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The Depth of Addiction - A Love Story 78 & 79

I have never being confused and two minded about something in my life; not even when I’m guessing answer for an objective questions in any exam.

Me: (smiling) I have heard all what you have said, please give me sometime to think about it.

Chidinma: (nods affirmatively)

Me: so what are we doing today?

Chidinma: I dint prepare for lessons today. I hope you are going to give me a positive response?

Me: (smiling) yes… let us drift our mind off that for awhile.

Chidinma: okay… so what should we do or talk about?

Me: anything….

We chatted about movies but she still took her time to chip in her proposal; which I perfectly dodge and puts on hold. It’s almost 1pm. I suggested we walked down the road to get some food to eat. She seems very happy with the proposal.

Chidinma: (smiling) I’m hungry but you dint deem to compliment my dressing today

Me: (smiling) I’m sorry. It’s very beautiful. Even though you look like a geek in those skirt; you are still beautiful as ever.

Chidinma: (smiling) that’s why I’m falling madly in love with you? You know how to express yourself in words; even If it’s complimentary or not: you always package it in a nice way.

Me: (smiling) thank you! I’m just being me. It’s nothing.

We both laughed over it and I knew that Sarah and Adedoyin had said something like that. We went to the cafeteria. She ordered me to a seat and went to take our order. She came back with two full bowls of rice and fish.

Me: (smiling) how do you know what I wanted to eat?

Chidinma: (smiling) things have changed now Femi… I’m now your girlfriend and I have started taking care of you in the little way I can.

I just laughed but at the back of my mind, I knew it won’t work. This is what I’m trying to avoid. I don’t want people telling me what to do. I ate my food without saying anything but puts on a wonderful smile whenever we made eye contact.

We finished the meal and she went ahead and paid. She’s now a little bit free, unlike the morning. She laughed and jumped at any slight joke I made (funny or not). I’m happy that she’s getting over the whole issue. We were about getting to our house when we met Ruka. She seems dressed up for one of her shows or auditions. She greeted us and we reciprocated her greetings.
Ruka: (smiling) where are you guys coming from?

Me: (smiling) we went to eat down the street. Just going back home.

Ruka: I see… Chidinma, I hope Femi is not giving you any problem? He sure knows how to trouble someone.

Chidinma: (forcing a smile) no ooo.. he has been a good boy ever since I met him. Except for the incident that happened between you and Bidemi.

Ruka: (smiling) don’t mind my bad attitude that day. She started what she can’t finish.

Chidinma: (forcing a smile) it’s nothing.. I’m just making a joke.

Ruka: (smiling) I know…

I know that she’s not too happy chatting with Ruka. I just stood there and watched them as they talked. This is another Bidemi in the making. I thought as my mind drifted far from their conversation until Ruka called out my name.

Ruka: (smiling) Femi, you now have Bidemi to yourself now. You don’t call or invite me over again. Nawa for you oo

Me: (smiling) I have been very busy. My exam is fast approaching. I have started doing extra extra lessons with Chidinma now (looking at her)

Ruka: okay ooo… just find time for us too. At least, a call or two to say hello won’t kill you

Me (smiling and bowing down) as your lordship pleases.

We laughed and chatted for awhile . and as I have predicted; she said she’s going back an audition. She took her leave after making me promise to call her.

Chidinma and I walked quietly back into the house. She seems not happy with the way I chatted with Ruka (who cares). I went to the fridge; brought out two bottles of malt. I served her and she refuses to it. I went to sit at a corner of the living room and I sip down mine.


I looked at her and she would have guessed that I’m not getting along with her. She walked down to where I was and strikes a conversation.

Chidinma: it seems you don’t like me again?

Me: (looking at her) why would you think and say a thing like that?

Chidinma: you always say nice things to me and always persuaded me, if you offer me something and I rejected. Is it because I let you know how I feel about you?

Me: (mood swing) I’m sorry if I made you feel that way. You can have some of mine, if you want.

She gladly collected it and gulped down some of it. She sat very close to me. She asked me if she can come along with me tomorrow to anywhere I’m going.

Me: (smiling) don’t worry yourself… my uncle doesn’t welcome visitors, especially the beautiful female ones.

He will question you till you get angry.

Chidinma: (smiling) I can wait outside till when he’s through with you.

With that statement, I knew that she’s bent on going with me. I just insisted that she should not worry herself and quickly changed the topic.

Me: (smiling) it’s only for a day, we will surely see on thursday. I know how you are feeling and I will surely miss you too.

Chidinma: (giggles) what will you miss about me?

Me: (smiling) everything… your eyeballs… your sexyy hips…. your spotless laps…. above all, the way you teach.

Chidinma: (giggles and feeling shy) thank you Femi…

She leaned her head towards me, positioned it for a kiss. I stylishly dodged her lips as her lips landed on my cheek.
Chidinma: (low voice) I’m sorry.

Me: you don’t need to be. I just want us to take one step at a time. You are very special to me because no lady has ever asked me out before.

Chidinma: (giggles and looking shy) it’s getting late Femi, I should be on my way now.

She picked up her bag and headed towards the door. I looked at her from behind with mixed feelings; she is not really happy about the turn of events. I held back her by hand as she unlocked the door. Without much stress, I turned her around with my right hand lifting up her face by her chin. I planted a kiss on her lips. She reciprocated. I could sensed that she’s shaking and I tried looking into her eyes while still kissing her; her eyes were closed. We kissed for a minute or two before I gently pushed her back. We were both panting for air as we stared into each others eyeballs.

Me: (smiling) thank you

Chidinma: (just nodded affirmatively)

She opened the door and I saw her off to the gate. She pleaded that I call her often tomorrow as she took a bike to her house.

I’m now left alone without having much ado, I connected a call to Motunrayo and she picked almost at the second beep.

Motunrayo: (voice excited) good evening Femi. I presumed that you are through with your lessons?

Me: (smiling) yes, called you as soon as my tutor left. Hope you are doing good today?

Motunrayo: yes… I’m okay and you?

Me: never would have been better… hope our date us still on?

Motunrayo: yes, that’s if you don’t have anything to make you change your mind again

Me: I hope not because I can’t wait to see your lovely smile and face.

Motunrayo: me too, I really miss you.

To Be Continued…

Top 10 Richest Nollywood Actors in Nigeria

Do you know the top ten richest Nollywood actors in Nigeria? Well if you don't you are just on the right page to get the details and list of the top 10 richest Nollywood actors in Nigeria.

 We know that most Nollywood actors and actresses in the industry are just doing what they know how to do best and not a lot of them make as much money as you would expect. There are some certain individuals I will say are the crème of the entertainment industry especially the actors. So below is the list:

10. John Okafor (Mr Ibu): This amusing man is among the top ten richest Nollywood actors and he also doubles as a comedian. He is a very interesting character to watch always due to his humorous nature, making his movies to always be in high demand in the industry.

9. Nonso Diobi: He is one of the Nigerian actors that have featured in a large number of movies. He is a talented actor and repeatedly shows in his movies that he has mastered his roles and lifestyle. Nonso has quietly carved out a name for himself in the Nollywood and definitely deserves to be on this list of top ten richest actors.

8. Mike Ezuruonye: Mike is a purposeful, gifted and dedicated personality. He is a great success in the entertainment industry and is definitely worth mentioning among the top ten actors.

7. Desmond Elliot: This man is fast becoming a household name in the Nollywood and as he has done several successful soap operas and TV shows over the years. He is also involved in the movie production as actor. Generally, he maked most of his earnings especially from adverts, and endorsement from reputable companies

6. Ramsey Nouah: This is another popular name. This talented actor loves featuring in romantic films and has since carved out a name for himself in the Nollywood. As an actor, he makes his money by acting and through endorsements.

5. Osita Iheme (Pawpaw): Osita Iheme is is popularly known as paw-paw since he acted the film Aki Na paw-paw alongside Chinedu Ikedieze which was a huge success. He has won numerous movie awards over the years and he is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry.

4. Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki): A close friend of Osita Iheme. Chnedu Ikedieze also became popular after the movie he did with him. Aki makes his money by acting and endorsement deals.

3. Nkem Owoh (Osufia): This is another household name in the Nollywood as more people familiar with the industry must have heard about him. Nkem Owoh gained massive popularity due to his lead role in the movie Osuofia in London. Osofia has a striking humorous nature and he is a well gifted you would always enjoy watching. He is among the top 10 Nollywood actors in Nigeria today.

2. Jim Iyke: This talented, popular and purposeful actor has won so many awards to his credit. Jim Iyke has grown and excelled in the Nollywood over the years. He makes a lot of money by acting, endorsement deals and his private businesses. Some of his notable awards include-African Achievement Award, Best Actor in Nigerian Entertainment, best actor of the year 2010.

1. Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD): This well known and hardworking actor is popularly known as RMD. He has been a regular figure in the Nollywood for quite some time. He makes a lot of money from the Nigerian movie industry and as gotten numerous notable awards for himself. RMD is a not just an actor but also a politician. After he joined politics he was appointed as commissioner of culture and tourism in Delta State.

7 Clear Signs You’re Ready for Marriage

7 Clear Signs You’re Ready for Marriage  

The big question if one is Ready For Marriage keeps reoccurring and most people do not have an easy and direct answer to this question. Though you would need to know that there are some noticeable signs which can help one get a concluding answer. Marriage is not a bed of roses as many people imagine and it is a life long experience full of its own highs and lows making it is a very bold step for you to say Yes to that special someone in your life.
In this post we will be discussing the 7 signs that shows you are ready for marriage.

1. You Decide to Focus Only on One Person: This is quite different for everybody but switching gears and lanes from one individual to another can be very exhausting as relationships take a lot of time and energy. So when you finally decide you are fed up of jumping from one person to another and decide to give one person your undivided attention, this is a clear sign that you are ready to focus only on one person and is the number one sign you are now getting serious about a relationship and ready for marriage.

2. You Are Happy With That Person: When a person finds true happiness, it is extremely hard to hide from people around you as your facial expression and body language can show numerous signs that you are happy. When you discover that you are always happy around that special someone then it is a good sign you are not in for just any relationship but that person impacts positively into your life. And someone who make you happy would surely make a good life partner.

3. You Are Nervous About Committing to Marriage: Commitment is never a easy thing to give no matter the level, even when you tick all the check boxes of this list you might still get nervous about committing your life and future to that one person. This can be seen as a good sign as it also shows you care and you do not want to disappoint that special one.

4. You Have Gained Knowledge to Sail Through the Bumps: Arguments and disagreements are statics in every relationship and they are sometimes healthy. So when you develop the skills or ability to resolve this issues without any sign of aggression then you are ready to face the storm when you finally commit the your life to that special one person.

5. Life With Your Partner is Better Than Without: When you are in a long term relationship you should be able to tell if that person is making a positive or negative impact on your life. On the long run if you realize you handle difficult times, or make better decisions with your partner then it is a good sign that you two are good for each other and ready for marriage.

6. You Can Sit in Silence Together: This is a bit awkward but it happens a lot of times. Sometimes we meet with a friend or a colleague, and talk but at some point we run out of topics and there’s this silence that feels so awkward. This happens a lot but when you meet that person you can just lay back, do nothing, not even talking and yet still feels great  with then you guys are perfect fit for marriage.

7. You Have the Same Vision about Life: It’s very hard to make a relationship work when your visions on life and views about this are different and the both of you want different things out of it. This can make relationships though and marriage even thougher. When you find that someone who looks in the same direction as you, has the same life goals as you and works together with you to achieve the same things; then you should know it’s a sure sign that the person is suitable to be your marriage partner.

 Words by KikioTolu

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4: Review Specifications and Price In Nigeria

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is the latest in the Redmi series and is described by the maker as the thousand Yuan Flagship.The Xiaomi unique selling points of this phone is it's all metal build ,a USB Type-C port (the first in any Xiaomi Smartphone) ,a fingerprint scanner and an infrared sensor which places this smartphone amongst top smartphones for this year.

Design and display of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 
The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 adopts a similar design to most other recent  Redmi smartphones and comes with an all metal uni-body,a rear fingerprint , and  weighs only 175 grams. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 bosst of having a massive  5.5-inch full-HD (1080×1920 pixels), a 2.5D curved glass display. This lovely smartphone is powered by a Mediatek deca-core Helio X20 processor along with 2GB RAM/16GB ROM for the standard version and 3GB RAM/64GB ROM for a much higher variant. And tbw good news is the storage variants of this smartphone can be expanded  via a microSD card (up to 128GB).

Running on MIUI 8 based on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) out of the box you are sure to get one of the latest and best experience on an Android interface. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 comes fitted with a 13-megapixel rear camera with PDAF (phase detection autofocus) and f/2.0 aperture, 1080p  video ability , a 5-megapixel front facing camera with  Beauty 2.0, f/2.0 aperture and facial recognition.

Elsewhere , the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 supports  GPRS/ EDGE, 3G, 4G with VoLTE, Bluetooth, GPS,  Glonass  and fueled by  a non-removable 4100mAh battery.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 specifications

5.5-inch (1920 x 1080 pixels) Full HD 2.5D curved glass display, up to 72% NTSC color gamut, 1000:1 contrast ratio
  2.1GHz Deca-Core MediaTek Helio X20 processor with Mali-T880MP4 GPU
2GB RAM with 16GB storage / 3GB RAM with 64GB storage, expandable memory with microSD
MIUI 8 based on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
Hybrid Dual SIM (micro + nano/microSD)
13MP rear camera with PDAF, dual-tone LED Flash, f/2.0 aperture
5MP front-facing camera, f/2.0 aperture, 85-degree wide-angle lens
Fingerprint sensor, Infrared sensor
Dimensions: 151x76x8.35mm; Weight: 175g
4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS + GLONASS, USB Type-C
4000mAh (minimum) / 4100mAh (typical) battery.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is also a beauty to behold as the manufacturers produced the phone wit a Gold, Silver and Gray colors options. The  2GB RAM/16GB storage version is priced at 899 yuan (US$ 135 / Rs. 9060 approx.)  while the 3GB RAM/64GB storage version is priced at about 1199 yuan (US$ 180 / Rs. 12,080 approx.). The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 price in Nigeria is to range from N65,000- N75,000.

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How to Join Barcelona’s Football Academy(FCBEscola) in Lagos

The famous FC Barcelona Football Academy also known as FCBEscola is now in Lagos Nigeria and if you are a footballer between the ages of 6 and 18 years here is a great opportunity to join the football academy of one of the Best and Richest Football Clubs in the World.

FCBEscola is located in several countries around the globe where they teach young kids the Barca methodology which includes attacking and creative brand of football and also promote core footballing values such as teamwork, respect, ambition, effort and modesty. This is your real chance to see and learn how Barca’s DNA works and become a better footballer.

If you have been searching for how to join this amazing football academy then do take note that FCBEscola will begin trials by September 2016 and is currently selling registration forms. The registration forms can be purchased at the Teslim Balogun Stadium in Surulere, Lagos for just N13,500 (thirteen thousand, five hundred Naira). You can pay with either cash or with your ATM Card on the Point of Sale (POS) device.

You can also pay at any GTBank branch or via GTBank’s mobile app and to do so simply select the FCBEscola Lagos option under the customized deposit option in the mobile app.

After payment you should provide evidence of payment at the Teslim Balogun Stadium to collect your registration form.

Fill the form, provide necessary documents as stated in the registration form and collect your registration receipt.

The Schools would be located temporarily at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos.

Do note that the registration form is not an automatic admission to the Barcelona Football Academy (FCBEscola). It is to enable you participate in the trial session conducted for everyone that purchased the form where only the best would be selected and admitted into the academy.

So start working your socks off and get to training as this is a one time opportunity you have been searching for.
If you do have any question or comments about FCBEscola soccer school, do post it with the comment box below.

Mexican Government Scholarships Program for International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) invites foreign citizens to participate in the 2017 Mexican Government Scholarship Program (Merit Awards for International Students).

The Mexican Government Scholarships (Academic studies) for International Students is for those who are interested in studying for a specialization, master’s degree or doctorate, conducting graduate-level research, or taking part in an undergraduate or graduate-level academic mobility program in Mexico.

The scholarships are offered to more than 180 countries through a series of bilateral conventions, multilateral programs and special agreements. The scholarships of the Mexican Government present two programs: the scholarship for academic studies and the scholarship for special programs.

Candidate Profile:
Requirements for all applicants:
  • Bachelors, Master’s or Ph.D. degree, as required by the program for which the scholarship is requested.
  • Minimum grade point average of eight (8.0) on a scale of 0 to 10, or the equivalent, for the last academic degree received.
  • Be accepted to or currently enrolled in a program at one of the participating Mexican institutions.
Selection Criteria:
  • Academic excellence of the candidate in the intended area of study.
  • The intended field of study in Mexico is related to the applicant’s academic and job history.
  • The area of study is important to and has a direct impact on the development of the applicant’s country.
  • The program must relate to specific current or approved projects that have an impact on the development of the applicant’s country.
The final decision on the scholarships is made solely by the Mexican government.

Eligible groups
Citizens of more than 180 countries (from Africa, North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East, AND Non-self Governing Territories). See complete list of participating countries

Participating Institutions
More than 70 Mexican institutions of higher education (IES) participate and all offer academic programs registered with the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) in the National Program of Quality Graduate Degrees

Fields of study
Scholarships are for ALL COURSES of human endeavor at ALL LEVELS available at participating institutions (EXCEPT the following academic programs - business administration, plastic surgery, accounting, marketing, dentistry and advertising, and related areas.) Also, scholarships are not granted for direct Ph.D. programs (combined M.A. and Ph.D. programs), distance learning programs, open or online education.

Number of awards
Not specified, several scholarships will be granted

Sponsorship duration
The Scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis for a duration of up to:
  • Undergraduate and graduate academic mobility programs: One academic term (quarter, trimester or semester)
  • Postgraduate research and postdoctoral fellowships: 1 to 12 months (1 month minimum)
  • Specialization studies: 1 year
  • Masters degree studies: 2 years
  • Ph.D. studies: 3 years
  • Medical specialties and sub-specialties: 3 years

Scholarship benefits
The grant includes Monthly stipend, Registration fees and tuition (as established by the program at each institution), Health insurance, Round-trip international airfare at beginning and end of the scholarship, and Transportation from Mexico City to the host institution and back at the start and end of the scholarship (if studying outside of Mexico City.),

Method of Application
The admissions process of the Mexican institution and its letter of acceptance are independent of the scholarship program. Applicants are responsible for applying for admission directly to the academic program of interest. The applicant must present a nominating letter from his/her government for the scholarship application to be processed. Submission of an acceptance letter, a nominating letter and/or all of the required documents does not automatically result in a scholarship. Applicants must go through the scholarship selection process.

The entire scholarship application process must be done at the Mexican embassy in the applicant’s country or at the concurrent embassy. NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED DIRECTLY FROM THE APPLICANTS.

It is important to visit the official website (link to it is below) for complete information on how to apply for this scholarship.

Applications for the scholarship will be accepted from June 6 to September 23, 2016. Complete all required forms fully and correctly and submit all required documentation within the acceptance period for applications.

APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. Candidates will be informed of the results by the corresponding Mexican embassy or designated Mexican institution.

By offering Mexican government scholarships for international students, Mexico strengthens its role as an actor with global responsibility and renews its commitment to cooperation programs that help create highly skilled human capital. The presence in Mexico of international students, academics and scientists helps build permanent bridges of dialogue that enrich the long-term foreign policy agenda through contributions of exceptional value for the country and for its partners abroad. In addition, the Mexican institutions and the academic community benefit from the increased internationalization.

Application Deadline: 23 September 2016
Open to International Applicants: Yes

More Scholarship Information and Application (official Mexican Govt website)
More Scholarship Information and Application (English Call for Application - PDF)

Top 100 Most Influential Under-40 Africans 2016

Africa Youth Awards, one of the continent’s biggest honours for young achievers with annual participation from over 140 countries has announced its inaugural list of 100 Most Influential Young Africans.

The list which has representation from 27 African countries has a gender equity of 62 men and 38 women with the youngest being 14, considering the age limit of 40.

Selecting 10 of the most influential across 10 distinct categories, the number 100 represents the force of young people who are creating change and making sure it translates into making the lives of other people better.

The list which was compiled in consultation with a jury made up of young Africans based across the globe after weeks of public nomination represents hope for the continent and exhibits the potentials Africa has to become a global phenomenon.

On social media 87% of these young Africans are on Facebook with a combined following of 18,317,458 whiles 86% have 16,203,116 followers on twitter. (Data compiled on 15th July, 2016).

Prince Akpah, President of the organisation, reiterated the need for the continent to be inspired by its own success stories and hope the list will provide a great reference of motivation for most young people to take a step in creating a great future for themselves and Africa.

The list comes with a publication which features Profiles and other details of the 100 Most Influential Young Africans accessible for download on www.africayouthawards.org

Partners for the ranking included Avance Media, My Naija Naira, Dream Ambassadors Foundation GH, Global Skills Exchange, Project Know Thy Self International, ACME Consult, Afro Lynk, with the support of various Media Organisations across the continent.

Arranged in Alphabetical Order, below are the 2016 100 Most Influential Young Africans
  1. Abraham Attah
  2. Ahmed Adamu
  3. Ahmed Musa
  4. Alain Nteff
  5. Alek Wek
  6. Alengot Oromait
  7. Amira Yahyaoui
  8. Anas Aremeyaw Anas
  9. Anthony Mutua
  10. Arthur Zang
  11. Ashish Thakkar
  12. Ashley Uys
  13. Ato Ulzen-Appiah
  14. Aya Chebbi
  15. Baba Rahman
  16. Barkha Mossae
  17. Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu
  18. Bitania Lulu Berhanu
  19. Blessing Okagbare
  20. Bogolo Kenewendo
  21. Bright Simmons
  22. Byrite Asamoah
  23. Chancel Mbemba
  24. Chidiogo Akunyili
  25. Chimananda Ngozi
  26. Christian Ngan
  27. Christopher Ategeka
  28. Clare Akamanzi
  29. Diamond Platnumz
  30. Emmanuel Makandiwa
  31. Eric Kinoti
  32. Eunice Jepkoech Sum
  33. Farida Bedwei
  34. Franklin Cudjoe
  35. Fred Swaniker
  36. Habsana Jallow
  37. Hadeel Ibrahim
  38. Henok Wendirad
  39. Heshan De Silva
  40. Ik Osakioduwa
  41. Issam Chleuh
  42. Jama Jack
  43. James Mworia
  44. Jamila Abass
  45. Jim Iyke
  46. Johnson Sakaja
  47. Julius Malema
  48. Kansiime Anne
  49. Kelvin Macharia Kuria
  50. Kennedy Odede
  51. Khaya Dlanga
  52. Landry Ndriko Mayigane
  53. Landry Signe
  54. Lina Ben Mhenni
  55. Linda Ikeji
  56. Ludwick Marishane
  57. Lupita Nyongo
  58. Makosi Musambasi
  59. Maletsabisa Molapo
  60. Mamadou Touré
  61. Mark Essien
  62. Mfonobong Nsehe
  63. Minoush Abdel-Meguid
  64. Mmusi Maimane
  65. Moustapha Ben Barka
  66. Murtala Mohamed Kamara
  67. Mustapha Mokass
  68. Nadeem Juma
  69. Nelson Oduma
  70. Nima Elbagir
  71. Nkechikwu Nkeiruka Valerie Azinge
  72. Ola Orekunrin
  73. Omojuwa Japheth
  74. Omotola Jalade
  75. Patrick Ngowi
  76. Peace Hyde
  77. Phiona Mutesi
  78. Pierre Emerick Aubameyang
  79. Rapelang Rabana
  80. Richard Nyong
  81. Riyad Mahrez
  82. Rosebill Satha
  83. Saadatou Mallam Barmou
  84. Sadio Mane
  85. Samuel Malinga
  86. Sangu Delle
  87. Sarkodie
  88. Serge Aurier
  89. Simbarashe Mhuriro
  90. Siyabulela Xuza
  91. Sophie Ikenye
  92. Suleiman Sani Bello
  93. Thato Kgatlhanye
  94. Tom Osborn
  95. Tonye Rex Idaminabo
  96. Trevor Noah
  97. Vincent Aboubakar
  98. Vusi Thembekwayo
  99. Wizkid
  100. Zuriel Oduwole

Africa Youth Awards is one of Africa’s most prestige award schemes with the prime aim of appreciating the works of young Africans in Africa and the Diaspora.

The Depth of Addiction - A Love Story 77

My mood dropped as I observed my morning drills. With fear and unhappy mood, I put on my clothes and awaits Chidinma. It’s almost 10am and she’s still not around. It’s unlike her. I picked up my phone but the fear in me couldn’t allow me to call her.

I tried relaxing myself but my mind kept thinking unimaginable things. What if she calls me and told me that she’s not coaching me again? What if she tells kikelomo about everything and kikelomo tells Bidemi (I’m finished)? I was seriously lost in thought when I heard a knock on the door.

My heart nearly popped out when the door was swung open and it was Chidinma. I felt like crying when I saw her. My lovely and lively Chidinma is now a timid and church girl like. She wore a big long skirt and she didn’t not even apply makeup.

I looked at her and I knew that I’m in for a very long day. It seems she cried herself all through the night. All her eyes were swollen and she tried to avoid eye contact with me.

Me: (forcing a smile) good morning ma

Chidinma: Good morning

Me: hope you have forgiven me?

Chidinma: (kept quiet)

Me: I guess that means no… I said I’m sorry Chidinma. It won’t happen again.

Chidinma: (sobbing and still quite)

I held her by her hand and have her seated with me; very close in a position where we can stare into each others eyes. She looks down as I continued to talk to her.

Me: I hope I dint misinterpret myself yesterday. I’m just a teenager trying get along with all facets of life.

Chidinma: (forcing a smile) You are Femi, every ladies man. I don’t think you misinterpreted yourself. You are always in control…

Me: (smiling) about what happened yesterday. I am…. (cuts me off)

Chidinma: (looking into my eyes) I love you.

Me: (shocked and keeps quite)

Chidinma: I love you Femi, I know that it’s not what I’m being employed for but I do love you. After what happened yesterday, I realised that I do and I have tried to puts the thought aside but I just can’t.

Me: (still kept quiet)

Chidinma: (looking confused) say something, anything.

Me: (confused and still muted)

Chidinma: (fear on her face) please move away from my side.

Me: (stayed and muted)

Chidinma: If you don’t leave, I will leave.
She was about to stand up but I held her back by her hand.

Me: (takes a deep breath) I… I like you.

Chidinma: (tears rolling down her eyes)

Me: I really do like you. You are like a sister to me and I have nothing more to give; I’m sorry.

Chidinma: (wiping tears off her face) you just gave me a broken heart.

I don’t want to add another Bidemi into my already congested love life. I moved away from her side.

Looked at her from afar as she wallowed in self pity. I felt for her but as I have rightly told her “I have nothing more to give”. My bitter experience with Bidemi and Ruka has made me more careful about dating someone very close to my house.

It’s not as if Chidinma stays around but she knows much about me and spends more time with me than any other person. I don’t want to be monitored like Bidemi and cautious whenever I want to receive a call. I just have to hold on to my stand. We kept quiet and kept stealing glances at each other.

Me: (smiling) I’m really sorry Chidinma for putting you through all these. I really like your courage, because some girls wouldn’t have come out as you did.

Chidinma: (tears flowing freely)

Me: (confused state) please stop crying. I don’t want either of us to get hurt because I’m already in complicated relationships and besides that you deserve someone that’s much better than me.

Chidinma: it’s because of Bidemi right?

Me: not only her… my love life is more complicated than Bidemi and I. I just don’t want either of us to get hurt.

Chidinma: (wiping her tears) I can’t be more hurt than I already am… it’s already bad asking a guy for a date; please don’t make it worse by turning me down. I won’t complain about anything. Please Femi, I love you. I beg of you.

Her words touched me and got me more confused.

To Be Continued…

4 Inspiring Life lessons from Playing Video Games

4 Inspiring Life lessons from Playing Video Games  

Most of us should be familiar with video games like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Angry Bird and Candy Crush as a lot of people around the world find video games engaging. These games may be ideal option to help you pass time but while catching some fun you can also learn a bit about life from them. In this post are some of the life lessons you can take away from playing video games.

Video games encourage the 'DONT GIVE UP' attitude
Very few people who play video games stop simply because they run out of ‘lives’, fail a stage or lose a match. Gamers keep trying to improve until they attain refinement, even most don't stop till they reach the end. Regardless of the number of failures that occur, gamers still continue playing the game and don't get fed up. And when they win, it’s an even bigger motivation to do more as they keep setting new goals for themselves. Using this as an educational tool, you can incorporate this gaming philosophy into real-life situations by being patient, persevering and aiming for the sky.

Video games promotes strategic planning
In our daily life, business, finance strategic planning is a very valuable key to success as this help to reduce the risk of failures. It is fact that a person who fails to plan plans to fail. This rule surely works with a lot of video games as you cannot navigate or pass a level without strategic planning. While playing such video games you would have to plan your next step or else you will keep trying without making any meaningful impact or progress.  Some strategic games that help your planning skills are Call To Duty, Destiny and Battlefield. Applying this rule and planning our activities more is a sure way to achieve success in life and attain some set goals.

We can't always win and video games teaches us that
The secret of true happiness and success in life is realising that we can't have things work in our way always. Playing a PS4 soccer game, you would win some matches and lose others, yet that shouldn't make you quit the game entirely. You would still feel a bit of thrill after defeat and look forward to future victories. So also does it apply with out real life experience as winning is not always guaranteed but we need to keep trying. So aside from video games being magnanimous in victory, they also teach us to be tolerant.

Playing video games can help end addiction
Playing video games like a tile-matching puzzle video game for as little as three minutes at a stretch can help weaken your desire for drugs, food, sex and sleeping by approximately one-fifth, claims a study and lots more. During a research, participants were prompted to play the video game called Tetris at random intervals during the day and were monitored for levels of craving. The researchers discovered that people playing Tetris ended up interfering with personal desires like food, drugs, including cigarettes, alcohol and coffee, and sex.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Depth of Addiction - A Love Story 75 & 76

Only God knows what Chidinma might be doing with Chioma’s partner. This is my opportunity to get laid. I switched my thoughts from Chidinma. I looked around the room. it’s definitely a girls room because of the cosmetics on the table. The room has a giant size bed. I smiled as I took off my t-shirt. She moved closer to me and we continued from where we stopped. My heartbeat increased. I kissed her passionately and I removed her top to expose her big voluptuous breastt; which is still caged inside her braa. I removed the straps of the braa and I planted my lips on her tiny nipplee. She moaned. I suckedd on it while my right hand tried to unbuttoned her tight jean; which I couldn’t achieve. I slide my hand into her tight jean and located her hot “V”. She jumped up and makes a sound that would have passed for someone screaming.

I paused for awhile. I gently pushed her on the bed with her facing up. I unbuttoned the stubborn jean and s*xilyy peeled it off her. I shifted her pan*t aside and I dipped my index finger into her already wet paradise.

She moaned and I planted a wet kiss on her inviting lips. She moaned into my mouth.

Chioma: (holding my hand) please stop. I want you inside of me now.

Me: (smiling) now

Chioma: (anxious) yes, now.

I hurriedly removed my jean and my boxers. I removed one cndomm from my wallet; which I gladly I wore on my erectedd pole. I positioned myself on top of her, shifted her pan*t aside. In one swift thrust, I penetrated her with all the length of my OGA finding it’s way through. She shouted. I relaxed a little before I started pumping slowly. I increased the pace after making like 15 thrust. I pumped faster with my thrust meeting up with hers. She is a s*x machine. She caresses my body as I pumped on. The pleasure was too much for me to take; I ejaculatedd into the cndomm. I’m now tired. She looked at me.
Chioma: (smiling) you are a lazy man.

Me: it’s not like that… I’m not too comfortable about this place. That’s the reason I released earlier than usual.

Chioma: (smiling) are you scared that your girlfriend might come around?

Me: it’s not only that… I’m not comfortable doing this now.

Chioma: I’m not satisfied yet. I want us to have s*xx again.

She kept smiling and kept rubbing her hands over my body. I knew that she won’t let me go until I satisfy her. I relaxed my body as she gently pushed me on back. She removed the used cndomm and wrapped her mouth on the semi hard OGA. She swallowed the majority part of it and gave it a hand job, that brought it back alive. I wore another condom and she mounted me. She ride on like a cowboy riding a horse. She rolled her waist and continue working her way up and down my OGA. I am not comfortable with the style (I want to be in control). I repositioned her for doggy style. I pumped as hard as I could get. She had her organsm and her legs was too weak to carry her. She fell flat on her belly. I’m not through with her. I followed with my OGA; I inserted it inside of her and continued pounding her. She begged me to stop but I need to release before I could stop. I pounded her for 10mins then I ejaculatedd for the second time in the strange room.

We both laid on the bed really exhausted and satisfied. My urge has finally come down. I looked at the time and I knew that I would have been gone for 2hours. I hurriedly puts on my clothes and packed Chioma’s at one swift. I tapped her to wake her up.

Me: Chioma! Chioma!! I think we should get back to the party. Our partners would have been worried.

Chioma: (smiling) speak for yourself. I’m not worried about anybody.

She collected her clothes and puts them on. We exchanged our phone contact. She heads for the door, unlocked it and she suddenly looks back.

Chioma: (serious voice) for the record, nothing happened between us. Don’t start having unusual feelings for me. It’s just a one time thing.


I looked at her mouth as she continues with her sermon: which seems very appalling to me. I’m not even ready to add any other girlfriend to the ones I already had. I knew I have won a jackpot with her. No more thinking about getting laid. I tried not to show off my happiness as I looked like a child that’s being deprived of his candy. She continues.

Chioma: if we want to get down on each other; we can then get in touch. No strings attached like boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s just a one stand thing. Hope you understood me?

I just nodded my head in a positive way, so she would just allow us get back to the party. She puts her back resting on the door; dragged me towards her and kissed me. I reciprocated the kiss with my tongue roaming freely in her mouth. We have started enjoying ourselves when the door was forced open. It was Chidinma and Chioma’s partner. We were shocked.

Chidinma: (voice trembling) what is the meaning of this Femi? So you followed me to the party to get along with your date?

Me: (low voice) keep your voice down Chichi… it’s not what you think.

Chidinma: (tears rolling down) it… it is not what I think?

I was about to say something when she stormed out of the room. I pushed Chidinma’s and her partner out of my way as I rushed after her shouting her name. Chidinma! Chidinma!! She ran out of the party, out of the house. I got hold of her outside the party.

Me: (sad voice) I’m sorry about what happened Chichi; I never intended to hurt you.

Chidinma: (sobbing increased)

Me: I’m really sorry

Chidinma: what are you saying sorry for? Is it for the fact you slept with a girl at the party or the part you left me with a total stranger for your mistress?

Me: I’m sorry for everything

I was short of words as she kept on shedding tears. She managed to stop a bike to take her home.

Chidinma: don’t bother yourself about me: I will be fine. I caused everything. I should have allowed you to run the errand for your parents. At least, I won’t have been this hurt.
I was about to say something, when she asked the bike man to go. I stood there speechless, thinking to go back to party or go back home. I looked at my wrist watch; that’s when I knew that I really wronged Chidinma. It’s few minutes to 6pm. I stopped an okadaman, and he took me straight home.

I went straight to the bathroom; had a warm shower with my mind having two emotions. I changed my clothes and I dialled Chidinma’s number, she picked.

Chidinma: (voice serious) hello

Me: (low voice) hi Chichi, I just want to know if you are home?

Chidinma: I’m home now.

Me: okay, it’s good to know that you are home safely. I just got home myself.

Chidinma: (kept quiet)

Me: okay… our lesson starts tomorrow. I’m sorry about what happened today; I never meant to hurt you.

Chidinma: (still muted)

Me: I know that you are still angry with me and you don’t want her talk about it. We will see tomorrow then.

Chidinma: okay. Bye

Me: (giggles) bye

I ended the call with my mind a little bit free from Chidinma. I shifted my thoughts from her to Chioma. She’s really the bomb. I kept smiling as I thought about what happened between us. I dialled her number and she picked. She is still in the party and I could barely hear what she was saying because of the music being played at the background. I ended the call, promising to call her back.

It’s getting late. I connected a call to Motunrayo. She picked. She’s still not happy that I didn’t allow her to come. I apologised like I have always done; promised to make it up to her on Thursday. She ended the call with “I love you”. I managed to tell her “I love you too”, when I’m not even sure if I did. May god help us all. I smiled as I thought over my statement.

I yawned. It’s now very late. I managed to eat my dinner. I slept off almost immediately like a baby. I woke up around 8am in the morning. My mind skipped when I remembered what happened yesterday. Chidinma is coming around today. I frowned as I got off the bed.

May God help me through today.

To Be Continued…

Sleep Talking: Reasons Why We Sleep Talk

Here is all you need to know about sleep talking, the reasons and how we can avoid it. As much as most of us don’t like sleep talking this is not an uncommon occurrence. Though sleep talking itself isn’t harmful to your body, it can result in a lack of meaningful rest for anybody around you and also kind of irritating to them.

First of all what really is sleep talking?

Sleep talking is known as somniloquy, and can be defined as a sleeping disorder which makes people talk while they’re sleeping. This condition is more common in males and children than it occurs amongst women. Sleep talking occur in the form of a simple mumble and even range to a full-blown monologue. Despite being embarrassing for the person doing the talking, it can in rare occasions be entertaining to those present as witness.

What actually causes sleep talking?

Although there is no clear reason as to why we sleep talk, there are a number of factors that could influence the amount of time you spend speaking. A sleep behaviour disorder can cause shouting whilst sleeping and the following factors can also have an impact:

High level of stress
High level of stress and anxiety can have huge impacts on your sleeping behaviour as inadequate relaxation can prevent you from having a restful nap. This means that the amount of stress you endure in your day to day life can cause disruption which can in turn lead to a increased chance of sleep talking.

Alcohol can instigate sleep talking and can lead to lack of quality sleep. Though having a drink before bedtime can make you fall asleep faster due to feeling drowsier, it yet doesn’t guarantee a solid rest and can make sleep talking a common issue.

Depending on the medication you take you might be more prone to somniloquy than others. You can usually find out whether or not you’re at an increased risk of sleep talking by consulting your doctor regarding the side effects of your medication.

How to deal with sleep talking

It’s not uncommon for us to grow irritated of loud sleeping habits, so trying to the follow this steps can help reduce your chances of keeping others up throughout the night:

Avoiding caffeine can help deal with sleep talking
With caffeine being one of the greatest sleep disturbances that your body could encounter, avoiding caffeinated drinks before you head to bed decreases your chances of being disturbed throughout the night.

Develop a regular routine
Creating a regular and consistent bedtime routine can be extremely beneficial to preventing sleep talking as relaxation can help you fall into a deeper sleep.

Create a comfortable sleeping environment

In order to get the best possible night’s sleep, you’ll need to feel comfortable in your surroundings. Consider how all of the items in your bedroom affect your sleep; from altering the lighting to finding your perfect mattress.

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons that could lead to sleep talking, as well as a range of tips that can help you to reduce the rate at which you do. Altering your routines and also keeping a sleep diary can help you to track the techniques which work for you.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Depth of Addiction - A Love Story 73 & 74

Me: (smiling) you are very beautiful today (dragging her to her feet)

Chidinma: (shy) thanks and you are not looking bad yourself.

I still held her hand and turned her around to have the total view of her curves. She smiled and uses her loose right hand to cover her face as she turns.

Chidinma: (shy voice) what are you doing? stop it Femi.

Me: (smiling) I can’t but say that you are very beautifu; I mean very beautiful. The dress fits well.

Chidinma: (looking away) thank you. I’m flattered.

I gently pushed her back on her seat and sat beside her. She’s still looking shy and still looking away. I used my hand to turn her face towards me.

Me: I hope you won’t be this shy when we get to the party?

Chidinma: (smiling) I don’t know but I guess I won’t.

Me: (smiling) that’s good because I will like you to be free; so that we can both enjoy ourselves.

She nodded her head affirmatively as I excused myself to my room. I went straight to my wardrobe and stocked my wallet with some cash. I dashed out over to Chidinma.

Me: it’s almost 11am now, I guess we should get something to eat first. The last time I went to a party with kikelomo; there was no food in the party.

Chidinma: (smiling) really

Me: yes.. it’s just drinks and small chops that was available. I think we should eat some food at KFC before heading down.

Chidinma: (smiling) that would be nice.

We headed out of the house with people staring out us as we walked down to KFC; which is down our street. We didn’t utter a word to each other until we got there.

Me: what should I get you?

Chidinma: fried rice and chicken would do dear.

Me: (smiling) fried rice it is my dear

I got two plates of rice and chicken. I sat down with her and we devoured the food. We were almost through with the food when I called one of the fast food attendants to help in taking our pictures. I moved closer to her and the attendant took the pictures. We changed position to get different angles of shot. The attendants took his time to arrange us; just like a professional photographer does. He took different shot.
The attendant: why don’t you stay at her back while she puts her right hand on your neck.

I looked at Chidinma and the look on her face shows how uncertainty she was about what the attendant proposed. I took the pose behind her and he took several snaps of us.

The attendant: (smiling) why don’t you give her a light peck on her cheek. It would be very memorable picture for your collection.

We obliged as he kept on taking our pictures with my phone. He handed over the phone to me when he seems done with it. I opened my wallet and gave him N1000; which he gladly collected with a big smile on his face with words of thanks. We went back to our seat. Chidinma collected my phone and scrolled through the taken pictures. I couldn’t see the pictures but the look on her face reveals how she loves those pictures.

We finished our meal and headed out to the party.

We got there some minutes to 1pm. There was not much difference from the last party and this one; which the entry code is your partner. We entered and it was not quite long; we located kikelomo.

Kikelomo: (excited voice) hoooo… I’m so glad that you guys eventually ironed it out to come. I’m so happy.

Chidinma: (smiling) all thanks to you. I hope to enjoy myself here today.

Kikelomo: (smiling) that’s the spirit girl. Just feel the party; I’m coming.

She winks at me as she walks away. Chidinma held me by my hand, led me to a vacant seat. She collected my phone and started transferring the pictures via bluetooth to her phone. She was busy pressing the phone when we heard a lady called out my name (Femi). It’s Chioma. She is the girl that collected my number from kikelomo at the last party. She’s a party freak. I looked up at her.

Me: (confused face) Chioma right…

Chioma: yes… it’s been a long time.

I looked at Chidinma; whose face had moved from the screen of the phone and fixed on Chioma.


Chidinma: (smiling) you guys still have a lot of time to get along. Miss….

Chioma: (smiling) Chioma and you?

Chidinma: Chidinma, it’s nice meeting you.

Chioma: same here.

I headed for the dance floor with Chidinma. We started dancing and I was not surprised when she starts rolling her bumbum. My little experience has already taught me when a girl asked you for a dance; it means she knows how to dance. She was such a good dancer that at some point she displayed some danced steps that I wouldn’t have imagined her to. I started enjoying the dance when chioma and her partner danced to our side.

I kept staring at Chioma and at the same time keep an eye contact with Chidinma. We continued dancing like that until Chioma speaks out.

Chioma: (smiling) Chidinma, can I borrow your guy for a moment. Just want to have a dance with him.

Chidinma: (looks into my eyes) sure

Chioma: (smiling) you can keep hold of my guy for me.

We switched partners. I continued dancing the same way I was dancing with Chidinma; just twisting my waist and holding her waist at intervals. Chioma held my hands and stylishly made us to dance away from Chidinma and her friend. We left the dance floor without her knowing. She seems conversant with the house.

She took me away from the party to the back of the house (a garden). She asked me to seat and wait for her. I waited anxiously for 10mins until she eventually came back. She came back with a bottle of alcoholic drink with cups. She served me before she strikes a conversation.
Chioma: (smiling) I hope your girlfriend won’t kill you when she knows that you are not around?

Me: (laughing) she’s not my girlfriend and that’s the truth.

Chioma: (sexyy eyes) I don’t care if she is. I like you Femi and I would want to have my way with you.

Me: (sipping my drink) how do you mean?

Chioma: I want to have s*x with you here and right now.

Me: (eyes open) that’s not possible. I can’t have s*x in the open.

Chioma: (smiling) I’m just joking; besides that… can you have s*x with someone that’s not your girlfriend?

Me: (smiling and sipping my drink) In all fairness; all the ladies I have had s*xx with are not my girlfriend.
Don’t ask me how, because that’s just the truth.

Chioma: (surprised) hmnnnnn, you seems bad than you look.

Me: (smiling) looks does not depict someone’s character; people does.

Chioma: true… I like you Femi.

Me: (smiling) I like you too since the very first day I set my eyes on you.

Chioma: (giggles) why dint you tell me?

Me: I am telling you now and I don’t think that should matters now

Chioma: sure. I feel like kissing you.

Me: (bedroom voice) then what’s stopping you?

She walked over to my seat; dragged me off my seat. I staggered, I guess the drink is having its effects on me. She smiled as she glued her lips against mine. Her lips is soft like Agege bread that’s just being removed from the oven. I chew on her upper lips and she moved closer to me. I pressed her bum as our tongue circled against each other. We kissed like someone who’s in love. I moved my hands from her bum and I slowly glides it up to her breastt. I fondled it through her dress. I grind my fully erectedd pole against her belly. She let out a soft moan and gently pushed me away.

Chioma: (breathing heavily) take it easy Femi.. I thought you said you can’t have s*xx in the open?

Me: it seems the alcohol you gave me is having its effects on me. I really want to make love now.

She stares at me with a mischievous look. She took me by my hand and led me back into the house. We entered a room and she bolted the door from the back. My mind skipped when I remembered that I came to the party with Chidinma.

To Be Continued…

The Depth of Addiction - A Love Story 71 & 72

Me: (smiling) yes, I hope you are doing great?

Motunrayo: (smiling) yes, now that I know that we are seeing tomorrow. I wouldn’t have been much better.

Me: (feigning happiness) me too. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I love you Motunrayo.

Motunrayo: (giggles) It’s been long you told me that. I love you too.

Me: (smiling) I’m sorry about that. I would try to say it more often if you want.

Motunrayo: that’s not what I meant but I wouldn’t mind if you say it more often.

She ended the call still insisting on coming tomorrow. I wished her to come over tomorrow but this issue of a party with kikelomo and Chidinma has now had my mind divided. I went to my room and laid my head on the bed. If I don’t allow Motunrayo to come tomorrow; she would be very angry with me. I don’t know what to do. I was still thinking what to do when Sarah called me. I picked.

Me: good evening Sarah

Sarah: (happy voice) it’s really a good evening. I have just collected a cheque of millions of naira to supply furniture to some government schools in Kano and Kaduna state. I’m very happy (screamed)

Me: (shouted) that’s the best news I have heard all day. I’m very happy for you. What about Adedoyin?

Sarah: (happy voice) she’s here with me. She wants to talk with you.

Me: please give her the phone.

Adedoyin: (smiling and shouting) we nailed the contract Femi, we are still hoping to nail some other ones too. Hopefully this week, we will roundup with all the proposal. Just keep praying for us.

Me: I will not stop praying my dear. I’m happy for you guys. May God let your friendship be forever.

Adedoyin: Amen oooo. We are going to celebrate it now. It’s just a pity that you are not here with us right now.

Me: me too. I really miss you guys.

I ended the call really missing them but there’s nothing I can do. I’m now back to reality and not fantasy. I have to make do with what I have. It’s either I go with Chidinma to Kikelomo’s party or wait behind for Motunrayo. I was seriously thinking of what I’m going to do, when Kikelomo’s call rang on my phone. I picked.

Me: (smiling) hello Kikelomo, I hope you are doing fine?

Kikelomo: yes Femi but not the way I ought to be and you know why

Me: is it because of the party invite?

Kikelomo: yes, you ought to have turned down the offer politely. Chidinma felt really bad about the whole issue. I just spoke with her on the phone and she’s not happy at all.

Me: it’s not that I don’t want to come with her to the party but I have an appointment tomorrow. If it’s another day, I would have come along and you know that.

Kikelomo: what appointment do you have tomorrow? Is it not your lesson time that she’s asking for? The party starts 11am.

Me: (confused state) I don’t know what to do now? Let me call Chidinma and explain to her. I hope she will understand.

Kikelomo: what do you want to explain to her that you can’t explain to me? Just come to the party.

I ended the call promising to feed her back. I dialled Chidinma’s number and She picked.

Chidinma: hello Femi.

Me: (low voice) it seems that you are not happy with me?

Chidinma: I don’t pretend that all is well when it’s not; but I will be fine.

Me: I’m sorry if I made you sad but there are some things that you can’t do anything about it.

Chidinma: okay ooo. So where are you going tomorrow?

Me: (stammers) to… to…. don’t worry about where I am going. I just want to tell you that I’m sorry.

Chidinma: (sad voice) okay. I thought I knew a lot about you; but I can now see that I was wrong. It’s your choice not mine. It just that I don’t know how to hide my feelings about somethings. I’m not really happy about the whole issue. You make me look cheap by begging you to come along for a party.

Me: (low voice) you don’t have to feel that way, I’m so sorry. I wished to come along but (cuts me off)


Chidinma: (sober mood) don’t make it bad than it already has. I have to go.

She ended the call before I could say anything. I knew that she’s almost in tears; so I decided not to call her back. My elated spirit dropped as I thought how she would be feeling right now. I laid my head on the bed; lost in thought. I have tried all my best to make her see reasons but to no avail. I’m hating myself for making her feel bad. I picked my phone and I dialled Motunrayo’s number and she picked.

Motunrayo: (happy voice) hello my love. I was about to call you when your call entered.

Me: (sounding low) really, that means our mind has now synchronised together. How lovely.

Motunrayo: what’s it Femi? You don’t sound happy and I know what is bothering you.

Me: (laughing hysterically) I’m fine and what do you think that’s bothering me?

Motunrayo: it’s good to know that you are fine. I know that anytime you are on the phone with this moody tone; I know what it means; you are terminating our appointment.

Me: (smiling) that’s what I like about you; you are very observant. To be frank with you, I really want to see you, but I have important errands to run for my parents after my lessons tomorrow.

Motunrayo: (sad mood) I had to cancel all my appointment to be with you tomorrow but I (cuts her off)

Me: I know but I just have to go tomorrow. My lessons ends 3pm and I can’t really meet up with the appointment. I’m sorry.

She ended the call feeling unhappy about everything. I felt bad for her but a little bit relieved because of kikelomo and Chidinma. I dialled Chidinma’s number and She picked almost immediately.

Chidinma: hello Femi

Me: hi Chichi, I have postponed my appointment till Thursday and I’m going to the party with you tomorrow but only on one condition.

Chidinma: (happy voice) what condition Femi?

Me: that there will be no lesson on Thursday.

Chidinma: (smiling) you are talking as if I don’t allow you to do as you want

Me: (smiling) okay ooo… I’m trying to make it official now

She accepted my condition and seems very happy about the turnaround. She ended the call telling me how happy she was about me coming with her to the party.

I yawned and I checked the time. It’s almost 9pm. I’m not feeling hungry. I connected a call to Adedoyin and then Sarah, congratulating them about the contract. They were very happy to talk with me. I ended my calls with all my love ones with heavy eyes, I slept off.

I woke up around 8am on Tuesday morning. I rushed to the bathroom; singing aloud as I brushed my teeth and took my bath. I went straight to my room and started thinking of what I’m going to put on to the party. I scanned through my wardrobe and I saw the shirt Bidemi bought for me some weeks back. I puts it on but later removed it when I remembered what Bidemi might do when she gets to know that I used the clothe she bought for me to attend a friends party without informing her.

I hissed as I removed the clothe from the neck. I put on another shirt and a jean. I stood in front of the glass and I smiled (perfect). I was busy admiring myself when my phone rang. It’s from Chidinma. It’s almost 10am already. I didn’t pick but rushed down to Badoo’s room to apply the perfume: he said he bought for 10k. I’m now set and I walked to the living room to meet my date in the parlour.

I entered the living room, and as expected I saw Chidinma seated on one of the sofa. She wore a beautiful pink gown that got my face to make a smiley (happy) face. I knew her skirt would be above her knee because of the exposed part of her laps: which made me to instantly have an erectionn. I managed to cover up and compliments her beauty.

To Be Continued…

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17 Pictures That Only Haters Will Say Are Photoshop

1. His pet Tiger

2. His trip to France 

3. His new testament miracle 


4. Her 1998 McLaren 

black car

5. His ocean chilling

6. His red ferrari 

red car

7. Her royal welcome 


8. Her trip to China
wall of china

9. Her brand new house

10. His view of “the abroad” 

look out

11. His trip to the zoo 

12. His date with Amber Rose 

amber rose

13. Her skydive without a parachute 


14. His casual ride on a chopper 


15. Her meeting with the Kenyan president 


16. His new ride in the middle of his room 

car room

17. Her work work work work work work work 

work work work

This 'Face Me I Face You' Short Story Is A Must Read

I had noisy neighbours. 

And by noisy I mean incredibly loud. Everyone in the building knew every single that went on in their two bedroom apartment. And I had the misfortune of being opposite them in the ‘face-me-I-face-you’ room I rented in Ekiti during my NYSC program. I was forced to listen to their noise more often than I listened to my TV, thanks to PHCN.

Mama Yinka and Baba Yinka both had loud booming voices, and they exercised their vocal cords each day. We all knew what was going on in their rooms at any point in time.
We knew when they were eating; they made chewing noises like Screen Muncher. Their snores always caused the whole building to vibrate so we knew when they were sleeping.

We knew when they were having $ex; Baba Yinka’s grunts and his wife’s moans could be heard all the way down the street. And we also knew when they fought. Oh, we knew when they fought. The whole street knew when they fought. Apart from hurling expletives at each other during these bouts, they also hurled objects. Be it the broom, wooden spoon, glass cup, shoes, umbrella, anything in sight was a weapon.

We were all used to the couple beating each other up; it was a frequent occurrence, five days out of the seven. And some of us (like me) took secret delight in the free entertainment they provided.

It was quite a sight to watch Mama Yinka flee as fast as her fat legs and bum would allow, while her husband followed in pursuit, his big stomach wobbling a few steps ahead of him like a pot of water that threatened to overturn.

On this fateful day, they started their wrestling bout as usual, and I came out to watch. Mama Yinka had her wooden ladle as weapon while her husband brandished his umbrella. When they finished throwing each other around inside the building, they took the show out to the street.

And that was when Mama Yinka decided she couldn’t endure whacks from the umbrella anymore so she fled. Whoosh! She took off down the hill that was our street, her husband and his stomach ran close behind her in hot pursuit.

And then something happened. Baba Yinka lost his footing and fell. And fell. And fell. He landed face down, and down the hill he went. With his huge stomach, he looked like a ball as he rolled down the hill.

When he finally rolled to a stop at the bottom of the hill and neighbours rushed to his aid, it was a gory sight. Half the skin on his face, arms and legs had been peeled off and he had lost several teeth.

In short, he was a bloody mess. By now Mama Yinka was far gone, unaware of the tragedy that had occurred.

By the time we got him to the hospital and he’d been treated and examined, the doctors came to tell us that Baba Yinka had broken two teeth; chipped three and he’d broken his right arm and left leg.

Sadly, I thought to myself that he wouldn’t be chasing and beating his wife anytime soon. Neither would I have anymore of the free entertainment they provided.

And this was the only way that the incident was a tragedy to me.