“but there is only one solution” he slowly added, stopping as if he was afraid to continue. “damn you, spit it out” i urged nervously. “MARRIAGE. I guess she will melt if you propose or give her a good marriage assurance. She want’s you or nothing.

MARRIAGE my dear friend. MARRIAGE” he slowly announced, while i choked.

…. Stay tuned to Episode 15

Funny: Compilation Of Jokes To Keep You Happy and Healthy

Here are jokes to keep that lovely smile on your face.

1. Why You Should Always Pay Attention

First year University of Ghana medical studentsy were attending their 1st Anatomy Class. They all gathered around the table and there was a real dead body on the table.
The Professor, Mwangi started the class by telling them two important qualities of a DOCTOR. He said, "The 1st is that never be DISGUSTED about anything in the body." For example, he inserted his FINGER in the dead body's ANUS & put the finger in his own mouth & TASTED it.
Then he told the students to do what he did. The students hesitated for several minutes, but eventually everyone inserted their fingers in the body's ANUS & tasted it. When everyone finished tasting their fingers, they were all Frowning...
Then the professor looked at them & said: "The most important 2nd Quality is "Observation". I inserted my MIDDLE finger but tasted the 2nd finger... Now learn to pay attention!!
"ALL the students fainted!!

2. Kitchen items

Teacher: mention 3 things dat can befound in d kitchen...
Ojo: pot
Teacher: good!
Amina: stove
Teacher: awesome!
Akpos: Aisha
Teacher: y Aisha?
Akpos: coz she belongs 2 d kitchen
Teacher: ar u sick?
Akpos: ask our president

3. Recession Joke

A teacher asked his students, 1+1=?
A student stood up and said 4.
A man passing by overheard the answer.
He shook his head and said to himself
"My God, Buhari will not kill us in this country. Every thing has increased, Transport fare, fuel price, nomination forms, WAEC, NECO, JAMB Form, Kero, Gass, Marriage, Beans, Tomatoes, Garri, Rice, Data, Even 1+1 that used to be 2 has now gone up to be 4!!!

4. Exam Palava

ME : Guy, the exam result are out letz go and see
GUY : Mhiz Lara Akinola pls check mine am with my dad can't go out right now..
ME : Aiit.
GUY : if itz bad text "Good morning", if itz really bad text "Good morning to u nd ur dad"


GUY : hw is it
ME : Good morning to u, ur family and to ur whole village

5. Heaven Joke
One day, Heaven suddenly became extremely full, and something had
to be done. So The Lord decided to have St. Peter wait at the gate
and ask everyone how they died. If it was a grisly story they told,
they could go ahead into Heaven. But if not, they had to go to Hell.
The first man walks up and St. Peter tells him what's happening.
"You see, Heaven is quite full today, and we have to ask everyone
how they died. If it sounds good, you can go ahead. But if not,
you go to Hell."
"Ok," the man says. "Well, for awhile I'd been suspecting my wife
of cheating on me. So today I thought I'd leave work early and
catch her. Sure enough, I got to my apartment and she was lying
Unclad on the bed. I ran all over the apartment searching for the
man but couldn't find him.
Then I remembered that we lived on the 25th floor of an apartment
building, and we have a balcony. And there was the man, hanging
off my balcony. I beat at his hands and he just wouldn't let go,
so I ran and got a hammer and beat his hands until he fell into
the bushes below. I saw he was still alive so I got the
refrigerator and pushed over the edge on top of him. But the
strain of the effort gave me a heart attack and I died.
"Wow!" St. Peter said. "That really is bad! You can go ahead..."
The next man walked up and St. Peter gave his spiel about Heaven
being full and the man would have to tell his story.
"Ok," the second man said. "So I live on the 26th floor of an
apartment building, and everyday I do exercises on my balcony.
Well, today I fell over the edge, but luckily I caught the railing
of the balcony below me."
"Suddenly, this man came running out and started beating at my
hands. He ran back inside and I thought I was safe, but then he
came back out with a hammer and beat my hands again. I finally
fell off, but luckily I landed in the bushes below and they saved
my life. But that wasn't enough for the man because he pushed his
refrigerator over the edge and it landed on me and killed me.
And now I'm here."
"Wow, that's a good one too! You can go ahead..."
The third man walked up and St. Peter again gave his spiel about
Heaven being full and the man would have to tell his story of how
he died.
"Ok," the third man said. "I don't know what happened. I was
hiding Unclad inside this refrigerator..

Let the fun continue you can add more jokes via the comment box

Download Video: Chelsea FC vs Manchester United 4-0 English Premier League 2016/ 2016 All Goals & Highlights

Download the complete video of the goals and highlights of Chelsea spectacular 4-0 victory over Manchester United at the Stamford Bridge.

Jose Mourinho's first return to the Stamford after his sack last year was an unhappy one as goals from Pedro, Cahill, Hazard and Kante sealed a remarkable victory for Chelsea over Manchester united.

The match started with a sign of things to come as Pedro got the first goal via a brilliant run in the opening minutes. The game settled afterwards and it seemed like Manchester united might be able to conjure something special but Cahill's goal in the 24th minute put the blues in a safer realm at the Half time.

The second half began and Manchester United continued to dominanting the proceeds. Paul Pogba who had seemed anonymous was brought to live by the inclusion of Mata but a fine goal from Eden Hazard sealed the points for Chelsea.

Kante also got himself on the score sheet after a fine movement in which he placed the ball neatly at the back of the net.

Download Video

My Sexcapades after NYSC where i ate, drank and smoked women like Garri 13

“what’s your own?” I angrily barked at the guy who punched me, closing my fists as i bravely faced him.

He breathed angrily, charging at me. I stood my ground, displaying no fear. His right fist soon caught my jaw, sending me backwards. I lost balance and staggered, my jaw furiously burning.

He threw out another punch which i managed to dodge before launching at him from the mid-section. I was no boxer nor fighter, and truly had no chance with him, if not for my instinct which pushed me into diving at him with a quick reflex.

Together we fell on the other cellmates who were enjoying the show. Surprisingly they all joined in the fight, kicking, punching and spitting at me, while i struggled like a wild animal to get up. Yea i was turned into an animal. A very wild one. So pathetic fighting with low-lives. A high class graduate like me.

The uproar the fight generated quickly drew the attention of the cops on duty, who earlier had ignored the noise. Two cops showed up, shouting and cursing. Seconds later, the fight was over. I was simply a mess, battered and dirty. I can’t recollect if i actually slept that night.

Very early the next day. I was called out of the cell by a tall fulani corporal and dragged to a very small bush at the back of the police station where a half bucket of water and a new set of underwear was waiting for me. I was surprised.

“your woman brought it this morning and paid us to treat you fine. She dropped a message” he said, giving me a piece of paper.

“hurry you have five minutes. Oga is waiting for you” he said and moved back to give me a little privacy. I quickly opened the folded paper, reading the note from Chioma.

“they said you nearly killed a girl but i don’t believe them. I gave them money to treat you well. I have to inform our colleagues at the office this morning. I Love you” she wrote.

I fought hard to hid my tears as i read the note over and over. .

Fifteen minutes later,

A.S.P Tunde’s office

The middle aged officer was busy with a file as i was brought into his office. He quickly dropped the file he was reading, stared at me for some seconds, drew back on his chair and folded his hands.

“MR Ken you are in real deep trouble. I hope you know you arn’t getting out of this place in a long time?” he slowly asked. Picking his words like a high court judge delivering a verdict. I instantly knew i was dead meat.

I couldn’t talk. I simply stared at him like a zombie. So many things were going through my mind that moment. I just was overwhelmed by the situation i found myself.

“I hope you are ready to tell me the whole truth. Tell me about the girl you drugged to remove her pregnancy. Start from the very beginning. You have an interesting case” The officer demanded with a calm smile on his face. I stared at him murderously.

“how could he be having so much fun over my dilemna?” i wondered miserably. I felt like smacking him but could do nothing than to swallow my anger speechlessly. Surprisingly my silence quickly provoked him.

“I don’t have all day boy. We already have enough evidence to nail you. I only wanted to hear your side of the story but it seems my good intention is being rebuffed. Your silence is a big insult to my uniform” he suddenly barked, hitting his table with his right fist. I panicked and drew back. I just couldn’t take control of the situation.

“you better start preparing yourself. I’ll personally make sure you hang. Vagabond. You will be heading to court in few hours” he threatened vehemently. My mind flew.

“oga it hasn’t come to that. I’m just confused over everything. I’m yet to get myself nor understand my crime. Your boys hijacked me from my home yesterday evening without any explanation” i begged quietly, but the officer wasn’t moved. All he did was to ask the corporal to take me away, but just that moment a female sergent brought Mary and another young Lady into the room, giving me another chance to plead my case. This time to Mary.

“Mary! Dear me, what are you doing to me?” I cried passionately.

She was my only hope. Yea she was behind my detention but I also was intelligent enough to know she had the power to stop the police from taking the case further. There wasn’t any need lying nor pretending anymore. All i wanted was just to be set free. Only a night at the police cell was an experience more deadly than hell. I couldn’t imagine surviving another night in there.

“Mary i Beg of you, let’s settle this at home” I cried hopefully.

But Unfortunately the look on her face was like that of a vampire, keen on sucking “Mary dear, don’t listen to him. He has to pay for what he did to you” the young lady with her broke in, messing up my pleas.

“send him back to his cell, will you” the officer quickly barked at the corporal who stared at us with confusion before dragging me out of the office.

I sat inside my cell, hopeless and extremely uncomfortable. I couldn’t breathe properly in the stinking cell nor even think clearly.

“what do i do know?, how did i get myself into this mess?” I wondered miserably. I thought of my job, thought of Chioma, thought about my life and the embarrassment awaiting me if Mary was to take the matter to court.

Tears fell from my eyes. I prayed for a miracle. I prayed for forgiveness. I just didn’t know what else to do.

Few hours later, i was dragged out of the cell and taken to the back of the police station where the officer handling my case was waiting for me. A stick of cigarette in his mouth.

“so are you now ready to co-operate?” he asked, studying me.

“i don’t understand sir. Is there a way you can help me?” i asked meekly.

“your case is a very interesting one. The evidence against you is pretty tight. Even a blind judge will convict you with it in few days. I hope you know it’s a murder case. Abortion is illegal in Nigeria” he summarized, sending my blood pressure very high with his words.

“I need help sir. Just make this case go away. I can’t start fighting a legal battle or anything. I just want everything to go away” i pleaded anxiously. He smiled with deep excitement. He finally had me where he wanted.

“tough man. You arn’t acting tough anymore. I see” he nodded.

“do you know why i brought you here?” he asked. I shook my head.

“because i want to help you. Anything we discuss here is unofficial. So can you provide a million Naira?” he asked quietly. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“one million Naira?, where on earth can i get such money?” i asked with disbelief.

“i don’t know. You have all day to think about it in your cell” he replied and walked away.

“where and how do i raise such money?” i wondered as i was led back to the cell. For unknown reasons, the officer instead of leading me through the back door, led me through the front where we had to pass through the reception desk, but i really paid no notice because i was busy thinking over my predicament. I only had four hundred and twenty five thousand naira in my bank account.

“you devil, did you actually do it? Gosh you are so disgusting” i suddenly heard Chioma’s voice scream {as i was led through the reception}. Looking up, i saw the visibly shaken girl with Jboy who tried so hard to compose himself.

I felt very bad. The little trust the poor girl had for me was gone.

… Stay tuned to Episode 14

Download Video: Manchester City vs Southampton 1-1 English Premier League 2016/ 2016 All Goals & Highlights

Download the video of the complete goals and basic highlights of Manchester City 1-1 entertaining draw with Southampton at the Etihad Stadium.

Southampton proved themselves to be no clear pushovers in the match as they grabbed the lead through a N.Redmond strike after a Stones error.

City got a deserved equaliser after Kelechi Ihenacho capped of a fine move with a brilliant finish. After the goal it was an end to end affair as both sides played for a winner.

Download Highlight

Police Officer Who Was Shot in the Head Rises From the Dead Minutes Before Burial (Photo)

A police boss who was shot dead has risen from the death by a miraculous fate, as many are still stunned at the development.

Doctors of the Suez Canal University Hospital in Egypt announced on Friday at two o’clock in the afternoon, the death of Maj. Mohammad Husseini, head of detectives at the Abu Suwayr police department. Husseini had been shot in the head during the prosecution of fugitives from the Mustaqbal prison in Ismailia.

At three o’clock, the time of the funeral was set to be 7 o’clock in the evening of the same day. His family was informed and all necessary measures were taken for the funeral.

At six o’clock from the same day, the coroner went in to inspect the body and write his report on the cause of death before handing the body to the family to proceed with the funeral. Once there, the coroner was surprised to see that the heart of Husseini is still beating and his brain is working. He rushed to inform security officials who were waiting outside to take the body.

The news made everybody happy though the case officer is still critical and unstable; however, he is still alive and they are all awaiting his recovery.

An Egyptian security official in Ismailia told Al Arabiya that Husseini was put on Intensive Care Unit machines hoping that he will recover.

Source; Al Arabiya

WEIRD: 12 Year Old Boy Marries His 11-year-old Cousin In Lavish Wedding

Here is another weird stuff that happened in Egypt and this one is causing a lot of outrage.

12-year-old boy will marry his cousin, 11, after the groom-to-be’s father gave the couple’s engagement his blessing, Mailonline reports.

While family and friends celebrated Nasser Hassan’s eldest son’s lavish wedding, the father decided to ‘double the joy’ in Egypt by announcing the engagement. Egyptian law prohibits marriages for anyone under 18 and the decision for Omar, 12, and Gharam, 11, to marry has sparked outrage among activists.

The father told Egypt’s Al Watan newspaper there was ‘nothing inappropriate’ about the couple, adding that it was only ‘an engagement, not a marriage’. The wedding of the older brother was held 75 miles north of Cairo, and when the announcement was made, guests didn’t bat an eyelid, according to the Washington Post.

But photos of the young couple were published in local media which were met with anger. Reda Eldanbouki, the head of the Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling, reported the incident to government agency the National Center for Childhood and Motherhood.

He also filed a complaint with the attorney general to investigate the incident and hold the parents accountable for this ‘crime,’ he said, adding: ‘will only lead to an early marriage in which the girl will be deprived of equal chances to education, growth, and will isolate her from social spheres.’ .

Omar’s father brushed off any criticism, and said he ‘is a free man and did nothing wrong’. He said: “Omar has always loved Gharam so much that he used to say he will marry her when they grow up before any other man asks for her hand in marriage when she is older.

They will get married when they reach the legal age.” He said both children acted ‘beyond their years’ and had ‘strong feelings for each other’ through Facebook and other social media and ‘wanted to get engaged’.

My Sexcapades after NYSC where i ate, drank and smoked women like Garri 12

Before i could get myself to say something, I was dragged and thrown into a waiting police van, while chioma pleaded to them to let me be. It was very sickening finding myself in such terrible, bitter situation. My guilty conscience never allowed me say something reasonable.

Chioma was the person who did all the talking, begging and screaming at the officers to let me be. “for God’s sake, leave the poor man alone. I beg of you. He is a respectable gentleman. He can come to your station on his own” she pleaded as they threw me at the back of their van.

“Do you wish to go with us?. That’s the only way we can help. We are simply carrying out orders” one of them said to her. She looked at me, breathed Deeply with tears melting her eyes, climbed into the back of the van and joined me. I couldn’t believe my eyes, i never knew she loved me that much. “you shouldn’t have” i managed to murmur. “don’t worry dear. I know you are a very innocent person. If i don’t stick with you at this moment, then where is the love. I’m your woman and it will always remain so” she said confidently.

I closed my eyes and prayed for the terrible nightmare to go away. “what if Mary is behind this outrageous police arrest?. How do i now keep things away from Chioma” i wondered miserably. We got to the almost empty police station at exactly 6:20pm. The lady corporal on desk quickly grabbed my I.D card which one of the officers who arrested me threw at her. She wrote down my name and some other details from it, while an ugly looking officer rudely undressed me. This time i weakly fought and resisted the cold treatment.

Chioma screamed with anger. “what the hell is going on?. I swear i will bring down this station with a team of lawyers tomorrow. This is insanity and abuse of my friend’s human rights” she barked at the police woman as i tried my possible best to avoid being undressed. “you can do whatever you want madam. We are only carrying out instructions” she replied Chioma, quickly taking record of my belongings which were handed over to her. Before i could argue once again, i found myself inside a Poorly lit cell. Holding the iron bar, backing and ignoring the seven guys inside, i shouted at the top of my voice begging to be released.

My behaviour seemed to have irritated my cellmates, because few seconds later, I felt a terrible thud at the back of my head which sent me turning to face my new Enemies. By the look on their faces i knew they were delighted and amused, ready to have fun with me. I knew a great beating awaited me, but wasn’t ready to yield without a fight.

… Stay tuned to Episode 13

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This is another lovely edition of your favorite TV series, SUPER STORY from Wale Adenuga Production titled "Stars and Scars".
Bobby Sniper was introduced as the rave of the moment in the music industry. Bobby and Cherise (his manager) seemed to be an item as they frequently exchanged kisses in the studio with his Producer Eskay and his goons present.

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