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THE LAST TRIP DOWN THE WEST [Final Episode 11] by Nancy Olakunle


The car skidded to a stop and Mary was out in a flash, skipping through the hospital floor like a demon and shouting incoherently. The nurses had to get security to restrain her and even so, she was still a handful. Duke was wheeled into the emergency room and as the doors slammed shut behind the men in ward coats, Mary felt the old pull tugging at her again. She could see everyone and everything so clearly, she could feel everything and when she closed her eyes at intervals, the pictures in her head only got clearer.

The woman who had come to the house earlier was duke’s paternal grandmother; she walked around the hospital floor barefooted, having kicked off her high heels. She looked like she was in a lot of panic too but she seemed controlled and way calmer than Mary was. Mary looked at her from a distance and found herself wondering what it was that was so wrong, so odd about the family. The son was a recluse who womanized incessantly, he had a son who had some mental condition that prevented him from being able to relate with other humans normally, the mother was a woman who was so obviously old but was trying desperately to look young. What was she a cougar? And then there was the big house that Mary knew he didn’t really need.

But he had it anyways and there were the disappearing acts and the seeming carelessness of the whole family to the boy’s welfare.

Everything was amiss for them, even though everything was abundant. Now duke, the only reason she had decided to stay in the house in the first place was sick and unconscious. What was the nature of his sickness? What did he need?

Mary found herself scratching at her head over and over again. Something was nagging at the back of her mind. She didn’t know what but it was there and she worried herself half to death trying to remember it. But she didn’t. About one hour after duke first went into the ward, the door opened and two doctors came out looking like they had been carrying the weight of the whole world on their shoulders. Mary burst into tears, she didn’t wait for them to come and tell her that duke was dead. Her tears were silent, unlike the crazy cry of despair she had been crying earlier. Her lips shivered and her body racked with pain and agony. She leaned into the wall behind her and bit her lips for control but the more she tried, the more it shook.

“Mary?” she turned around and he was standing there. His shirt was open at the neck, his face had what looked like a month old stubble and his hair had thrown caution to the wind. It had been fully overgrown. He looked like…

“You have killed him!” Mary blurted. It was an accusation and as her eyes flashed, she became so overcome with emotion that she forgot that even though she could see him, there was a glass door between them. She rushed towards him and promptly slammed into the glass door. She fell backwards but was up on her feet in a flash. She held her head for a minute and then proceeded to open the door and walk out. Having seen what had happened, he rushed towards her too.

“Are you okay?” he asked

Mary looked him right in the eyes and even though her head still buzzed from the fall, she reached out and landed a hot slap on his face. It was comical as she had to stand on tip toes to reach all 6’2 of him. He stepped back in surprise and looked at her. Before he could say anything, she started talking.

“You killed him you selfish bastard. I will never forgive you. All that boy ever wanted was to be close to you, to be loved by you. But you put him through hell even though you knew his challenges. I don’t care if you still employ me after this; I won’t live in that house if duke is not there.” She was shaking and she had a finger pointed at his chest to emphasize her pain and hatred for him. She turned around and started to walk away.

“He’s alive… Mary” she stopped in her tracks
“He’s alive. He asked for you” she turned around. Eyes wide and lips still shaking. She turned to the doctor who had spoken and then looked at the other doctor too. She didn’t need to voice her feelings

“This way please” the doctor said as they led her to the room that held her dear duke. Oga remained rooted to the spot, still rubbing the spot where her palm had touched his cheek. He didn’t look angry, instead, he looked amused.

As everyone who had been in the room when Mary slapped oga watched her leave the room, his mother who had also been just a few feet away from the spot of the incident also came closer.

“I like her” she said

Oga turned around and gave his mother a look that could freeze Dracula.

“Yea… I bet you do” he said as he walked away from her.

Mary sat by his bed and held his little palm in her hand. They had been through a series of hugging and crying. Duke had complained bitterly that the doctors won’t let him have iced cream and Mary had told him all about how silly doctors could be. They had laughed about it and Mary had watched him drift into a fitful sleep. She had sat by his bed and would not leave the place.

Sometime in the middle of the night that day, duke woke up again and this time, he complained bitterly that he was hungry.

“But you shouldn’t be hungry; the doctor guy said the thing in that bag serves as food.”
Duke laughed lightly

“It’s not food Mary; it’s just fluid with some minerals and nutrients”

“Well the doctor guy said you shouldn’t eat till morning.” Mary said. Squeezing her face
“Oh lord Mary! Now you’re worse than them.”
He said with a pout. She looked at him and smiled bitterly as a wave of memories descended upon her. In what seemed like a flash, she remembered the little town she had come from, the series of deaths that had happened, the guilt that had stayed with her since she left the place. The picture of the little boy who had been hacked in two by someone in the name of god. The memories washed over her and as she sat there, looking at the pale face of the young boy she had come to love as her own, she realized what Dugo must have felt when she saw her son’s lifeless body, throat slit from ear to ear and the limping shadow that left the house that night.

In her mind, the face of evil started to take a form, the feeling of being watched materialized into something that she had never really given much thought to, it suddenly occurred to her that the giant teddy bear in the far left corner of dukes room was a little heavier than it ought to be. It had been brought in by oga the day they had gone out for iced cream. After his fight with his girl, he had come in with the bear and had dropped it in the corner. Each time she lifted it to clean the spot that it sat on; she would wonder what it was stuffed with. Duke’s room was the one place in the house that only she was allowed to be in and was not really open to any other staff except on errands. Could it be that keeping duke in the room was not just to keep him away from sight, but also to keep something in there?

Her brain worked hyper. Things started to make sense. The sudden disappearance acts, the lack of concrete time spent with his son, the weird look and attitude when he was alone. Something was wrong. Duke had started acting funny right after that week. He had then fallen sick. Something was definitely off. She stood up and in a sudden wave of realization, she walked... more like staggered out of the room into the hospital hallway.

Oga was in a seat with his back against the wall and his legs pulled up to his chest and the balls of his heels resting on the edge of the chair. Mary walked up to him, his eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly ajar. She fought a strong urge to slap him again but she controlled herself. Instead, she tapped him lightly

“Wake up” she said

He opened his eyes and stared at her. Obviously wondering what he had done wrong this time.
“The teddy” she said

“Huh?” he looked sort of confused

“The teddy, what is in it?”

He looked at her and as realization came into his eyes, he jumped to his feet and pulled her away from the spot. Straight into an empty hospital room.

“What the hell are you talking about Mary?” he asked once they were alone

“If you honestly didn’t know what I was talking about, you would not drag me into this room.

Please tell me the truth.” She said. She knew she was just fishing; she wasn’t really sure what she would find if she tore the teddy open. But she knew the only way to get him to talk would probably be to pretend like she knew what it was. She put a hand on one hip and looked him in the eyes. Thus stared one of the longest eye battles either of them had never been in.

Some five minutes into the battle, he sighed resignedly and looked at his boots.

“35 pounds!” he said off handedly.

“Money?” she asked with some alarm. He looked at her with a look on his face that said “yea right” but he said instead

“No, 35 pounds of coke.”

She said. Eyes wide and looking like she was about to faint. He nodded and then she saw the tears well up in his eyes.

“I’m so sorry… so sorry” he was breaking down.
His eyes were red and blood shot and he looked like he needed to sit. She took his hand and led him to the hospital bed that was ion the otherwise empty room.

“The doctor said he had come down with a near fatal overdose of cocaine and heroin. I think duke might have punctured the teddy when he was playing with it. Each time he played with it, he was inhaling the substance. I wanted to keep it in there for just a few days but I got a heads up that the NDLEA were onto me. I had to scram. This was why I disappeared for so long. I knew duke was in safe hands. But I didn’t know he would get so exposed to it so much. I swear I didn’t. I am so sorry Mary.” She looked at him with the fury in her very evident.

“You f*cking asshole! You put a bag of coke in your son’s room and you tell me you didn’t think he would get exposed! How dare you!” she was raising her voice at him and she knew it but she couldn’t control herself. The frustration and anger of four weeks of watching the boy behaving erratically and abnormally overwhelmed her and she started to hit her small fists on his chest.

“You evil evil evil evil…..” she continued to repeat the “evil while he tried to get hold of her hands to no avail. Short of words, He just continued to repeat

“I’m sorry” he held her close in his arms, she struggled but he was too strong for her. Instead, she gave up and went limp in his arms and cried her heart out.

“The doctors… do they know?”

She asked after her tears had dried up and the shivers had subsided.


“They will turn you in?”

“I don’t think so. They are getting paid handsomely.”

“You have a lot of making up to do…” she said
“I know… I know. He whispered as he held her head close to his chest. It seemed to him like the most natural thing ever.

Funny: See How This Smart Guy Dealt With A Girl Asking Him For MTN Recharge Card

This young lady thought she was smart, but this awesome lad just proved to us all that he is indeed smarter.

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My Sexcapades after NYSC where i ate, drank and smoked women like Garri 11

After cleaning my bedroom and bathroom, i tried calling Mary on phone but she simply choosed to ignore my calls. I was scared and afraid. I couldn’t eat nor do anything else other than to lie down in my sitting room, deeply thinking without any solution. Finally by 5:30pm, I rushed over to Jboy’s apartment, briefing him on the latest development. He wasn’t a bit moved by my story. “her behaviour isn’t out of the ordinary. Of course you weren’t expecting her to jump with joy when she found her baby was gone or real?. Well the best you can do is just to go over to her house, keep her company and make some sweet promises” he advised as if it was all easy. I shrugged and shut my mouth. It was my cross to carry and so had to carry it all alone. I drove over to Mary’s house minutes later, but couldn’t get myself to go inside the apartment. My conscience wouldn’t allow, and kept flogging me without pity. I sat in my car for hours without moving an inch. All i did was just to stare at the old compound, afraid and nervous.

By 7:45pm, I returned to my apartment, prepared dinner and ate hungrily, washing everything down with two bottles of cold beer. I felt a little bit relaxed after. By 10pm i went to bed.

I left for work very early the next day, pushing aside Mary’s image and everything about her. It was something that i did with a whole lot of effort. I couldn’t let my conscience to continue flogging me.

At 5:05pm I left office with Chioma and headed to my house. She earlier had insisted on going home with me, and i had no choice than to do her bidding. At exactly 5:20pm I slowly parked my car in front of my apartment, alighted with Chioma who innocently linked her third right finger with mine as we headed to the hallway leading to my flat.

“i don’t just know why i feel so happy” she murmured excitedly, while i drew back cautiously as my sensitive eyes spotted three men who were heading towards us. I quickly sensed danger, but calmed down, appearing cool. One of them waved, urging us to stop. I obeyed fearfully. Chioma equally stopped, her eyes fixed on me.

“Are you Mr. Ken?” the man who waved at us asked as they drew close. I nodded faintly. “You are under Arrest sir” he said politely. The two men with him quickly closed in on me and…….

…. Stay tuned to Episode 12

Download Video: Valencia vs Barcelona 2-3 LA Liga 2016 / 2017 All Goals and Highlights

Download the complete video of the goals and highlights of Barcelona's hard fought victory over a stubborn and determined Valencia side. The match ended in a 2-3 victory to Barcelona with Messi scoring a late penalty in injury time to down the home fans.

The match started slowing with Barcelona seeming off the pace perhaps due to the short recovery time they had after their midweek champions league match against Man City. Lionel Messi got the first goal which was a bit controversial before Valencia showed good spirit in the second half to take the lead. Not quite long after the second goal did Suarez grab the equaliser with a fine shot from a tight angle.

The match seemed to be heading for a draw before Lionel Messi beat Diego Alves from the penalty spot with almost the last kick of the game to give Barcelona an incredible late 3-2 victory over Valencia.


THE LAST TRIP DOWN THE WEST 10 by Nancy Olakunle


The days following the experience of the iced cream parlor had been quiet. After oga and his lady friend had gone all out against each other, the house has started to see less of him. At first, she thought it was just a phase, but then he stopped coming to the house altogether. Mary was worried. Where could he be? He wasn’t the best of fathers but he definitely wasn’t the type to leave his son and just disappear. She knew something was wrong, but who could she talk to about it? The maids who were very happy that oga was not ion the house? Or the old and weak gardener who really destroys the flowers more than he cares for them? She knew no one’s phone numbers who would matter. She was sad all the time and with each new day, the boy slipped even deeper into misery. Duke had more nightmares and Mary had more sleepless night. Gradually, she watched helplessly as the boy retired into a hidden cave. A place so far away that even Mary could not find him. Something was eating away at the boy and as much as Mary tried to make sense of his mindless ramblings, she couldn’t.
One hot afternoon, two months after Mary had gotten her enviable new clothes and shoes and almost two weeks since they had last seen oga in the house, Mary had started to worry about where in heaven’s name the man could have gone leaving his son in the house alone with a bunch of employees. All her growing respect for the man was disappearing and she was starting to reconsider running away, Mary was in the room, watching over a sleeping duke when she heard the sounds of high heeled shoes down the hallway. CLICK CLACK CLICK CLACK it sounded and she was quite about to go out into the hallway and give whoever it was a piece of her mind when the door to the room opened and an elderly woman came in. the minute Mary saw her, she muttered “bloody hell” under her breath and prepared for the worst.

She stood out of the bed as quickly and quietly as she could, ruffling and rustling herself out of the boy’s grip as gently as possible before standing up from the bed. She looked up at the woman of imposing standing that stood before her and she needed no introduction. She knew who she was and she bowed her head gently in acknowledgement of the woman.

“Good day madam” Mary whispered with her head bowed and eyes to the floor. The older woman looked well past her sixties but she stood tall and elegant in a two piece pencil pants suit that made her look twenty years younger and her hair was swept up into a Japanese bun on top of her head. She had almost no makeup on but for a shocking red lipstick that made her look a tiny little bit naughty. She was the last thing that would come into a person’s mind when they thought about grandmothers. But that was exactly what she was. She looked at the boy in the bed and recognizing the situation; she pulled Mary out into the hallway and closed the door quietly behind her.

“You are the new nanny.”

It was not a question, it was a statement and Mary just nodded to it as she didn’t know how best to respond.

“How is he doing?” she asked after a very heavy pause. Mary knew that this woman was not asking a general question; she was not expecting an answer like “he’s fine” and she knew better than to try to butter her up. As painful as Mary found it, she knew she would have to admit to this woman that her grandson had not been very well at all. She knew she would have to give this woman a detailed account of how the boy had been. What the hell, she was the first person who had seemed to have shown any genuine interest in the boy’s welfare anyways.

“He is not at his best right now ma’am.” Mary said with her eyes meeting the woman’s squarely for the first time. She felt a tight knot in her chest as she admitted her failure.

“ he has relapsed into a state worse than the one I met him in I’m afraid and the problem is I cannot even say that I am sure that I know when it started to get worse. “

The woman looked at Mary; a certain light was in her eyes. Surprise? Maybe. Mary gathered herself; she was too wary to try to hide the fact that she communicated in proper English and could express herself pretty well too. What was the point anyway, she was leaving this place soon. The woman in front of her seemed concerned, but Mary knew better than to let herself be carried away with the seeming concern. After all, where had she been all this while? If she was really that much of a good grandparent to duke, where had she been? Mary looked up into her eyes, trying to confirm if she was free to go. The woman met her gaze with a fiery look

“We need to take him to a hospital” Mary shook her head.

His father will never allow it. He never lets the boy out of the house. “Mary said with a resigned look on her face.

“Well, he’s not here to stop us now is he” the old lady said with some anger in her voice. Mary shook her head in response

“I’ll lose my job…” Mary stuttered.

“And I will give you a job. That selfish bastard isn’t deserving of your services anyways.” She said wistfully. What Mary did next surprised even her

“Oh no no no!!! My boss is many things but selfish isn’t one of those things. Please don’t call him selfish.” The old lady looked at Mary and laughed. Then she became suddenly serious
“He’s my son, I’ll call him what I damn well feel is fitting” she said and turned on her heels.

“Pack a few clothes for both of you, put him on your shoulder and meet me by the car.” Mary wanted to argue, she wanted to say something, but she knew there was no use arguing with this woman. She would have her way, so she put her clothes and dukes in a single bag. She dragged the sleeping boy out of bed and lifted him onto her shoulder. He was much lighter, he had lost so much weight and the pajamas he had on suddenly looked borrowed. She fought the tears out of her eyes, brushing one tearful away with the back of her hand. She walked out the door and headed towards the exit of the house. The minute she opened the door and stepped into the sunlight, the boy stirred and seemed to be about to wake up, but he didn’t. She sheltered her face from the sun with one hand and proceeded to walk towards the car. The sun was however too much for her who had not been outside for nearly two months. She missed a step, stumbled and fell. As she started to go down, she dropped the bag containing the clothes and somehow managed to make sure that duke fell on top of her and not the other way round. She hit the floor with a dull thud. The driver who brought the woman rushed to her side and took the boy from her. At this point, it suddenly occurred to Mary that no matter how deeply asleep the boy was, he should have woken up when she fell. He wasn’t asleep, he was unconscious!

Her screams pervaded the house. She was saying so many things at once, in the confusion that followed; no one noticed the shadow that moved swiftly through the house. No one notic

MOTIVATIONAL 10 Powerful Quotes That Will Inspire You To Take Action

If you need a little motivation today, you’ve stumbled upon the right article.

That’s the best thing about quotes; they can trigger something within us, make us think and inspire us to take action.

So without further ado, here’s ten remarkable quotes that can get you one step closer towards your goals.


So ask yourself:

What can I do today, that will make me grow and test my limits, either personally or professionally?

And then take one small step.

Read a page or run a mile. Just go after it.


I just love this one.

It lets you know that it’s time to embrace your inner weirdo. That there are too many “normal” people out there.

Biologically we are wired to belong and be a part of the group. The challenge is that most groups usually have a strong repulsion towards something that is strange and different.

Your environment, friends, and even family can sometimes be against what you want to do.

Because of that, you have to believe in yourself and your direction. I am not saying that you should be blind, but sometimes taking a leap of faith is what is needed.

Say Yes, to Naysayers.


Go ahead. Turn at least one impossible into possible.

And let that be just the beginning.


I honestly believe that most people are not afraid of failure, but success.

The idea that we are not living to our potential is so frightening that most people decide not to see where their potential lies.

But that’s not you.

You will go after it; you will try. And here I promise you, I will too.


These moments are rare, but when you find something that triggers that fire from within, don’t let it go.

Try to build a momentum and maintain it.

In case you haven’t experienced it, define what are you good at, what do you love to do and how can you put those two to good use.

And then just start.


Oh main, fear of failure, one of the most regular things in life. But failure, with the right mindset, will provide us incredible life lessons that can serve us in the future.

So go ahead, fail and fail forward.


Give your best, grow, evolve and be committed.

To me, this quote was never about other people. It was always about me, and in this case about you.

We owe it to ourselves to become so good, to grow, give our best and no matter the results, we will win. And we won’t be ignored.


Everything that happened to you, it shaped you into the person you are today.

Both the positive and the negative, we are the ones that give meaning to certain things, so decide from now on to give positive meaning to everything that you encounter.

Yes, in the given moment, it might be difficult.

But in the morning, it’s much easier to see clearly certain things.


Probably my favorite quote in the last couple of months.

Every morning I wake up and imagine what would the ideal version of myself look like, and what can I do to reduce the gap between that person and me.

One small step, every day. Until I look myself in the mirror, and that person is me.


Believe it or not, I have this quote tattooed on my arm.

I wanted to have a reminder, not to waste my time.

To be fully present and to create my legacy.

And here, you have the same reminder.

Leave your legacy.


My guess would be that you liked at least one.

Pick one, repeat it out loud to yourself and even adapt it to your needs.

And take it and let it inspire you to accomplish something. No matter how small thing it is.

But let it trigger that action and get you are going.

And good luck.

Credit: Zdravko Cvijetic

WEIRD: Mom Murders Her 8 Year Old Son Cause He Caught Her Having S*X With His Grandfather

Weird things keep happening and here is another one that happened in Italy.

According to MTO

An Italian mom was convicted of murder, and has been jailed for 30 years after being charged with murdering her son when he found her having an affair with his grandfather.

Veronica Panarello strangled 8-year-old Loris Stival with electrical cables and abandoned his body in a remote gully in Santa Croce, Sicily.

He was found dead on November 29, 2014, Yahoo Italy reports.

She told police he had been abducted, claiming she had taken him to school and that he had vanished by the time she went to collect him.

CCTV footage from the school proved Panarello had not dropped him off that day and police treated her as a suspect.

She was found guilty of her son’s murder and concealing a body.

What do you think of such a woman?

Wow!! 16-year-old Nigerian Boy Builds Solar-powered Car In Ebonyi State (Photos)

This is something that makes me believe in my country and Africa as a continent. We have the talents in all aspects of life and this young lad just proved that point.

A talented 16-year-old boy has made history after constructing a car and drove it to Governor David Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State. The boy identified as Master Ihere-serg Mascot also drove the car before the shocked eyes of many.

Giving more details of the feat, Agwu Francis wrote: “A 16 years old boy Master Ihere-serg Mascot from Ebonyi State just presented a car he assembled by himself to the Executive Governor of Ebonyi State Engr. David Nweze Umahi at the Governors office, Government house, Abakaliki.

“Master Ihere made it known to press men that his car does not emit gas neither does it use fuel but its powered by solar energy. The young Ihere was allowed to drive the car around and it’s movement can be seen in the video attached to this news.

Watch Video HERE

Though the design still looks a bit crappy am cocksure if this bright lad is channeled into the right path he can become really great.

My Sexcapades after NYSC where i ate, drank and smoked women like Garri 10

She calmly finished the drink, dropped the cup and flashed a smile at me.“thanks sweetie you are so caring. I wish things will continue this way” she said happily. I breathed deeply, drew close and kissed her. “of course it will” i murmured as we kissed. We fondled each other, kissed and joked for about fifteen minutes before she stood up, trying to head to the kitchen once again. I quickly held her. “i have to go prepare something my love” she said, trying to free herself from my grip. “don’t worry dear. I’m heading out to get something more yummy. Just relax sweet-heart. I’ll take my bath first, then head to the restaurant down the street” i appealed convincingly. She shrugged, returned to my bed, grabbed the t.v control, and busied herself moving from one t.v channel to another. I smiled, undressed and headed to the bathroom, praying for my plans to work out without issues.

I spent close to ten minutes in the bathroom before coming out to see her half asleep. I sat beside her, smiling to myself. She turned, backing me as she murmured some inaudible words. I dressed up, went to the sitting room and called Jboy. “yeah it’s about time. We will be there in ten minutes” he assured me and hung up. Ten minutes really was a lot of time as i waited for him to show up with the man who was to give Mary the injection. I kept staring at the clock until they showed up fifteen minutes later. Wasting no time, i led them to my room where the man quickly gave two injections to Mary without any stress. Though as he gave her the second dose, she tried to turn in her sleep forcing me to hold her strongly.

“so what’s next?” i asked as we returned to the sitting room. “just watch over her and wait” Jboy replied as he left my apartment with his chemist friend. I really wanted them to stay with me, but couldn’t ask them for such favour. So Reluctantly, i returned to my room, uneasily awaiting the result of my deed. Such a terrible night it was. I couldn’t even sleep. I murdered my soul with a terrible crime, how could i sleep.

2:30am, I still sat awake, nervous as ever as i waited for the injections to work or for Mary to at least wake up. I was so scared and happy. I couldn’t think properly anymore nor figure out the next step to take. I kept praying and hoping for things to work out well. 3:30am, my eyes slowly closed, my head quietly dropping as the great power of sleep and exhaustion took over my entire body. Leaving the bulbs on, I had to change my position by lying beside Mary. Couple of minutes later, i slept off like a baby.

At exactly 5:15am, Mary’s sharp cry woke me up, instantly putting great fear into me as i sprang up from my bed. I lazily rubbed my eyes with my palms before staring at her with confusion. “dear Lord no no no” she screamed with all her heart. Her eyes on my bed. I couldn’t help but follow her eyes which rested on nothing but on a small pool of blood which clearly glared under the florescent light in my room. I breathed deeply with satisfaction and happiness. But i quickly hid my feelings, drew close and hugged her. Surprisingly she pushed me angrily away as if she was aware of my crime, rushed into the bathroom and locked the door. For some minutes, i stood confused as i thought over things. Surely i was free from her after all. The unwanted baby gone forever. “what next?” i asked myself over and over.

She rushed out of the bathroom minutes later with my towel wrapped round her body, looking very shaken, miserable and troubled. I tried to get close to her again but it earned me a dirty slap which silenced and made me a bit angry. I left her alone and went over my sitting room.

She soon showed up in the sitting room wearing my old tight fitting jean trouser and shirt. Eyeing me, she left the apartment without another word while i went after her, begging her to stay for at least an hour. She refused to listen to my pleas nor talk to me. She left without saying any parting words which really put me in great suspense because i couldn’t figure out what she was thinking nor had a way of knowing if she suspected any foul play. I returned to my messed up bedroom, very scared and uncomfortable. I had no choice than to start cleaning up the mess and awaiting what fate had in stock for me. I knew not if i will ever see her again.

… Stay tuned to Episode 11


Here is one of the best stories on KikioTolu that wasn't completed... My bad....but I promise I would post everything in the next few hours. Am also going to be compiling it into an E-book and would love those interested to kindly use the comment box to express their interest. And the "Depth of Addiction" is also being solved. Happy times ahead. Cheers


Oga came in with a stormy look, he seemed to be about to bring down the house but she wasn’t afraid.

“is he okay?” he whispered at Mary as she still sat rocking the boy in her arms. She nodded in response, afraid that the boy would somehow wake up and all hell would be let loose. He smiled in his sleep and snuggled deeper into arms, putting his head right on her ample bossom. Mary looked at her feet, embarrassed at the appearance of things but the man who stood before her did not seem to notice, or if he noticed, care very much about it.

He looked at her, at that moment, he realized just how crucial the presence of Mary in the house was turning out to be for the welfare of the child. He had never seen the child in anyone’s arms like this, in fact, even as a kid he had cried so much, so constantly that he had been scared that he was probably terminally ill. But he had soon discovered that the child seemed to find some comfort in being by himself. What sort of a child didn’t like being held? He had found it difficult to explain this phenomenon to people so he had just put the boy in a room where he could be by himself. Now he was starting to think that it might be a good idea to re introduce the boy to the world.

“ Mary” he called. She looked up and met his fiery eyes, an unsettled feeling grew in the pit of her stomach

“ oga” she responded as low as she could
“ thank you…” he said. She could not stop looking at his eyes, they seemed to have taken on a stormy appearance, like it had developed a new depth. He needed not have said the words because his eyes said more than his lips were saying already. She blinked a couple of time and forced herself to look away.

“you're welc…oga no problem” she said… again catching herself just in time before she revealed her command of the English . it was becoming so notoriously difficult to keep up the façade that she had built. It was becoming difficult to be Mary the house maid, the underprivileged girl whose only usefulness was in house chores.

More often these days, she found herself automatically reverting to being Mary the girl who had gathered so much experience that despite having been unable to attend any school beyond primary three, she could speak the language of sophistication and act in ways that would make it difficult to think she wasn’t born to the high class of society. His eyebrow went up in acknowledgement of the change she had made to the mode of communication. He smiled and turned around and walked out of the room. Mary watched him leave, consumed with thoughts of the things that had been and the things that she believed would have been.


She ran… she didn’t look back once. She didn’t bother to check if the girl had escaped her assailant. She ran with all of her strength. Mary knew that she had committed an abomination, she knew that the gods would be angry at her as she had raised her hands to their agents. What she had never been able to fathom was why the gods would need a medium in the first place. It seemed to her that the gods either had humans do their dirty work for them or humans were hiding under the robes of the gods to commit evil. Either ways, she didn’t want to be a part of it.

But she was a part of it and she knew, for was it to be called an accident that she had witnessed the the agent of the gods taking the meat of the gods twice now? Was it just chance that she happened to know that the agent of the gods walked with a very slight almost unnoticeable limp and had the smell of fire on his clothes? Was it just chance that she also knew that the village blacksmith had a limp that was peculiarly similar to the one that she saw in that person?
Maybe, maybe not. She damned all consequences and rushed into her mother’s hut which was now hers. She sat on the bed in the corner and dropped her head in her palms. Fear wracked her body and strangled sobs escaped her mouth. Who was she to tell what she had seen? Who would believe her? she feared that the girl had seen her, that if she survived, she would tell everyone the identity of the person who saved her, momentarily, she wished she had not saved the girl. If she told the people about the experience, the blacksmith would know that Mary had seen him. He would know that Mary was he one who attacked him with the stone, that was the last thing she wanted.

That same day, there had been another death. It was not the girl Mary had rescued. It was some other girl. The village mourned. And again, they took the body to the evil forest. Mary was bereft of tears, she felt dry. Now she knew for sure who the face of evil was but there was nothing she could do about it. The village would burn her alive if she even whispered what she saw to anyone.
When three days later, Mary's step uncle had come to the house and told her to come to the city with him, it had been a very welcome idea. She had left the village without a second thought. She was a girl on the run.

The following day, when Mary went to the kitchen to get some chicken for duke who had suddenly developed a sickness that only chicken would cure, she saw the two maids and the cook talking in hushed tones. The minute she entered the kitchen, the three hushed. Mary did not bother to ask them what they were talking about, but she had a good idea what it was. She greeted them casually and went into the freezer to fetch some chicken drumsticks which she proceeded to microwave before leaving the room. The house felt strange, everyone seemed to be tense and even the T.V that used to be on all the time was off. Mary thought about the days when watching TV in a boss’s house was prohibited. The days when she had to hide behind doors to see what was going on in the movies that the boss’s children watched. Now she was in a house where the boss didn’t even care. Where the TV was always on and the mad could sit around and watch TV. She smiled and continued on her chicken bearing journey.

She opened the door and went into the room, duke was on the bed face down. he held a small superman toy in his hand and was twisting it around. The minute she saw him, she knew something was wrong.

“ duke? What is wrong? Are you okay?” she said all in one breath he he was muttering something under his breath. She bent over and inched closer to him to get what he was saying right.

“ what are you saying duke? I cant hear you clearly baby talk to me” but he was just muttering incoherently. She was frustrated.

“ duke, your chicken Is here… should I serve it?” but he still wasn’t responding. He was starting to rock back and forth. Mary was exasperated. The boy had woken up happy. He had asked for chicken and now he was not even able to utter a word. So she did what she thought would be the best thing to do at that moment. She laid back beside him, in the same posture and the same style. The she rested her head on her folded arms and looked in his direction. He noticed this and inched closer to her just a little bit. She knew that he was not going to give her another sign. She moved closer to him too and let him put his fluffy little head near her chest.

“ the d…” he was saying something again. She calmed her nerves and listened gently. Then she made out the words,

“ the devil is in our house” he was saying. Her heart rate increased. She became instantly alert. The word “ devil” struck a cord in her. she fought her impulse to spring out of the bed and get a knife. Her eyes rolled around the room and she held duke closer protectively. She knew that the chances of evil happening in her house were slim, but then… she also knew that anything was possible. She would not take chances with her boy. Whatever duke saw which made him like this… it had to be something crazy enough to scare a kid into fits.

Friday, 21 October 2016

WEIRD: The ‘Ugliest man’ in Zimbabwe Contest to Hold This November [PHOTOS]

This is some weird stuff. And like I always say, this world can never run dry of weird activities. Here is another one and this time it is Zimbabwe.

Despite difficulties in securing funds to sustain the pageant, organizers of Mr Ugly Zimbabwe have insisted that it will be held on November 25.

They say this year is exceptional because a lot of sponsors have come on board and preliminary contests are ongoing in other regions before the main event.

“Mr Ugly pageant is on. The sponsors are there. We have active sponsors, who have come on board … Harare is big and has a lot of people, hence we are having contests in a number of suburbs,” the founder of the pageant, David Machowa told local newspaper News Day.

Despite difficulties in securing funds to sustain the pageant, organizers of Mr Ugly Zimbabwe have insisted that it will be held on November 25.

They say this year is exceptional because a lot of sponsors have come on board and preliminary contests are ongoing in other regions before the main event.

“Mr Ugly pageant is on. The sponsors are there. We have active sponsors, who have come on board … Harare is big and has a lot of people, hence we are having contests in a number of suburbs,” the founder of the pageant, David Machowa told local newspaper News Day.

Funny Pics: This Man’s Pair Of Trousers I Bet You Won’t Stop Laughing

I can't just stop laughing and still pondering why someone is gonna step out that way

The circumstances surrounding this man’s public appearance as well as location are almost unfathomable due to the hilarity of it.

My Sexcapades after NYSC where i ate, drank and smoked women like Garri 9

The next day I briefed Jboy, giving him the details of everything that went on between Mary and I the previous day. He was pleased.

“So how do we give her the drugs?. When do you think will be perfect?” I asked, “well remember I said it could be done within a week. It’s all on you” he replied. “Ok then, Saturday night will be better. I want it done as soon as possible” I answered. He kept quiet for a while, perhaps thinking how possible it would be.

“So what’s your plan?. Remember she isn’t supposed to eat anything within that time-frame. How do you intend keeping her hungry by that hour. It sounds hard oo. I would have preferred it done in the morning?” he asked.

“Remember Kano State Football Team {Kano Pillars} are coming over to the state for a football match on Saturday?” I asked,

“Yes and what has that got to do with the plan?” He curiously asked.

“A lot Bro. I will pick her up from her apartment on Saturday morning. Have some rounds of s*x with her. Then in the afternoon, I will buy her some light snacks which we will eat together before heading over to watch the match. On our return, I will serve her a drugged cup of fruit juice before notifying you to come over with your chemist friend. Alternatively, I could propose to her that we declare that day a fasting day and pray about the situation that confronts us. It’s a difficult task but it really is the best I can come up with” I explained convincingly.

“Well let’s pray it works well. I’ll bring the sleeping stuff tomorrow morning” he murmured and hung up.

I was happy and angry with myself. I knew what I was about doing wasn’t right but had to do it to avoid an unending regret.

Early the next day as I dressed for work, Jboy brought the pills and wished me luck.

“I’m by your side bro” he smiled as we shook hands.

On getting to the office, I told Chioma that I will be travelling to the village to spend the weekend. She instantly believed me, asking no prying question which really was a big relief.

I had the sleeping pills, Chioma out of the way. The only thing left was completing my plans which were now in the final stage. Deep down I was very scared.

Later in the evening, I thought over my plans, rehearsing every step and praying for it to work out well. Committing a crime is never easy, no matter how small it is.

On rechecking the sleeping drugs Jboy gave me in the morning. I noticed that the small container in which the pills were stored had no label. I quickly called him on phone. I knew how bad sleeping pills could be and so wasn’t willing to take silly chances.

“Of course the pills are 95% risk free. Three tablets will be perfect for her. It dissolves instantly in any liquid solution. My young cousin brought the drugs from Ireland last Christmas. You have nothing to worry about moreover the chemist and I will be around the corner waiting for your signal. Just sleep tight bro, we have a long night tomorrow” he assured me strongly. I finally hung up and slept with my hopes up.

By 12noon the next day, Mary showed up at my house looking happy and excited. I couldn’t help but wonder how miserable she would be after my plans have been carried out.

We played, kissed, romanced and joked till 3:30pm when we headed to the stadium to watch a much anticipated football match. We ate no lunch, which equally was one of the sacrifices I endured. However, we had a great time at the stadium, whispering sweet nothings to ourselves all through the duration of the match. 7:30pm we returned to my apartment, very tired and hungry.

“Thanks sweetie for everything. I guess I have to head to the kitchen to prepare something” she said to me with a smile. I shook my head before kissing her.

“No my dear. Just relax in my room, I have another surprise for you” I whispered to her. Her eyes brightened with joy, she turned and headed to my room without another word.

I rushed to the kitchen, brought out the pills were I hid them, opened my fridge, brought out a fruit juice which I poured in a glass cup, quickly mixing the juice with three tablets of the sleeping pills just like Jboy directed. I murmured some quick prayers before taking the cup of juice to her.

“Where is the surprise my love?” she asked as I walked into the room. I smiled and handed the glass of juice to her.

“Just drink this first my love” I smiled, winking at her. She quietly obeyed, drinking half of it in one gulp. I breathed with satisfaction.

Unknown to her, the surprise she was waiting for was in the juice she just gulped…

… Stay tuned to Episode 10

Nigerian Poetry: The Fist Of The Polygamous Child

As war ends,
Another begins,
As peace is forced to stand,
So is fight empowered to stand.
Where blood strive against blood,
Where is the love in the blood?
''Blood never lies'' is not in this,
Cause hatred flows in the mind,
Evil unfold in the heart,
Strength for strength,
Bloods in the veins will be
Let loose to taste the mother earth,
The temper increases,
So as the andrallin drops faster,
Heart beat on the pace,
To meet the race,
Fist to face,
Ideology. Of peace escapes
The memory,
As fast as a cheater,
Feelings expression is on the high concentration,
Voices roars in the air,
The tongue at work,
Respect lacks it value, dignity on the brick,
Honesty pricks,
What are meant not to be
Heard is throw openly,
Even encouragement to do more
Is applaud,
Who will settle this dispute?
It seems a funny place,
To hold a war is the house,
Called silence.
Elders words are not regarded,
Appetite is lose,
Appeasement is wrong in their sight,
Affirmative action is in place,
Where are we heading to?
I drop this pen by being
"Let peace reign".
Endless strive for will,
Will powder is necessary,
Right for right,
Always a weak approach,
Intelligence test is in wrong order,
Elder brothe no-blesse oblige is lacking,
Who is the nit wit in this scene?
Respect for the dead disappears,
Revenge is not an option in this scene,
Need to revival love,
Should be put in place,
When will this fist end?
Lateral thinking should be welcome,
Je ne sais quoi of the elder brother
Is missing,
Jealousy on the tract,
The young jeering,
Several cheap jibes at the elderest,
The liquidator behind and energizing the war,
Understanding is a privilege.
The mother in charge of per diem,
So the house should be her prerogative
Right according to the will,
Can there be last ditch?
I wish is an utopia
Or what shall be the protend,
The event proved to be a protent
That was to come.

Written by Victory Udochukwu Ferdinard

My Sexcapades after NYSC where i ate, drank and smoked women like Garri 8

“But how do we go about the hot injection?. I like the plan but just asking” I murmured. Jboy laughed. “It’s just simple. After you must have drugged her. I’ll come over with a chemist friend who will do the injection. Very simple” he explained. I breathed deeply and stood up, “thanks man, I have to get going” I said, shaking hands with him.

As I laid on my bed later in the night, I thought about the plan and the consequences. Surely it was a very dangerous plan, something capable of ruining my reputation and career, but my heart was strong. I was very determined to carry it out to the last. My thoughts were soon interrupted by my phone which began ringing. I smiled as I grabbed it. As usual Chioma was calling just to say goodnight to me. Such a wonderful lady she was.

“Had I met her earlier, perhaps I wouldn’t have been in this mess” I reasoned as I answered her phone call.

After a very stressful day at the office the next day. I had a quick meal in a small cafe close by before heading to Mary’s apartment. I really had a hard time locating the isolated compound which stood at the end of a dirty street, poles away from other houses. It was my first time of visiting her. Parking my car in front of an old gate, I calmly dropped a piece of paper she used in writing down her address for me weeks ago, breathed deeply and alighted from my car. I dialled her phone number which rang twice before she answered it. “I’m in front of your house. At the gate” I slowly informed her, praying she comes out. She hung the call, saying nothing. I was lost and stunned. Breathing deeply I dialled her number again and again but she refused answering. In desperation I tucked my handset back in my breast pocket, raised up my head to see her rushing towards me. Her face bright with joy.

She drew close stopped and stared at me with uncertainty. I smiled and hugged her.

“I’m very sorry dear. Forgive me. I have realised my mistakes. I spoke to the Pastor yesterday” I said softly, my heart pounding furiously.

Such deceitful words they were but enough to make her melt in my arms with joy.

“Are you for real?” she asked with joy, “of course I’m, can we go to my house or are you busy?” I asked. She backed away from me, shook her head and laughed. “Of course I’ll go with you. We have a lot to discuss isn’t it so?” she asked. I nodded with a careful smile, saying nothing. “Let’s go inside. I have to change my clothes before going with you” she said sweetly, “No I can wait here, just be fast” I replied. She blew out a kiss, turned and ran into her apartment. I calmly waited, so happy that things were going well. I prayed for the rest of my plan to be equally easy. She soon showed up minutes later, wearing a lovely green gown with a green handbag on her left shoulder. I quickly opened the car door for her, jumped into the driver’s corner and zoomed off to a small but cute restaurant, where I ordered a delicious meal for her and a bottle of beer for myself. I truly astonished her with my behaviour and the poor girl thought it was all for real.

On getting to my apartment an hour later. I dragged her to my bedroom where I kissed her profusely. She responded without resisting, giving me the courage to push her down on my bed. I was so weak and tired, but I had to make love to her. I had to make her feel convinced that all was well and settled between us. I showed her love, grabbed, fondled, caressed and devoured her. All I did with superb perfection, sucking her bosoms, p*ssy and finally slamming her with my heavy-duty joystick, which devoured and made her scream with joyful abandon as it went in and out of her hot wet kitty.

We banged each other till 11pm when we fell apart breathing heavily and sweating profusely. She stared at me with eyes filled with joyful tears. “I really prayed so much for this moment. I knew my prayers would be answered. I knew you will come back to me. I love you so much” she poured out with all her heart.

“So when do we begin planning for this baby that I’m carrying?” She asked, touching her belly. “Calm down my dear. I already have things figured out” I replied with an evil smile. She relaxed and caressed my chest happily.

“I trust you darling” she murmured, failing to understand the meaning of my words.

Having her where I wanted, the next thing was to move over to the next stage of my murderous plan.

…. Stay tuned to Episode 9